Epicure Recipe Card #16: Prawn & Lime Lollipops

This attempt at a recipe card is probably the furthest I have strayed from the original thus far. As you can see from the recipe title and picture to the right, the resulting dish is meant to resemble grilled skewers of minced prawn meat. I don’t own a grill pan so this is where my downfall began. I thought I would make them into prawn/fishcakes instead and somehow, although I did reduce the quantity of ingredients used, yielded much less than what I had envisaged.

However, they are very easy to make as well as being quite tasty. My tip is to know the level of saltiness of the smoked salmon you are using quite well – I ended up with quite salty prawn cakes and would use less smoked salmon of the same brand in future just to get the flavour balance a bit better.

Prawn & Smoked Salmon Cakes (makes 4)
(adapted from The Age – Epicure 50 Best Recipe Cards, recipe by Jill Dupleix)

·         200g fresh prawn meat
·         50g smoked salmon
·         ½ tsp white sugar
·         ½ tsp corn or potato starch

  1. Finely chop prawn meat and salmon. Keep chopping over with knife until a coarse paste texture is achieved and the mixture becomes quite sticky.
  2. Add sugar and corn or potato starch and mix well.
  3. To cook, heat a small amount of oil in a non-stick pan and add tablespoonfuls of mince before flattening with an egg-lifter and cooking either side until golden. 
happy cooking!


  1. Very interesting recipe! I'm a little upset that you didn't put them on sticks though...don't you know everything is better on sticks? ;)

  2. How fabulous is that? Four ingredients and a delicious dinner alongside a salad! :)

  3. I have to agree with Conor... nothing beats protein on a stick... :P

  4. It looks really tasty- even if it doesn't looks like the original!

  5. This will go with my plantain noodles which I'm planning on making sometime this week. Didn't get round to making the friands......

  6. I love that the natural flavours of the prawn and salmon are kept in tact. Yuuumm!

  7. Glad they tasted good! It looks like a quick and easy recipe for a quick meal after work.

  8. i think at the end of this year, you can do your own set of recipe cards. i think what you cook always looks better than the photos on the cards :)

  9. Hey Conor, you mean the card recipe is interesting or my mangled version?! I wish I could've put them on sticks, but perhaps this is now reason to acquire a grill pan...?

    Hey Lorraine, lazy person's dinner! But I think they'd also make good finger food if made smaller.

    Hey Lis, there's just something so party-ish about food on sticks!

    Hey Von, thank you!

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, plantain noodles sounds awfully creative. And I'm looking forward to seeing the friands too!

    Hey tangerine eats, oh yes, there is no mistaking the ingredients as anything else here!

    Hey Anita, definitely quick and easy =)

    Hey Panda, haha, thank you! But I don't think SMH, The Age or Jill Dupleix would appreciate my warped version of their lovely recipe cards =p

  10. I guess I mean the card recipe, with the mixture of prawn meat, smoked salmon and bacon fat. It's like none of the flavours would be allowed to shine, so I'm curious as to what the amalgamation of the flavours would be.

    Yes, you must buy a grill pan, this is the perfect reason :D On a similar note, I've been scouring ebay for a vertical grill that isn't crazily expensive for a while now. Oh Sunbeam, why won't you start making them again?

  11. Hey Conor, I'd expect it to be a salty, seafoody flavour with the bacon fat thrown in for texture and pliability of the mince. I assume it's like making sausages or meat dumplings where you want a certain meat to fat ratio.

    Well, I have been wanting a grill pan for a little while now...


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