Belgian Beer Café Epoque, 29 Jan 2010

‘Twas an evening of mussels…

I had just started my new job, was exhausted from a spurt of wedding planning following various places resuming business after Christmas/New Year break, and was happy to regain some semblance of a social life when Kiki invited Monsieur Poisson and I out for dinner. Although it was for mussels on a Friday evening and not, unfortunately, for Belgian Beer Café‘s Wednesday half-price specials, we looked forward to it nonetheless. Who can say no to sweet, plump mussels offered in a myriad of broths? And who, more importantly, can refuse those thick-cut fries served in true European fashion alongside creamy, creamy mayonnaise?

Most definitely not us! We have the usual suspects present and, between us, have the mussels Provençale (tomato, capsicum, herb, garlic), Belgian style sausages (with potato mash and sauerkraut), Tintin au Congo mussels (coconut cream, lemongrass, chilli) and mussels with mushrooms (vegetables, mushrooms, baby spinach, light creamy basil broth). They’ve all been ordered with beers as part of value-deals, although I stick to something non-alcoholic.

All the mussels are really well cooked with none of them being overdone and, except for the odd exception here and there, were pretty much all opened as well. I always wish there was some bread to soak up the juices left at the bottom of the pan after mountains of shells have grown alongside in the bowls provided, but seriously doubt it is possible to fit more food in after the mussels themselves and the fries. The sausages are pork and firm with the sauerkraut adding a nice tang although there is quite a lot of it.

Monsieur Poisson and I also order the ‘Pork ribs with fries & side salad’ from the specials board for something a bit different. The ribs are saucy although a little too tangy for our liking, as we were expecting perhaps for them to be smokier. The side salad is a welcome refresher from all the mussels and meat and, my goodness, ever more fries!

The Belgian Beer Café does get a bit noisy at weekends with the open windows at the front and patrons drinking, eating and generally being merry. Although the array of beers is wasted on a non-beer consumer like myself, it’s fun and relaxed surrounds for groups of friends in amongst the warm, cherry wood interior.

429 Miller St (near cnr Amherst St), Cammeray NSW
Tel: (02) 9954 3411

Opening Hours:  7 days  from midday

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happy eating!


  1. Mm mussels there are so good! I always wish there was some bread too, but then you just have to remember that they are fillers and you need that space for more mussels :D

  2. I haven't been there, but was told they were good. I think I've had mussels twice in my life. Always daunting!

  3. Belgium Bier Cafe! Hope you had some tap Hoegarrden! tbh those ribs are calling out to me more than the mussels haha but thats cos im too much of a carnivore XD

  4. YUM! The musseld look so goooood. I always order a side salad whenever a slab of meat is involved. I would've stuck to the non-alcoholic beverages too :)

  5. There should have been bread.....I can't imagine not having anything to soak up the delish juices!

  6. Yay for mussels, ribs, chips and beer. What a great meal. When I am at any european places like this I firstly look for the pork knuckle and then any type of sausage with sauerkraut.

  7. Oh drool - I love mussels!! I am not a beer drinker either, but ooo the mussels!!

  8. All the food looks damn good, and it's been too long between piles o' mussels for my belly, but after reading this post the overwhelming feeling I am left with is a craving for beer! Gonna put some in the fridge right now :D

  9. This is definitely a great comfort food place for me - I was tempted to go here (well, the Balmain branch) for my 30th. What better to eat delicious mussels, get my fingers dirty and drink fruity beer?

  10. the ribs look huge ohgawd so hungry!

  11. This used to be our favourite place (about 10 years ago). They serve the most authentic belgium fries and mayo. The standard has gone down a little over the years but it's still a great place to get a nice beer and a big pot mussels!

  12. agree, the place can get a little noisy but it's not so bad when you're out with a group of friends to eat! speaking of which, it's been awhile since I've had any mussels - time for a trip to belgian bier cafe :D

  13. Hey Betty, true true, rationing of stomach space is always important. But I just feel like I'm wasting all those lovely mussel juices!

    Hey Fiona, mussels can be dodgy at places but are always reliable here perhaps because they sell so many!

    Hey Richard, I think a couple of the boys had the Hoegarden but, heheh, unfortunately I'm not a beer drinker =p

    Hey Amy, small piles of salad so wonderously cancel out the not-so-virtuous effects of large portions of meat!

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, I know, but as Betty said, need to conserve stomach space for all those mussels =D

    Hey Mark, not sure they do pork knuckle here but Prague at Potts Point does a mean one served with a massive knife stabbed into it!

    Hey Sara, mussels, mussels, mussels!

    Hey Conor, lucky I don't crave beer - only mussels!

    Hey Forager, oh, but Berowra Waters was such a better celebration location!

    Hey Suze, bet you just wanted to play with the large knife that accompanied the ribs! =p

    Hey Ellie, fries and mayo! *swoon* Can't complain.

    Hey Panda, agreed - not so bad when you're with a group of yourself to create your own lot of noise! =D


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