Ripples Milsons Point, 30 Dec 2009

It can be difficult getting together with the people that matter to you these days. Coffee dates with a friend can be easy to arrange but when more people are thrown into the mix then there are just too many scheduling factors to contend with. Add to that the busy period of the year known as Christmas/New Year and you will end up with a lot of phone calls, SMS messages and emails flying every way possible and not a single confirmed date or time where everyone can attend.

This is how Wifey, Mistress and I ended up lunching at Ripples at Milsons Point together. Batman was unable to join us as she wasn’t feeling well and it was a bit of a strange overcast day to say the least. It did fine up later on to a baking, humid sort of heat replete with glary sunshine but none of this was to dampen our spirits as it had been too long between gatherings.

We arrive at around 10:30am and join the queue of patrons waiting for tables as we’ve been told no reservations are taken for their breakfast session. However we’re soon offered a seat along the stone edging and are protected from any glare by the plastic shade sheets. I order a skim flat white as per usual and although it tastes fine, the milk foam on top is artless which is most unusual in Sydney these days. Mistress goes for a sweet breakfast option of ‘Apple hotcakes with rhubarb compote and cinnamon crème fraîche’. The hotcakes are light and fluffy and the cinnamon crème fraîche is a most fragrant addition.

Wifey and I pretty much order the same thing with she having the ‘Salmon Benedict’ and I the ‘Eggs Benedict’. The only difference between the two is that hers comes with smoked salmon and mine comes with the traditional ham. Each of these breakfasts features beautifully poached eggs and lusciously thick Hollandaise on toasted English muffins. Wifey and Mistress both comment that they detect a watery taste about the eggs whereas I don’t, even after taste-testing both plates.

Attracting the waitstaff’s attention for service was a little difficult but once orders were taken the kitchen was efficient with the food. Presumably waitstaff were a bit distracted as there appeared to be a lunch function for which they were preparing, and we overheard a manager-type person turning people away for lunch service a little later on.

Olympic Drive (cnr Alfred St South), Milsons Point NSW
Tel: (02) 9929 7722

Opening Hours:  Mon-Fri  8am-11am (breakfast)
                                    12pm-3pm (lunch)
                                    6pm-9:30pm (dinner)
                        Sat & Sun  7:30am-11am (breakfast)
                                        12pm-4pm (lunch)
                                        6pm-9:30pm (dinner)

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happy eating!


  1. Cinnamon creme fraiche sounds like a perfect addition to hotcakes. And latte art is always a welcome highlight when ordering a flat white isn't it? Must be the kid in all of us :)

  2. Lovely view and the two benedicts look so delish.

  3. The Ripples chain seem to be onto a winner, with their great locations and food.

  4. There is just somthing magical about eggs benedict, looks awesome. Love the sound of the cinnamon crème fraîche on the hot cakes.

  5. I think I need an afternoon nap. It took me a while to figure out that the sauce-looking stuff in the middle egg photo is egg yolk. In my defence, it is kinda dark yolk.

  6. Mmm I started to drool at the eggs benedict! :P It's funny how the food differs at each Ripples. I really liked the food at the Pyrmont one :)

  7. That coffee looks inviting right now.

  8. The hollandaise looks rich and delicious. I would have to say eggs benedicts are one of my all time favourite breakfast food.

  9. The hotcake sounds very interesting while egg benedict is also one of my favourite... wanna go there one day for breakfast :D

  10. Looks like a great breakfast spot - I am coveting that hollandaise!!!

  11. woooah, it all looks soooo good! i'm craving apple hotcakes and eggs bene!!

  12. Hey Helen, the cinnamon crème fraîche was all kinds of earthy, spicy deliciousness. And think I'm normally so spoilt with latte art that I just expect it everywhere now!

    Hey Gastronomy Gal, it's a lovely spot to sit and chat but they can get quite busy.

    Hey Joey, it's a great location and is quite relaxing. Also helps that the food's pretty good!

    Hey Belle, I'm surprised at how many Ripples there are as well as the group's other restaurants.

    Hey Sara, yes, something so comforting about soft, squishy egg with runny yolks and a thick, golden sauce which is made from yolks and butter!

    Hey Conor, it's runny yolk in the midst of a yolk-based sauce!

    Hey Lorraine, I've been to the one at Pyrmont too but that was for lunch.

    Hey Fiona, I could do with a coffee right now too - must be that time of afternoon!

    Hey Trissa, poached eggs and Hollandaise can be so hard to get right that I don't attempt either at home so I almost get them when dining out for breakfast.

    Hey Bean Sprout's Cafe, thanks for dropping by =) Seems like eggs Benedict is popular with most of us!

    Hey Mardi, and it's not too far from your parents' either!

    Hey Shellie, apple hotcakes would be so great in this cooling autumn weather =)


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