A week in Melbourne: Automatic Café, 5 July 2009

When needing a place to dine late you can always count on casinos to have something on offer. Sure, we don’t have Las Vegas-style 24-hour buffets, and in some casinos it may mean resorting to eating something deep-fried from their food court, but we’re talking about Melbourne here! So after having a rather late lunch Monsieur Poisson and I don’t hear our tummies asking to be fed until around 9pm that night. We decide to amble over to Crown Casino to try our food luck.

Due to the cold weather we’re both in need of a bit of stomach comfort and are captured by the garlic aromas emanating from Automatic Café’s pizza oven. I believe the name of the place has something to do with the decorations being car of road-related. When I go to take a photo of the interior one of the staff cheekily poses in my shot and seems a little crushed when he realises I don’t want him there!

Automatic Café has frontage onto Crown Casino’s riverside promenade although we choose to sit inside due to the cold. We do hear the gas flame-throwers outside going off to their schedule and the associated ‘ooh’ sounds coming from the people walking past them.

Monsieur Poisson and I share a garlic and mozzarella pizza (crispy and very, very garlicky) and a linguine with chorizo, fetta, cherry tomatoes and rocket. The pasta comes topped with plenty of shredded parmesan and has so much flavour going on that it does get a little salty after a while. The ingredients are definitely not skimpy in quantity and I really enjoy the creaminess of the fetta.

After dinner we pick up some chocolates from The Chocolate Box as I’ve missed their ‘Magic Mushroom’ since last trying. We also pass by Café Greco to admire their always impressive cake display, but we are too full (and it is too late) for dessert.

Crown Casino riverside, Southbank VIC
Tel: (03) 9290 8500

Opening Hours:  7 days  8am til late

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happy eating!


  1. Looks like you had a great time in Melbourne and got to try a good variety of food! :D

  2. Hi Lorraine, I had an excellent time in Melbourne! There are many more posts about food from that trip to come =)

  3. You sure had a great time in Melbourne with so many places with good eat!

  4. Hi Ellie! It's definitely one of the most food-filled trips I've had in quite a while. All holidays should be like this!


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