Chocolate has become associated with pretty much every significant cultural and religious festival on the calendar, it seems. Before the post-Christmas discounted chocolates have cleared the shelves, the chocolate bunnies and eggs are already out on display. Valentine’s Day comes and goes and brings with it the onslaught of chocolate hearts and roses. And then those bunnies and eggs, which made their first appearance in January, come out in full force seemingly having multiplied in the ensuing months.

This year I have decided not to have my usual Red Tulip bunny; the one I’ve had almost every year since I was about 7. It’s always been the exact same bunny – it has to be a ‘he’ (there is a she) and it has to be the one wearing overalls with the chequered shirt and the tools sticking out of the pocket. There is some part of me this year that seems to have gone off chocolate a bit… Don’t get me wrong, I still adore chocolate but seem to be consuming less of it. Perhaps it is my impending wedding that is inducing fat-fear in me, although I find that very hard to accept as pleasure from food has always ranked higher on my list of priorities.

But in keeping with the popularity of chocolate, my wedding bonbonnières will feature Fardoulis foil-wrapped chocolate hearts in boxes. For those that follow me on Twitter, you already know that I purchased 900 of these, 150 each in 6 different colours, as we started with a guest list of 150 people. This has whittled to 120 guests which only means more leftover chocolates for us! Here is what 600 of them looks like:

The original plan was for the chocolates to be stacked, in their boxes, in a pyramid arrangement in lieu of a wedding cake for guests to take home with them at the end of the evening. However, the mothers decided that this ‘just wouldn’t do’ and that there must be a cake in order for it to be a ‘true wedding’. This protest cropped up with only two weeks to go until the wedding so we were extremely lucky to locate a place that takes cake orders this late into planning. (If you want to know their details then please email me – they happen to be supplying our flowers as well.)

So the wedding is now just over a week away but you know I won’t disappear for too long at a time. But in the meantime…

happy Easter & happy eating!


  1. Even with the impending wedding you can totally slip one small chocolate rabbit in :)

  2. woohoo not too long to go now! have been enjoying reading your random wedding tweets hehe and extra chocolate is always a bonus :D

  3. How exciting! Come on.. one small bunny won't hurt.. ;)

  4. Aw - Red Tulip bunnies - I had those when I was little too. There's nothing quite like them! This year, my mum sent us double coat Tim tams and strawberry eggs (me) and dark tim tams and turkish delight eggs (Neil). I miss Aussie Easter treats!

  5. What?! Am I missing something? Sorry haven't been on twitter... I thought you were already married last year? email me! I'm confused!

  6. Those hearts look so pretty :)
    This year I've decided to stray from the usual chocolate bunnies and instead buy whatever candy I feel like :P
    But I always have to have mint crisp easter eggs, yum!

  7. The thing I love about Easter (well one of the things) is my Red Tulip Easter Egg, no other egg will do me, I have to have one, is my Easter egg of choice. You have taste :), but we already knew that.

    The hearts look fantastic, I love the colours you have chosen, they will be gorgeous on the day. The balloons are cute as well.

    Not long now, have a wonderful Easter and have at least one choc, may take some of the tension away.

  8. I love the pretty colours of the chocolates, and upcoming wedding, how exciting!

  9. Good luck with the upcoming wedding. I didn't want a cake either (shocking for me!) but fortunately I didn't have any pressure, either.

    Can't wait to see photographs!

  10. Great choice for wedding bombonierre! I always love practical and edible bombonierre! :D Will you share some pics with us pretty please? :)

  11. Don't worry, I'm sure the rest of us are eating your share of chocolate too. Well done for overordering on bonbonnières though!!

    I used to get a Red Tulip bunny every year but these days my Mum has gone upmarket and we get a Lindt bunny now, ooh la la!

  12. Hey Mark, haha, been good lately - almost entirely cut out chocolate and sweets - and only a few days to go now so I'll hang in there!

    Hey Suze, this Saturday! Hehe, so a few more random tweets for the next few days =p

    Hey Billy, talked to Mum on the phone last night and she's apparently got a dark Lindt bunny waiting for me...

    Hey Mardi, Red Tulip bunnies but once a year! When a friend moved briefly to South Korea, I sent her Tim Tams and salt & vinegar chips =p

    Hey Trissa, all explained in an email!

    Hey Fiona, haven't tasted all the flavours we've chosen but we have sampled a few.

    Hey Kristy, I love all their pretty colours. And mint crisp Easter eggs, eh?

    Hey Sara, I know my Red Tulip bunny is not THE best chocolate but I eat it out of nostalgia - all these years and the wrapper's still the same!

    Haha, the balloons were taken home by us at the end of a friend's wedding a few weeks ago! Nothing like photo props =p

    Hey missklicious, I think it's the pastel colours that appeal to our inner child =D

    Hey Julia, thank you! Can't believe you of all people didn't have a cake, just as I'm surprised that I didn't want a cake =p

    Hey Lorraine, as you can see we've gone the practical and edible option with our bonbonnieres! I'll see what photos we end up know I like to stay anonymous!

    Hey Conor, the past few years I've ended up with Red Tulip bunnies AND Lindt bunnies so perhaps that's why I've gone off them this year? Never fear though, Mum has told me she couldn't resist and got me a dark Lindt bunny on post-Easter sale!

  13. Congratulations dear girl....Marriage is a wonderful thing :-). I wish you ALL the best, and hope there are no your tummy! Lots of love!

  14. Thanks, Kitchen Butterfly! It was great fun over the weekend but I'm still tired and trying to catch up on sleep =p


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