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When dining out I often like to have a glass of wine with my meal and it’s always interesting to learn more about how to pair it with food. Wine is a foreign concept to me, having grown up in a typical Cantonese household where we drink before or after our meals – never during – and most definitely not alcohol. We never even had any bottles of wine at home, let alone a liquor cabinet! Drinking wine is something I’ve had to discover for myself as an adult and my wine knowledge is still pretty much non-existent. Just as I’ve learnt a lot about food and ingredients through reading cookbooks and magazines, I was looking forward to learning a little bit more about wine through the latest issue of Gourmet Traveller Wine magazine offered to me by the kind people at Nuffnang.

Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine

Like sister publication Gourmet Traveller, Gourmet Traveller Wine has beautiful photography and its articles cover such topics as wine trends, cellaring recommendations, wine regions and, of course, food and wine matching. No surprises then that my favourite article was about pairing wines with foods, in particular Italian nibbly-style food matched with Italian grape wines.

Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine - Stuzzichini

As opposed to recipe articles in food magazines which feature wine recommendations with a short sentence or two for explanation, what I enjoyed about this article (apart from the recipes!) was that it delved into more detail about why a wine was chosen to match a certain food. The characteristics of the wines were described and discussed in conjunction with how they complemented the flavour make-up of each recipe. For wine novices like myself, such reasoning behind food-wine matching is easy to follow without the sometimes overwhelming wine jargon.

So for the wine lover, wine novice or perhaps even yourself, Gourmet Traveller Wine magazine subscriptions are available through the online convenience of Magshop. A great idea for birthdays or the ever-lurking-closer Christmas, I’ve always enjoyed opening my letterbox to find a new magazine inside rather than the usual junk mail or bills, as well as not having to remember to physically pick up the latest issue from somewhere. Should wine not be your drink of choice, visit Magshop – Australia’s leading online magazine shop – to check out other titles such as Donna Hay, Australian GoodFood and Australian Good Taste.

happy reading, cooking & responsible drinking!


  1. This would be a perfect Christmas gift for me

    Santa, are you listening???

  2. It's a great companion to Gourmet Traveller

  3. My friends and colleagues always laugh at me cause I haven't the faintest when it comes to wine. My defense - I like to eat my alcohol rather than drink it. I think it is superb to understand the characteristics of wine cause then you can intuitively pair them with food!

  4. Hey Fiona, haha, my wine knowledge is sadly lacking as well. Hopefully Santa will hear your request =)

    Hey Sara, they're both such great magazines and I've ogled many a Gourmet Traveller over the years.

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, I'm the same! I just can't identify the flavours and aromas in wine unless I'm told to look for them =p


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