ice+slice, 28 Nov 2009

I can’t remember how Monsieur Poisson and I ended up on our second visit to ice+slice but I do have photographic evidence that shows we had dinner with friends earlier that evening. Why we didn’t all end up having dessert together is too fuzzy for me to recall, but ice+slice did make a good enough an impression on us the first time around for us to return.

We sit in roughly the same area of the store as previous, as there is a themed party taking place in the back section. During our stay we see Fred and Wilma Flinstone walk past as well as Elvis amidst sporadic wafts of dry ice vapours. This and the loud 80s/early 90s party music is not enough to distract us from our desserts though! I can’t go past having a waffle after enjoying it so much last time but pair it with a scoop of cinnamon gelato on this occasion instead. There is a mound of soft whipped cream sitting atop the gelato once again which I need to excuse to the side, but I’m enamoured with the golden lake of maple syrup in which the waffle is sitting.

Monsieur Poisson has his favourite ‘Banana Split!’ which is served on the same sort of frosted glass plate as my waffle. Between the two halves of banana lie generous scoops of chocolate and vanilla bean ice-creams with dollops of fresh whipped cream in between. The whole lot is squiggled with chocolate and caramel sauces before being given a sprinkling of toasted slivered almonds.

I’m not as keen as my husband on banana desserts but this one is pretty good, especially when a not-too-ripe banana is used. One of the highlights for me, however, are the crunchy toasted nuts!

135 King St, Newtown NSW
Tel: (02) 9516 4595

Opening Hours:  Mon-Fri  11am-late
                        Sat & Sun  9am-late (breakfast menu until 4pm)

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happy eating!


  1. Oooh, banana split! I don't see them very often at restaurants!

  2. Golden lakes of maple syrup should feature more often in desserts.

  3. Oh dear, that banana split is making me nauseated this early in the morning, especially after the fantastic chocolate dessert we had at Bilson's last night.

  4. That banana split is huge! Definitely for sharing and look at those lashings of chocolate, cream and ice cream! :o

  5. Mmmm.. waffles and ice-cream, what could be better?! :)

  6. i was going through the entertainment book yesterday and then came across your post - how convenient there's a discount voucher for me to try this place out!

  7. That's a fine banana split.
    So decadent. :)

  8. Oh - I am the complete opposite!! I LOVE dessert. When we go to REstaurants, I always pick my dessert before I pick anything else!! LOL - and when hubby is away... I usually have dessert followed by dessert instead of dinner... Such a sweet tooth - no wonder my clothes don't fit!! :(

  9. I love banana splits! Yuuuum!

  10. Ha, ha. The only reason I would not have dessert at the restaurant where I had dinner was...if the food was poor, like we had last year on holiday! Banana split looks good!

  11. Hey missklicious, banana splits seem to have gone out of fashion apart from for kids. But what I really miss is apple pie!

    Hey Conor, haha, I'm not sure why anyone needs that much maple syrup but it does make for stunning presentation!

    Hey Joey, ahhh Bilson's! I had the pleasure of dining there whilst Manu Feildel was still there. Best. Meal. EVER!

    Hey Lorraine, the gelato and cream are definitely not skimped on here!

    Hey Ladybird, and waffles with nicely deep divets too!

    Hey Panda, it's a nice place to stop by but even value with a voucher, I would hope =)

    Hey SK, the poor banana is heavily out-ratioed by all the other bits =p

    Hey Joy, I sometimes plan ahead and order a main meal according to how much room I need to save for dessert! =p

    Hey Reemski, you and my husband both!

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, I seriously can't remember why...but I do remember being happy with what we had here!


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