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It is perhaps a little eccentric of me to have published the first food post to only now discuss the concept of food-blogging. Looking back at my collection of photographs of the pretty things I have eaten, it only dates back to February of this year so it seems to be a relatively recent hobby of mine.

For those who are unfamiliar, food blogs serve as a wonderful resource tool for eateries that either do not have websites, online menus or recent reviews by professional food critics. You get to share the blogger’s dining experience – short of smelling and tasting the food – and discover new places and new cuisines that you may not have known about. Then, of course, there’s the hunger-enticing, drool-inducing photos that almost beg you to eat what’s depicted. Mmmm…

Food-bloggers are an interesting breed of eater, with characteristics quite well summed-up by Not Quite Nigella’s article. It was when I read this that I found myself nodding in agreement, when I hadn’t even set up this blog! So, for these reasons and more, I would like to thank my fellow diners this past year who’ve graciously allowed me to pose their food and drinks, manhandle food they’ve ordered and for patiently waiting for me to finish snapping pics of the food before they’re allowed to dig in and enjoy. I assure you, there can only be more of this sort of behaviour to come!

happy eating!

PS. From here, the posts will start from February 2009 and progress chronologically. Hopefully I’ll be able to share the places I’ve visited so far before the delicious chaos of Sydney International Food Festival (formerly Good Food Month) in October. Apologies to those who've seen the photos previously on Facebook.


  1. Welcome to food blogging! So great to have another Sydney food blogger on board, and looking forward to reading more of your posts :)

  2. Helen, thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind words of encouragement. I feel like I've been visited by food-blogging royalty!


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