Epicure Recipe Card #9: Grilled Chicken with Salsa Verde

This was another well-planned recipe card attempt where I had chosen a recipe and made sure I had all the required ingredients prior to embarking on the actual process of cooking. However, that by no means equates to me following the recipe word-for-word. Oh no, for where there can be shortcuts I will employ said shortcuts!

This is a great mid-week recipe that is ready in no time but I made a cheat’s version of the salsa verde using some basil pesto from a jar instead of fresh herbs. Although it tasted fine, it lacked the vibrant green colour that is characteristic of salsa verde but I chose to do so as I never know what to do with leftover bunches of fresh herbs. Perhaps this is good reason to start up a little planter box on the balcony?

Grilled Chicken with Cheat’s Salsa Verde (serves 2)
(adapted from The Age – Epicure 50 Best Recipe Cards, recipe by Jill Dupleix)

·         1 tsp salted baby capers, rinsed
·         1 anchovy, drained
·         2 tbs basil pesto from a jar
·         1 tbs extra virgin olive oil (optional)
·         200g grean beans
·         2 small skinless chicken breasts or 1 large chicken breast butterflied into 2 halves
·         2 hard boiled eggs, quartered (I purposely undercooked mine as I like slightly soft, golden yolks)

  1. For the cheat’s salsa verde, mash baby capers and anchovy together in a small bowl with a fork. Add pesto and mix well, adding some olive oil a little at a time if too thick. Set aside.
  2. Blanch the beans briefly in boiling salted water. Drain and set aside.
  3. Season chicken on both sides and grill or panfry on medium high heat, turning once, until cooked through. Set aside to rest.

  1. Return drained beans to the pan where chicken was cooked and toss around to reheat. Season to taste and divide between two plates. Arrange egg quarters on plates and chicken on top of this. Spoon over salsa verde to serve.
happy cooking!


  1. the pic of what you made looks better than the one on the recipe card! and the eggs have been cooked to perfection, such a golden yellow :)

  2. looks good =)

    thanks for leaving a comment @ my blog

    keep going on with ur blog ,I visit u again as soon as i can.

    I hope u visit me back and feel free 2 follow me.

    Greetings from germany.

  3. ive got such a black thumb i can't grow anything (I forget i have plants and hence... i forget to water them!). heeheehee and I agree with panda... your photo looks better than the recipe card!

  4. I agree with Trisha, your photo looks even better than the recipe card! Love the idea of a cheat's salsa verde, would have totally done it before we got our balcony herb garden :)

  5. Nice recipe, especially the boiled egg, which goes well with anything! I do find it easier to buy herbs (even in a tube) to growing them, but hopefully you are less of a plant killer than me.

  6. Good one! It's great to see easy weeknight meals!

  7. p.s watch out for possums in the planter box-over the holidays my herbs were destroyed. :(

  8. I agree, the pic does look better than the recipe card!
    Another chicken recipe for my chicken loving boyfriend!

  9. Looks very good! I adore salsa verde - in fact I much prefer it to regular sala. The flavours are so deliciously fresh! :)

  10. Those softboiled eggs look heavenly....on toast.....and the chicken too. Have never made salsa verde....

  11. Hey Panda, haha, thank you! But I don't think I did the recipe card image much justice in that photo - they used breast fillets with the skin on.

    Hi Tzoules, thanks for dropping by =)

    Hey Trisha, I've only had one proper plant and he died after a while...think he outgrew his pot!

    Hey Steph, thank you! Ooh, you've got me thinking of a mini herb garden now =)

    Hey Belle, leftover herbs are terrible! I have some wilting chives in the fridge as we speak =p

    Hey Gastronomy Gal, I live in a high-rise apartment block so hopefully no possums up here! *faint*

    Hey Shellie, thank you - you guys are too kind! *blush*

    Hey Lorraine, I agree - salsa verde is great with so many things!

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, it was like a cooked salad and the eggs made it just that bit more filling =)


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