Sugar Hit: InterContinental, 8 Oct 2010

Finding ourselves at The InterContinental for Sugar Hit was rather accidental. We had actually made a reservation for Radisson but turned up at the wrong one. Yes, there are two Radisson hotels in Sydney – Radisson Plaza and Radisson Suites – and of course we turned up at the one where Bilson’s is and where Sugar Hit was not being served! You’ve been warned.

Radisson staff lightly let us know we were not at the correct hotel, trying to preserve our pride and minimise embarrassment. Once outside we decide to cancel our reservation as we would have been terribly late plus we would have had to play the finding-a-parking-spot game all over again. So we take a short stroll over to The InterContinental instead, and find quite a few people enjoying Sugar Hits already. As in years past, the hotel is a popular choice for Sugar Hit goers. The dessert plates are brought out in no time and feature the multi-component Sugar Hits for which InterContinental has become known. Monsieur Poisson’s request to have the paired Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora swapped for a coffee are turned down, so he orders a caffe latte afterwards instead.

A white rectangular plate is the canvas for ‘Homemade amarena cherry triple-chocolate gâteau with orange homeycomb and Baileys macaroons [sic]’. I always like to taste individual components before trying them together for different taste sensations. A word of advice: do not try one of these cherries on its own unless you enjoy the flavour of cherry-flavoured cough medicine. I bit enthusiastically into one and childhood memories of being bedridden came rushing back at me in full force! However when a small bite of cherry is eaten in conjunction with a mouthful of the six-layer Zumbo-esque gâteau – cream, fudge, dense cake and gelée layers – the result is akin to a luxurious black forest cake topped with slightly sticky pieces of bubbly honeycomb.

And don’t forget the Baileys macaron perched on its side sitting on a splodge of chocolate ganache. Its discs are soft and chewy with a light creamy centre. This Sugar Hit definitely doesn’t disappoint and is the best of the ones we have tried thus far.

117 Macquarie St (entrance cnr of Bridge St & Phillip St), Sydney NSW
Tel: (02) 9240 1396

happy eating!


  1. Good to hear that it didn't disappoint! I was wondering what those black balls were when I first looked at the photos... only to realise they were cherries afterwards! *shudder* cough medicine cherries? No thanks!

  2. strange they dont like swapping it for a coffee, whats so hard to do about that?

    i read on monicas blog and the macaron was HUGE! argh so many sugar hit places, so little time. waht to do...

  3. I always get that cough syrup nostalgia everytime I eat glace cherries so only fresh ones for me now. But I can't believe they still serve everything with that Brown Brothers Muscat wine... I'm with Monsieur Poisson and would've gone with a latte too!

  4. *gasp* Really really wish I was in Sydney right about now. These events look absolutely to die for!!

  5. you're certainly getting through these sugar hits! are you planning on conquering them all? this one must be good if it's the best you've had so far, I think it might be next on the list for me :)

  6. Ooh, looks like you made a very good mistake :P
    This would be my sister's dream meal

  7. looked yum ! should have gone here instead of Bacco last nite...
    next one to hit then :D

  8. oh wow thats four already and I haven't been to one, really need to get my act together!

    I think the food gods definitely had something to do with your mistake - they wanted to lead you to something this awesome!

  9. This Sugar Hit looks good! Shame they wouldn't swap the wine for the coffee though.

  10. You're making me envious of all these sugar hits you're going to! :) The cake looks divine (minus the cherries!).

  11. A good mistake-a to make-a, by the look of it!

    Surely it's good RSA practice to allow guests to swap out the alcoholic drink for a coffee instead?

  12. haha, like your comment on "cherry-flavoured cough medicine" - i wonder how the drug companies came up with something so dreadful. Ironically that same "flavour" seems to have worked so well with the rich gateau - things aren't always what they seem ey...

  13. Don't even be embarrassed! This could happen to anyone- p.s there are two Novotel's at Darling Harbour! Wonder how I know? :p

  14. Hey Celeste, fresh cherries don't bother me at all but all macerated ones evoke unpleasant memories for me!

    Hey sugarpuffi, I think because it's a SIFF set deal the aim is to promote the wine *shrug* And yes, the macaron is of a generous size!

    Hey Trisha, it's unfortunate that I link syruped cherries to cough syrup! A few places this year are serving Brown Brothers Cienna with their Sugar Hits so it's a nice change.

    Hey Emma, something for you to plan for October next year perhaps?

    Hey Jacq, should set myself a challenge one year to try and conquer all the Sugar Hits!

    Hey Kristy, it was a fortunate mix-up otherwise I would've been rather upset!

    Hey JanJan, thanks for dropping by =) October is a particularly indulgent month for me!

    Hey Monica, but Bacco looks pretty good too! Not sure if I'll get around to it though...

    Hey Gianna, four and counting, yes! Another one on tonight =p

    Hey missklicious, some places have other drink options as part of their Sugar Hit menu but some don't.

    Hey April, come up to Sydney next October!

    Hey Conor, do you believe in serendipity? It'd be nice to have a non-alcoholic option as I have a friend who's allergic to it!

    Hey almostalwaysravenous, thanks for swinging by =) When eaten with the cake the intense syruped cherry flavour is barely noticeable! Pretty amazing stuff, I reckon.

    Hey Gastronomy Gal, what, there's two Novotels in Darling Harbour?! No...

  15. Hehe you are doing the sugar hit round. What a nice save to turning up at the wrong Radisson by popping in to the Hotel Continental.

  16. Hmm. Cherry cough syrup.. Still, looks good & friends are keen to go so your post & review came in very handy!

  17. Hey Sara, I always get into the spirit of Sugar Hits, hehe! But it was a most fortunate mistake, yes =)

    Hey Forager, it really was a nice dessert plate. It could just be me that has an aversion to those cherries.


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