Pattison’s Patisserie Chatswood, 16 Oct 2009

With Chatswood Chase’s recent revamp, Pattison’s has relocated from having only a food court counter to a space to call its own along with its own seating. Along one wall are tables found alongside an inbuilt couch seat, while in the middle of the store is one long wooden communal table. The back wall features chalkboard-style illustrations and the new shop space allows for a much extended display cabinet of Pattison’s goodies.

Pattison’s sells mainly sweets in both individual and larger to-share serving sizes. There is a much smaller range of savouries, also available in the two sizes, with the salmon quiche being a particular favourite of mine. Although they now have their own store, the process is still to purchase and collect items at the counter with drinks brought out by staff later.

However, the savouries will have to wait for another time as on this particular afternoon I find myself in the company of two of my favourite women – Wifey and Mistress – as well as my very new husband. We are here for coffee and cake and those two things alone. But first we must get past the issue of finding a table, and a clean one at that. It takes us several attempts to flag someone down to clear away used plates and coffee cups for us, with one staff member declaring he is busy (clearing another table for which there is no one waiting) and for us to ask someone else.

We eventually relocate with our plates of sweetness to a table that has already been cleared and wiped down, and before long our coffees arrive as well. I have my usual flat-white which comes decorated with a beautiful fern pattern. Between us we have several things, the first being a fruit tart with short and crumbly pastry. With me not being a custard fan, I also like how the tart isn’t filled with a thick, gungey yellow paste. Then there’s the cream éclair, one of my favourites at Pattison’s, with its light puffy choux pastry and wonderfully dairy-tasting (ie. not mock) cream filling.

The lemon tart is smooth with just the right amount of lemony tartness, and with filling which ever so slowly oozes when cut with a fork. And even with my custard bias, the crème brûlée is still a delight with its thick caramel topping although I’m not sure about its foil housing.

We relax with our cakes and disseminate the day’s events over coffees, before it’s off to dinner with some mad hatters.

Shop B050, Lower Ground level of Chatswood Chase, Chatswood NSW
Tel: (02) 9415 4333

Opening Hours:  Mon-Wed  9:30am-5:30pm
Thurs  9:30am-9pm
Fri  9:30am-5:30pm
Sat  9am-5pm
Sun  10am-5pm

happy eating!


  1. The pastries look so good....
    I've been the Pattisons in Hornsby, I didn't know there was one in Chatswood!

  2. I went there once afterb the revamp. Looks the look and feel although it's extremely hard to find a table at during morning tea time.

  3. i was never a fan of lemon tarts until my mum got me eating the lemon tarts from pattison' you say, they have just the right amount of tartness :)

  4. I was going to comment about how good the desserts looked - I've never been to this place BUT then - I would rather find out - why is your friend's name mistress?!

  5. That lemon tart has my name on it. Okay well maybe technically my name isn't "lemon", but my name has "o" and "n" in it so it's close.

    I'd forgotten about mock cream, what nasty stuff. Makes me think, I have my Nanna's 80th party this weekend.. I'm sure there will be some mock chicken sandwiches there! Hopefully no mock cream though.

  6. I haven't been to Pattison's since they relocated but I used to always get their salmon risotto tart - so good! Haven't tried that many of their pastries except for some of their cakes which are also pretty good, but a little on the pricey side.

  7. Hi Von! And I've only ever been to the Chatswood one, although I have passed by the one at Mosman before =p

    Hi Ellie! I agree, it can be quite difficult getting a table there at almost anytime, I reckon!

    Hey Panda! I have an absolute weakness for lemon tarts but, of course, they have to be good! 0_<

    Hi Trissa! Haha, she's one of two very close friends of mine. I formed this relationship second out of the two, hence she is 'Mistress' whereas the first is 'Wifey'. Get it?!

    Hi Conor! I actually prefer it when they have 'citron' written on them, but never fear - it still has the requisite 'o' and 'n' to fit in with your name! LOL =D

    And don't get me started about mock cream - bleugh! *shudder* But explain mock chicken sandwiches to me please?

    Hey Jacq! Some things can be a bit pricier than usual, but it's not too steep in my opinion. I love their savouries as well - reheated or cold!

  8. The food taste pretty good, but I wonder how days does those cakes and tarts has been displaying for. The reason I said that is because I like to remember the looks of cakes as a test to see how days they would put up for, and I found the same product with exactly the same look still displaying after 2 days. Since their website said they use fresh ingredients to make their products, but if those food has been display for 2days or more, then I feel like being misleading.
    Also, I once saw the western people who work there were verbally being rude to an Asian customer.

  9. Hey Anonymous, I wouldn't know Pattison's turnover time frame for their cakes. That being said, I think it'd be pretty hard to judge visually seeing as their sweets are very uniform in appearance.

    I'm Asian myself and have never received rude service at any Pattison's outlet, and I'm sure that the unfortunate behaviour of one of their employees cannot be generalised to all.

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