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I know nothing about motorbikes, yet I find myself surrounded by them one sunny Saturday morning. There are only a few people in leather biker-type jackets and, for the most part, everyone is contentedly sipping their coffees or looking up at the blackboard menu deciding what to order. I am at Deus Café, an extension of Deus Ex Machina’s motorbike showroom, and I, along with Dr King, Kiki, Weirdo, Ms Sourdough and Monsieur Poisson, am here purely for the food.

Deus Café is hard to miss with its motorcycle mural painting on the exterior of its side wall. Despite the metallic bodies of motorbikes dotting the place, the café is warmly decked out with multiple teak communal tables and help-yourself-cutlery trays in the middle. Weirdo and Ms Sourdough arrive ahead of us and have kindly nabbed a table. Menus can be found at the tables, but the blackboard menu at the cashier where you order, pay and take an order number back to your table is more comprehensive with its inclusion of sweet offerings. Ms Sourdough and I have our eyes on the mini almond croissants before we’ve even considered our brunch options, and purchase one each along with our coffees to indulge in afterwards.

For brunch, I find it hard to go past the combination of ‘Smoked salmon with creamy eggs’ which arrives with a neat rosette of smoked salmon encrusted with dill fronds, watercress and toasted brioche. The humble mound of scrambled eggs doesn’t look like much but is creamy and very substantial.

Monsieur Poisson has the ‘Proscuitto and poached egg with truffle oil, grilled tomato, asparagus and brioche’. Yay for more brioche and a rosette of prosciutto this time. The asparagus is vividly green and slightly nutty from grilling. The flavour of truffle oil is subtle, and we opt to have a side of (de-stalked, interestingly) mushrooms on the side.

And those croissants? Buttery, flaky and very, very messy, dusted with a snowstorm of icing sugar over the tops.

98-104 Parramatta Rd (cnr Lyons Rd), Camperdown NSW
Tel: (02) 9519 3669

Opening Hours:  Mon-Tues  7:30am-3:30pm (breakfast/lunch, coffee until 5pm)
Wed-Sat  7:30am-3:30pm (breakfast/lunch)
              dinner from 6pm onwards
Sun  9am-3pm (breakfast/lunch/coffee)

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happy eating!


  1. Love weekend breakfasts! The mini croissants are so cute.

  2. My brother LOVES this place...mostly for the motorbikes, but also for the food. I've had coffee there once - loved the interior.

  3. ooh nice photos! love the look of the proscuitto with brioche! happy easter sunbeam!

  4. I find it ironic that Mr. Poisson does not seem to ever have seafood. Just sayin'.

    I also find it highly endearing that you nickname one of your friends "weirdo". Apt for a café filled with vehicles more accustomed to road warring

  5. Icing sugar-dusted croissants sounds a bit excessive but I'm sure it'd be delish.

  6. Yum, have driven past this place heaps, but never thought to try until reading this yummy post

  7. We enjoyed it there too. It's a good place to take the men folk to too as it's got stuff for them to see :P

  8. i made a mistake visiting your blog so early in the morning.. now i'm starving! :P

  9. mmm gotta love lazy long weekend brunches! the weather has been kinda unpredictable im glad the sun came out for you guys :))

  10. Going to have to take Mac here. His main form of transport is motorbike and has been riding since he was 4. Sounds right up his alley.

  11. I so did not know it was a cafe here! I thought it was a bike store. How random! Nothing beats a simple brunch on a lazy weekend (or day off work for those that are lucky).

    Destalked mushrooms?! Let mushroom joy :(

  12. Same as Phuoc, have always driven passed this place and never realised it's a cafe! Brunches are llooveee!!!

  13. This is demos' happy place.. Bikes and brekky!
    And a rose by any other name is..a prosciutto rosette!

  14. Hey missklicious, weekend breakfasts feel like proper breakfast to me, whereas weekday ones are just kind of make-do in order not to get hungry later!

    Hey MissPiggy, and it doesn't feel odd sitting across from a showroom of motorbikes at all!

    Hey chocolatesuze, prosciutto makes everything look better! =D

    Hey Ninja, but he does! We share our food and he eats way more seafood than I do. And my friend Weirdo is nicknamed that for other reasons!

    Hey Joey, but the dusting of icing sugar makes the frangipane filling so much tastier!

    Hey Thang, it's worth trying for the quirky setting as well as the food and coffee.

    Hey Lorraine, haha, think my husband was more interested in the food than the bikes!

    Hey Cathy, haha, I always make that mistake when I'm at work and I can't even pop out to get something!

    Hey grace, such an enjoyable start to the day when you're not keeping an eye on the time and rushing out the door!

    Hey Sara, finally someone who'll appreciate the bikes as well as the food! None of my male company were bike men.

    Hey Phuoc, bike store with cafe!

    Hey Trisha, not just bikes and I think they're doing dinner a couple of nights a week as well now?

    Hey Gianna, mmmm...rose of prosciutto *drools*


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