Bourke Street Bakery, 9 Jan 2010

Normal people, after enjoying a substantial meal, would just go home satisfied. People who love food like us, given available time, will try to fit in another meal elsewhere. Where? Not far from where we started – only a suburb away at the famed Bourke Street Bakery. How could we not visit when we were in the company of one Ms Sourdough?

It’s early afternoon and there is only a short queue sitting in the doorway to the tiny store. Inside many hands speedily serve customers and I emerge with a large sourdough and pain au chocolat to take home. The thing about sourdough is that it always seems to me that it is more mould-resistant than commercial loaf bread but it doesn’t dry out as easily either. These qualities make it perfect for slow bread eaters such as Monsieur Poisson and myself. And just look at that beautiful blistered crust!

The pain au chocolat I have for a late afternoon tea as I can’t handle the thought of its flaky layers slowly deflating whilst sitting in my kitchen. Although some of the oils have been absorbed into the paper bag, it still makes for a wonderfully buttery treat with my cup of tea.

Unfortunately we aren’t as restrained as it seems – I have also bought a bacon and gruyère quiche which is still warm and is just screaming to be eaten. To not do so would have been a travesty and it definitely isn’t a hard task splitting an individual-sized quiche between four people. Especially not when there is creamy, eggy filling with salty batons of bacon encased in a flaky pastry case which somehow doesn’t flake all over you upon eating. Ahhh, the miracles of great baking!

Bourke Street Bakery
633 Bourke St (cnr Devonshire St), Surry Hills NSW
Tel: (02) 9699 1011

Opening Hours:  Mon  CLOSED
Tues-Fri  7am-6pm
Sat & Sun  8am-5pm

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happy eating!


  1. No we're not ordinary people, but that's a good thing, right :) The chocolate crossiant sounds amazing - usually I can't resist the ginger and pistachio brulee tart. Oh such deliciousness.

  2. Oh I could so go for that pain au chocolat! And I agree with Helen - their brulee tarts are beyond amazing! I remember the first time I ever tried one, I seriously couldn't stop thinking about it for ages!!

  3. I would have found some way to get flakes all over me, I'm sure.

    That bread crust looks amazing, I had to stop myself from rapping my knuckles on the monitor to try and tap it :D

  4. *sigh* I LOVE their fennel and currant sourdough...I think I could spend the day just eating one all to myself for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  5. Mmm pastry heaven... I just ate but I could really go for quiche and pain au chocolat!

  6. Hehe nothing wrong with a meal after a meal. Let's call it a progressive dinner! ;)

  7. oh gawd the quiche looks awesome! batons of bacon you say!

  8. Yum! Good to see some products from Bourke Street Bakery - I still haven't been there...

  9. I also have to say I am a massive fan of the brulee tart. The bacon and gruyère quiche just looks so light and delicious.

  10. I still haven't been to Bourke Street Bakery! I'd love to try the quiche... and yes I could also eat it after a meal!

  11. My favourite is the ginger brulee. Love their bread and pastries. Totally agree with their great baking skills.

  12. Hey Helen, haha, us food-focussed people are always good at planning meals ahead =p And this may sound strange, but I'm not a big fan of brulees *gasp*

    Hey Betty, nothing like a pain au chocolat for breakfast...or any other time for that matter!

    Hey Conor, one of the dangerous aspects of eating pastries is being covered by the pastry, haha!

    Hey Reemski, mmmm...sourdough! Something simple yet so satisfying about bread - really a meal in itself.

    Hey Lily, I have a serious weakness for pastry of all kinds!

    Hey Lorraine, perhaps we all progressively eat ourselves through the day - culminating in one BIG meal?

    Hey Gastronomy Gal, so much baked goodness =)

    Hey Suze, bacon, bacon, bacon! That cannot be too salty, nor not salty enough =D

    Hey Anita, you must try them sometime as well as Brasserie Bread.

    Hey Sara, what is not to love about stretchy cheese, bacon and bread? =D

    Hey Trissa, heheh, it's just a little quiche! So very easy to squeeze in =p

    Hey Ellie, starting to think there's something wrong with me - I seem to be the only one who doesn't like brulees!

  13. Oh my gosh... I got the BSB REcipe book for Xmas and am completely in love with it. I would be the size of a small elephant if I lived within driving distance of the place - but will def be calling in for a visit the next time I'm in Sydney... *drool*

  14. Hey Joy, my friend has the cookbook too and is absolutely loving it. So a definite visit for you then when you're next in Sydney!


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