Yuzu, 7 Nov 2009

On an evening when a group of us were seeing Mamma Mia!, we needed to grab a quick meal near Star City Casino prior to the show’s scheduled start of 8pm. Eschewing the food on offer at the casino itself we found ourselves (and parking) at nearby Yuzu in Pyrmont, which is located at the ground level of a unit block that did not yet look occupied.

Being already a month into daylight saving the sun was still shining at dinner time and, with there being more tables situated outside anyway, we enjoyed our dinner al fresco under the slanted rays of the sun.

Most of us order the yuzu tea as we’ve read about it in various sources, and we agree that it has a flavour reminiscent of kumquats sweetened with honey – the stuff that Chinese mothers brew up when you have a cough or sore throat. At the bottom of the cup can be found slivers of yuzu peel.

To start with, we share a serve of fresh and plump takoyaki as well as a plate of gyoza which only comes with four dumplings to share between the five of us.

Between Monsieur Poisson and myself we order a mixed sashimi don, which comes with a few salad leaves hidden underneath and a bowl of miso soup on the side, as well as a karaage chicken udon.

Both are fairly standard in size but the rice becomes a little hard to eat with chopsticks alone towards the bottom of the sashimi don. The scallop is lightly seared and the salmon is positively orange in colour.

Whilst we all have our individual meals, we also have a salmon salad plus a mains-sized sushi plate plonked in the middle of our table for picking at. Although all the seafood tastes fresh, this is when we notice that the salmon is radioactively orange and Dr King adamantly refuses to polish off the last two pieces.

The poor sushi pieces – I don’t think I’ve been anywhere where we’ve rejected sushi!

Shop 7, 1 Scott St, Pyrmont NSW
Tel: (02) 9692 9898

Opening Hours:  7 days, I think?

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happy eating!


  1. The takoyaki looks really delicious, and this is a great find for those who don't like most of the eateries inside Star City; good find!

  2. Great, always need more food options around Star City...That salmon looks rather alarming. No after effect glow I hope?

  3. The colour of that salmon is strange! Any ideas on why it was like that? The rest of the meal looks good though. Mhmmm takoyaki!

  4. I'm ready to eat up my laptop screen! Next time I head to Sydney, I'm definitely planning my trip around my food destinations. I miss PassionFlower heaps too!

  5. I can't imagine sushi being that terrible. It must be pretty bad! How dissapointing.

  6. The salmon was just a little sunburnt due to the daylight saving...nothing to worry about..

  7. Oh I like the sound of the yuzu tea....I LOVE kumquats!!!!!

  8. nothing like radioactive salmon to get you going is there? I've only had one bad sushi/sashimi experience.. mum says it was fine, I say is was well below par

  9. Hey Joey, the takoyaki were quite good and are one of my favourite Japanese snacks to order =)

    Hey mirvettium, no afterglow thankfully! Tasted ok though...

    Hey Agnes, can't explain the salmon - it tasted fine despite it's vivid appearance!

    Hey vickys, thanks for dropping by =) Haha, that's how I usually plan my trips places as well - around food!

    Hey missklicious, admittedly the sushi didn't taste weird but my friend just couldn't get past the look of it!

    Hey Conor, could the salmon possibly need a little sunscreen? As long as it doesn't start peeling...

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, the yuzu tea was definitely nice and kind of appetising in a way.

    Hey Shellie, I've never encountered such orange salmon and yet it didn't taste unusual!

  10. Oh my, what was going on with the salmon I wonder? I do love yuzu fruit, especially in desserts :D

  11. Hey Lorraine, it's definitely the most colour intense salmon I've ever eaten!

  12. Hi!
    There are new owners at Yazu now...
    Do you know what the former owner/chef has moved on to? A new restaurant somewhere?

  13. Hi Anonymous, I’m afraid I haven’t been back to Yuzu for a while and I wasn't aware there had been a change of ownership. Sorry I can’t be more help, but thank you for your comment.


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