Mojo Picon, 20 Aug 2009

I met Ms Sourdough for lunch one day and when the option of garlic prawns and chorizo came up, she did not hesitate in taking my suggestion. Mojo Picon’s stall at the Chatswood markets is not difficult to find – just follow the fragrant aromas with your nose in amongst the other food and non-food vendors. You will definitely smell it before you see it and the Mojo Picon salsas are a great accompaniment to the food.

The little stand has bar-style seating which can be hard to come by at peak times, so you may find yourself circling the outlet like a vulture. Once ordered, it doesn’t take long for the food to be served. Ms Sourdough and I share a large serve of garlic prawns and a chorizo roll.

The garlic prawns are served in a small plastic replica paella pan, topped with plenty of parsley and with a wedge of lemon. The prawns are beautiful with a squirt of Mojo Picon’s salsa verde. A crusty bread roll comes complimentary for mopping up the juices and the only downfall is that the prawns used come frozen. The chorizo roll has a chorizo split in half down the middle served on the same sort of crusty roll, with which Ms Sourdough and I sample both the red salsa and the salsa verde. The verde is herby and fresh while the red is mildly spicy but both are fairly timid and would be suitable for any manner of barbequed or grilled meats.

Apart from other retailers, the market also features various music acts from week to week as well as this super-sized boardgame. Chess, anyone?

Willoughby Council Melody Market, Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW
Opening Hours:  Thurs  10am-9pm

(Also at EQ Village Markets, Entertainment Quarter, 122 Lang Rd, Moore Park NSW
Opening Hours:  Wed & Sat  10am-3:30pm
                        Sun  10am-4pm)

happy eating!


  1. Oooh I had one of the chorizo rolls at Fox Studios markets. I was rather full but the aroma of the chorizo beckoned! :D

  2. Mm the garlic smell that emanates from this stall is always so enticing! There's always a long queue when I go past - lucky you snagged one of the bar seats!

  3. I've seen the garlic prawn stall at many events but have never eaten them. They do look good, though it's a shame if they are frozen.

  4. The garlic prawn and chorizo rolls are to die for! I go to this thursday market often... lots of interesting stores with great food.

  5. Hi Lorraine, I'd been meaning to try food from this stand for absolutely ages just because of the aroma, but was always put off by the queues. But I suppose the presence of queues is usually confidence-inducing, right?!

    Hi Jacq! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment =) The bar seats weren't easy to claim - we had to guard one empty seat and patiently wait (and send vibes) to adjacent people to leave!

    Hey Belle! Try the stall when you get a chance. Despite the prawns being frozen, the seasonings they're cooked in plus the sauces still make them good.

    Hey Ellie, it's the beautiful smells that keep suckering me in. Eventually I'll get around to trying food from the other stands, haha!

  6. Ms Taste haaaaaaaaaaates me for eating a chorizo roll every time we are shopping in Chatswood

  7. Hello Mr. Taste! Thanks for dropping by =) I don't understand why Ms Taste would hate you for getting a chorizo roll when you're in Chatswood - what's not to love about chorizo?! =p


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