Five days in Brisbane: Byron Bay Cookie Company, 23 Oct 2009

Byron Bay Cookie Company cookies are a common sight in many cafés around the country be it in tall glass jars on the counter or in their distinctive individual packets. Boxes of their bite-sized cookies can be found at David Jones stores as well as more gourmet food outlets. I have never seen them available elsewhere, so imagine my delight when I happened upon their retail store at Brisbane Domestic Airport when I was heading back to Sydney! The helpful salesperson told me it was the only retail store apart from the one located at Byron Bay itself.

I got rather excited and suspect I may have started squealing. Perhaps my husband may have shot me an alarmed and embarrassed sideways glance, but I was too busy admiring the range of products available to have noticed. The store stocks their own brand of cookies in snack packs as well as café packs in clear plastic packaging. On the shelves are also cookies by Luken & May and other brands of non-cookie products. I saw some jars of honey about the place, if I don’t remember wrong.

So I came away with multiple small packets of cookies, as expected, to maximise on the amount of flavours I was able to purchase. They weren’t all for myself, but out of the flavours I did try my favourite was the lemon macadamia shortbread – so lemony from the moment the packet was opened, so buttery and suitably crumbly with bits of macadamia. Apparently this is an award-winning flavour from 2006. It also helped that they were bite-sized and very easy to eat. Or perhaps that could be a bad thing…

Domestic Terminal, Brisbane Airport, Brisbane QLD

happy eating!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh mannnnn I LOVE the Byron Bay cookies. The lemon one you tried is my favourite, so buttery and crispy and just delicious.

  2. Byron Bay cookies are one of my favourite - I love the lemon macadamia too!

  3. Yums! I like them at cafes. White choc chip and macadamia, please!

  4. I always get Byron Bay cookies on interstate flights. Bite-sized is a double-edged sword, though - they are the perfect size, but they are too easy to eat!

  5. what a gorgeous looking shopfront.... mmmm cookies!

  6. Hi Rose, my only problem is that there are too many yummy flavours to choose from!

    Hi Trissa! I'll have to go and get more of the lemon macadamia ones - they're just so fragrantly lemon!

    Hey Fiona! Those large white choc-chip macadamia ones are soooo nice and crumbly with lots of crunchy bits!

    Hey Belle! I know, small-and-easy-to-eat can so easily mean too easy to addictively overeat!

    Hi Shellie! Half the store was taken up by just cookies - I was in love!

  7. So, I'm kicking myself...cause I didn't realise the date in the title of the post....was not the blog date so.....Anyhow,that is now corrected! I must confess that I have NEVER seen a cookie shop....and I'm pretty sure of that. What a treat. i would definitely go for all the nutty ones ....especially any white chocolate and macadamias...lovely

  8. Hey Kitchen Butterfly! I know, candy stores and cake stores are commonplace but a cookie store! In an airport too =)


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