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Monsieur Poisson and I stumbled upon Firefly Lodge at Lane Cove quite by accident. If I don’t remember wrong, we were at the nearby Thomas Dux one afternoon when Ben & Jerry’s were having a free scoop day. We were wandering back to our car when we noticed that familiar, green Campos logo and Monsieur Poisson was drawn inside on the promise of good coffee. Whilst we were waiting for his takeaway coffee order I noticed the magical words of “$10 pizzas” scribbled on a specials blackboard. Various tables appeared to be taking advantage of this special and we were encouraged by the sizeable rectangular offerings served on wooden chopping boards. So we made note of the day and time restrictions and swore we’d be back to try them – and we did.

Firefly Lodge at Lane Cove is attached to the recently revamped Lane Cove Market Place with its entrance via the paved street mall adjacent. The $10 pizza deal is no longer available from when we first tried, and has been replaced by a half-price pizza deal which is still excellent value. (Check their website for which days and times it is available.) The thin-based rectangular pizzas are cut into 8 slices and pack plenty of flavour without being overladen with weighty toppings. We’ve tried their ‘Prosciutto, rocket, parmesan’ and ‘Moroccan Lamb’ pizzas to date (pictured above) but their menu changes regularly with new varieties. The ‘Battered potato fries’ (below) are a mainstay and I highly recommend them for their crunchy exterior and fluffy innards only to be enhanced by the aioli which is served alongside. Dip the fries into the tomato sauce if you must, but you’ll be missing out on the cooling, garlicky creaminess which only the aioli provides.

Unfortunately the ‘Zucchini fries with za’atar’ (above) on a subsequent visit with Ms Japan are limp, greasy, somewhat soggy and the complete antithesis of their potato counterpart. The coating on the zucchini is also intriguingly powdery on the palate. We also order a couple of items from the share plates section of the menu – ‘Scallops with pork belly’ and ‘Meatballs in Romanesco sauce’ (above).

Firefly Lodge also offers more substantial meals in the form of pastas, meat and seafood. We’ve tried a pepper linguine with prawns and deep-fried parsley (unpictured) which was simple but done well. Then there are a selection of desserts, from which Monsieur Poisson sampled their apple tarte tatin.

There are three Firefly locations – Lane Cove, Neutral Bay and Walsh Bay – with each serving slight variations of the menu from the others. With extensive wine lists, simple pizzas, share plates and good coffee, we’re keen to try out the other venues after having had positive experiences at Lane Cove.

Lane Cove Market Place (entrance on paved street mall connecting Burns Bay Rd & Longueville Rd), 24 Burns Bay Rd, Lane Cove NSW
Tel: (02) 9420 1629

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happy eating!


  1. mmm half price pizza. there'a place here in Canberra, Debarcle, that we only buy pizza at on half price nights ;)

  2. The name reminds me of camping in primary school! LOL Mmmm, the chips!

  3. I didn't know there is a firefly in Lane Cove. I have visited the outlet in Walsh bay. Must visit them soon.

  4. The pizza looks great but I love battered potato fries, yum.

  5. Hum... I can even see the limpiness of the Zucchini fries from your pics.

  6. I would have been drawn in with Campos coffee too :)

  7. The pizzas look great, shame about the zucchini.

  8. I love the name of this place :) haha...
    The pizza looks delicious- especially the Moroccan Lamb one :D I've never had fries with aioli before!

  9. Lane cove is so close by but still remains uncharted territory! I love a good pizza and at half price a pop I am so there! What a great find for hearty unpretentious food- come winter months it's will be perfect for hibernating food!

  10. Hehe, I like to imagine a withering look on your face as people choose to dip into the tomato sauce ;)

  11. What a shame about the zucchini fries. The tarte tatin looks lovely and caramelised though!

  12. Don’t you just love food served on a wooden board? Such a nice touch. And why you gotta mention B&J’s? It’s cold here but now I want it!

  13. Looks great - though shame about the zucchini fries - so sad, one of my fave vegies

  14. mmm...the apple tart looks awesome

  15. Sounds like a great stumble! Might have to make mental note of this, not too far from work so would be a good place for end of year work xmas lunches.

  16. I like '...pack plenty of flavour without being overladen with weighty toppings'. Great topping to crust ratio cannot be understimated

  17. I wonder why we never seem to think of Lane Cove when we're looking for a place to eat in.. This sounds like a good option though!

  18. Hey Fiona, heh, I'm a sucker for sales/deals/offers!

    Hey Joey, all 3 venues have "Firefly" as part of their name but not sure what makes this one "the lodge" as such *shrug*

    Hey Ellie, I know, so close!

    Hey Dumpling Girl, so sinful, but batter around potato deep-fried together is so, so good!

    Hey Thang, the zucchini fries were sadness =( And I had looked forward to being able to recommend them to a friend who loves za'atar too.

    Hey muppy, haha, Campos coffee is one of my husband's loves =D

    Hey Sara, need to get myself back there for some pizza soon!

    Hey Von, get yourself some fries with aioli! Or mayo! Mmmm...

    Hey Gianna, haha, Lane Cove is the usual 10-minute drive for you? =D But seriously, the pizzas are quite good indeed.

    Hey Conor, my mother's a big tomato sauce fan - I need to convert her!

    Hey Helen, I know, how dark and caramelly is that tart tatin!

    Hey Adrian, absolutely agree - I need me more wooden boards (and space to store them) for presenting food. Haha, and ice-cream can be consumed in ANY weather!

    Hey Tina, really wanted the zucchini fries to be good coz not many places do them either =(

    Hey Laura, the long pizzas are cut really evenly, so great for sharing, and saves on space at the table too =p

    Hey sugarpuffi, puff pastry and caramel apples!

    Hey Angie, it's friendly and cosy and, yes, close to where you work =D

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, so sad when pizzas are soggy or completely weighed down by all the stuff on top - whatever happened to simplicity?

    Hey Maria, need to explore Lane Cove more myself!

  19. Ah i thought the logo looked familiar and remembered the one in walsh bay. looks like a good spot.

  20. Hey Susan, I have yet to try any of the other locations coz I keep venturing back to Lane Cove. Was there again a couple of days ago!

  21. Hey nitrous chargers, the pizzas are definitely nice here! But steer clear if you like your bases thick.


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