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When I was a child, the only times I was taken to visit Sydney tourist icons such as Centrepoint Tower (now called something or other else) and the Opera House was when we had relatives visiting from overseas. I have relatives who have seen more of Australia through organised tours than I have having grown up here, but that’s because we always feel there’s more excitement, intrigue and curiosity surrounding places which are not within our immediate surrounds. And possibly because Australia is isolated by water from other cultures, why would you tour your own country when you travel overseas?

But there are hidden gems in your own city which you don’t get to see, do or taste due to restrictions by such a devil known as work. You know, that thing which demands attention for the most of us during business hours from Mondays to Fridays. That thing which may or may not reward you handsomely in a financial sense, but which takes up the bulk of your time to be able to enjoy it. How inconvenience!

So on a coordinated day off work for both Monsieur and myself back when there was a chill in the air, we played tourists in our own city by taking the train for a long-delayed chance to enjoy Plan B’s famed $10 Wagyu burger.

Only open on weekdays, we’d just not had the opportunity to venture to Plan B any sooner. So we sit at a table under the dappled winter sunshine, outside this little coffee bar with a reputation much larger than its shop space, and enjoy a single burger and drink between the two of us. The stature of the burger is rather grand, being taller than it is wide, and the Wagyu patty accounting for at least a third of its height. Held by a glossy brioche bun, a charred patty exterior holds juicy thoroughly cooked innards flanked on either side by cheese, mayonnaise, beetroot and salad leaves.

This is followed by us crossing the road to Le Grand Café for a little something else. And although there are sweets on display, I am needing further savoury food whilst Monsieur Poisson is craving a coffee. A café au lait and ‘Terrine de campagne’ platter soon arrive.

The texture of the meat terrine is firm without being dry and crumbly and not overly salty like some. The studs of pistachio add textural interest although I wish there was more of the lovely toasted brioche to go with it. Cornichons are always welcome for cutting through any fat, but I’m biased as I pretty much enjoy anything with a tart flavour.

We take a leisurely stroll to Circular Quay to enjoy a free tilt-shift photography exhibition before hopping on a train again to make our way to a special coffee date. A truly relaxing day in our own city enjoying some of the more relaxing things for which we normally don’t have the time.

Ground floor, 204 Clarence St, Sydney NSW
Tel: (02) 9283 3450

Opening Hours:  Mon-Fri  8am-4pm
                        Sat & Sun  CLOSED

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Ground floor, 257 Clarence St, Sydney NSW
Tel: (02) 9264 7164
Opening Hours:  Mon-Fri  8am-6pm)
                        Sat  8am-3pm
                        Sun  CLOSED

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Bakers Delight competition winners
So in keeping with enjoying the simple pleasures in life, thank you to those who took the time to read my post, leave a comment and enter the Bakers Delight competition. Monsieur Poisson read all of your responses and has chosen the following five lucky people to receive a $5 voucher each:

  1. Sara
  2. FFK
  3. Susan
  4. Tina
  5. Shez
Congratulations to you all! Please send your postal details to the email address over on the left so that I can forward your voucher to you. And let me know how you go about enjoying your bread.

Thank you once again to Rebecca Stalker from Keep Left Public Relations and Bakers Delight for the gift vouchers.

happy eating!


  1. I totally 100% agree with being unable to find hidden gems due to work! I have already planned that demos and I take co- ordinated sick days just to visit plan-b.. Here's hoping I don't get fired for wanting a burger!

  2. le grand cafe is one of my favourite lunch time spots. such reasonably priced good food :-)

  3. Ahh I've always wanted to take a day off work just to try the Plan B burger. Envy!! It's a pity there are so many great places in the city only open on weekdays

  4. Le Grand Cafe is a top spot - love their desserts! And we really should spend more time exploring our city; I think I've eaten in more Melbourne restaurants than in Sydney.

  5. Work is a pain isn't it? I didn't know that Plan B was only open on weekdays...I might have to have a coordinated sick day with The Boy and check it out soon...

  6. This so struck a chord with me! I remember my childhood being dragged around to said tourist destinations, under protest I might add, only to revisit these places as an adult and fully appreciate what my parents and relatives did. Sigh...if only we were born all knowing, would save a bit of time! :)

  7. Yahoo! Breads for meeeh!

    Love playing tourist in my own city - it's part of the reason I love having overseas guests come stay.

    And the other thing I love? Cornichons. Ugh. So good.

  8. I work in the same building! I love having "dates" with my city too - I just find there's so much to discover in our wonderful city!

  9. I don't work in the city, so I've never tried the plan B burgers :( I only ever do touristy things when there is someone visiting from overseas, but recently, I've discovered that it's actually quite fun to be a tourist in your own city! Will endeavour to do more touristy things over summer :)

  10. I'm surprised A Current Affair hasn't done a piece on the cost of these burgers are having on the country with people chucking sickies to go have them ;)

  11. ha - Conor's comment- almost worth chucking a sickie over by the looks!! Sounds like you had an amazing day. Relaxing!! Just what you needed!

  12. It will always be Centrepoint Tower to me, hehe.

    I use to be dragged around on tour A or tour B when dad was showing overseas work visitors around on weekends.

    Thanks to Monsieur Poisson for liking my comment.

  13. How fun to play tourist for a day! I have yet to try this famous burger... I just have to wait.

  14. centrepoint tower brings me back to many memories.

    i had the buffet there :(

    The burger looks awesome.. Ive always wanted to try it... though never had time at lunch :(

  15. That is the best looking burger I have seen in a long time!!

  16. I smile in recognition of the 40 hour week and no time for much else but cooking and eating and oh, blogging. Looking around your city, hmmm. Last week, I went on a walking tour round The Hague - shocked beyond measure to know just how often I hadn't walked and discovered the city!

  17. Oh! Ever since coming back from my Europe trip I've wanted to play tourist in Sydney and ride that double decker city bus.... And I still haven't gotten round to it! :(

  18. I find it ironic how Plan B is always the first choice and never actually the backup option.

  19. I understand the issues. It's easy for me as I'm so centrally located but very hard for my poor old bf to try things like Plan B's wagyu burger since he works out at woop woop.. And I struggle with the AU vs O/S holiday dilemma too!

  20. Thank you, i received my bakers delight voucher today! I can't wait to go and get on of their fabulous buns ;)

  21. oh someone say terrine?! I'm with you. There are so many places I want to go to in the CBD that are only open mon-fri! Damn it! LOL

  22. Haha, Plan B - I love the name!

  23. Hey Gianna, haha, I should clear up that the husband and I both took time-in-lieu days just so people don't think we were *cough cough* being sick!

    Hey Simon, need to find some time to get back to Le Grand Café...

    Hey Steph, places need to open on weekends to accommodate more non-CBD working folk, methinks!

    Hey Bel, haha, it's so much easier to try places when you're being a leisurely tourist!

    Hey MelbaToast, I'm in no way endorsing coordinated sick days with friends/family/partners but I do encourage you to try the burger when you get a chance =p

    Hey Gummi baby, tourist destinations make so much more sense when you're older! And when some adult isn't dragging you around telling you how worthwhile it is =p

    Hey Shez, bread, being a tourist and cornichons are all part of my happiness equation =D

    Hey Trisha, lucky you to be working in the same building!

    Hey Betty, from the sounds of things either Plan B should open on weekends or there should be a workers' holiday so that everyone can get a chance to try...

    Hey Conor, haha, as I said, the husband and I took time-in-lieu days so hopefully those current affairs shows won't be too high on our scent!

    Hey Gastronomy Gal, it's great to be away from work on a weekday, really.

    Hey Sara, enjoy the bread!

    Hey Ellie, hope you get a chance to try the burger soon!

    Hey Dolly, I tried the buffet at Centrepoint years ago too! not to mention it.

    Hey Susan, it is a beautifully compact burger! Glad you've received the voucher safely =)

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, there are places we walk past constantly in our own city and don't get a chance to blink an eyelid at. How fun it would be to explore all the nooks and gaps like when you're travelling?

    Hey Tina, there are so many more distractions when it's where you live *sigh* Like home chores etc etc =(

    Hey Ninja, haha, yes - Plan B is indeed often Plan A for most of us!

    Hey Forager, there's just so much more freedom when you're able to escape work and home commitments to truly have time to explore!

    Hey Adrian, it is some conspiracy against us Monday to Friday business hours workers, I know it!

    Hey Ladybird, so do I!


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