Breakfast banquet at Kazbah Top Ryde

*beep beep beep beep...*

It’s 7am on a Sunday morning and my alarm is going off. (Insert preferred expletives here.)

It’s early. Extra early if you take into consideration Sunday standards of general laziness. But there is the promise of good food, copious amounts of it, and good company – what better way to start a Sunday morning! Some of us even choose to start the day with a bloody Mary. As you do...

At only $25 per person, our epic breakfast feast begins with a range of sizeable sweet dishes: Warm rice pudding, saffron poached pear, cinnamon & hazelnut; Date & banana porridge; Sweet couscous with nuts & dried fruits; and ‘Stewed rhubarb, milk, brown sugar & cardamom milk’ as condiments to accompany the lot. The eight of us pace ourselves with these and hardly make a dent into them. Personally I’m more a fan of savoury food for breakfast so I was definitely keeping in mind to conserve precious stomach space for what was to come.

And then it all gets a bit hectic with the arrival of two tagines – one of ‘Lamb mince, sucuk, feta, spinach, roast capsicum, caramelised onion, roast tomato, eggs’ (top left), another of ‘Pumpkin, feta, spinach, roast capsicum, caramelised onion, roast tomato, eggs’ (bottom right), and both with which I’m familiar through a previous visit to Kazbah on Darling. Then there’s the arrival of the ‘Hash browns, bacon, roasted tomato, haloumi, Merguez sausage’ platter and soon to be followed by a platter of poached, scrambled and fried eggs. The hash browns are crispy and contain a bit of spice within, and who can say no to haloumi? Sides of mushrooms, spinach and housemade baked beans along with a bowl of toasted pide and flatbread accompany the lot, plus the eggs themselves are sitting atop yet more slices of toasted Turkish bread.

As if this is not a scary enough amount of food already, the banquet ends on a sweet note of pancakes which are thick and fluffy with a crusty top which are more like thin cakes cooked in a pan, rather than American-style fluffy pancakes. The ‘Chocolate & raspberry with butterscotch sauce & choc fudge ice-cream’ makes for a nice sweet/tart combination whereas the ‘Banana & strawberry with maple syrup & double cream’ is definitely the lighter of the two.

For this price it is an insane amount of food to be served so make sure you go with some seasoned eating partners. There is a required minimum number of diners for the breakfast banquet and make sure they all turn up on the day.

La Piazza, Top Ryde Shopping Centre, corner Devlin St & Blaxland Rd, Ryde NSW
Tel: (02) 9555 7067

Opening Hours:  7 days  from 8am

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happy eating!


  1. Waking up early but enjoying a hearty brekkie is the way to go!

  2. Yummm the tagines are the best! Was just here yesterday having a drink and telling myself I have to come back for the breakfast, it's so worth it!

  3. I love Kazbah's breakfast buffet! I think your photos definitely capture the sheer amount of food that's served there - I always leave with an extremely full stomach!

  4. I always forget the staggering amount of food they provide with the breakfast banquet, I'm feeling full just looking at it, lol.

  5. That platter of savouries is insane! Would ppl complain if, say, I took all the haloumi...? Yum!

  6. Not a morning person generally, and never on a Sunday. I think I would make the effort to visit Kazbah, looks amazing regarding value and food.

  7. OMG - so much food! I'd be happy with that pile of haloumi...

  8. Ooh ooh I've been finidng myself at Top Ryde a lot lately!

  9. Yummo, the warm rice pudding is my favourite dish out of the whole banquet!

  10. That's a lot of food! I've been once and the portion sizes were quite large lol. Brown sugar and cardamon milk sounds very warm and inviting :)
    How many people are required for the banquet?

  11. Yes! I would also agree to a bloody Mary with with an extra nip of vodka to start Sunday! The food looks amazing!

  12. A Bloody Mary in the morning? Sounds good to me! So much beautiful food. Love this breakfast.

    Camila Faria

  13. WHOA now that's what I call a banquet. I generally like to eat the savoury stuff before the sweet - don't make me wait for that haloumi! Definitely worth setting the alarm for ..

  14. What a monstrous feast to start the day, and all for $25pp?! You could just eat that and have a small dinner I think. I'm not good with waking up early on Sundays either, but the promise of good food and company would persuade me otherwise..

  15. Dayem, that's a whole lotta food right there. And a bloody mary?! LOL
    Reminds me of the brekkie buffet at Philippines. So good.

  16. ive longing to go to kazbah and now they have it in top ryde, its in my hood! should totes go check it out.

    25 for all that is crazy! i think my belly will a good way :D

  17. What a fabulous breakfast spread... have been longing to get to Kazbah for brekky for a while now, thank you for reminding me why!

  18. Hey Joey, epic breakfast feast, more like! We couldn't finish all the food and still skipped lunch to settled on a light dinner that night.

    Hey Stephcookie, Kazbah's tagines really are the best.

    Hey Jacq, it'll be a while before I attempt this again!

    Hey betty, and a lot of vegetarian options at Kazbah too!

    Hey Dumpling Girl, same here!

    Hey Tina, oi, get your hands off my haloumi! =p

    Hey sara, serious brunch of champions here!

    Hey MissPiggy, it's actually quite hard to comprehend how much food is involved! *faint*

    Hey Fiona, haha, definitely a visiting spot for your then!

    Hey retrodaze, I'm generally not a fan of rice pudding but this one was not overly rich, plus I liked the cinnamon =p

    Hey Vivian, I think it was a minimum of 8 people and banquet menus are compulsory for groups of 10 or more.

    Hey chopinandmysaucepan, not my personally preferred way to start the morning buy, hey, I don't judge!

    Hey naomemandeflores, haha, the bloody Mary wasn't mine!

    Hey Keely, that's why I had to pace myself, coz all the sweet stuff gets served first!

    Hey Phuoc, that's what we all ended up doing that day! And you don't have to go that early - we just left our planning a bit last minute and that was the only time left for us =p

    Hey Adrian, trust me, serious food rehab territory here!

    Hey sugarpuffi, much easier for parking compared to Balmain and Darling Harbour as well.

    Hey Ladybird, and it's a great place for vegetarians too with plenty of selection on their menu.

  19. This banquet is insanely awesome... so need to go back for it again mmmm

  20. Hey Richard,! Need to go better-prepared next time =p

  21. oh my word!!! you're not joking when you said that you needed to "conserve precious stomach space!" I most definitely have to round up some serious eaters to tackle this monster of a buffet :)

  22. Hey Mary, the banquet is absolutely huge and seriously can satisfy the size of pretty much any hunger!

  23. I've been meaning to visit this place for ages. Food looks awesomely amazing!


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