Lucy’s Espresso Bar

We park the car and are just about to set foot into Lucy’s Espresso Bar when we hear, “So, are you happy with it?”

We look up to see a shaven-headed man who proceeds to strike up a conversation, asking us about our car as he is thinking of buying the same make and model for his wife. Ahhh, such is the casual friendliness of Shire locals!

We are down in this neck of the woods to catch up with my beloved Wifey and Mistress who are already seated inside when we arrive. Lucy’s Espresso Bar is tucked in a small shopping alcove surrounded by houses – you know, the sort that has a fruit and veg store, a newsagency, an all-purpose grocery store in place of a supermarket, perhaps a dry-cleaner, a post office and an Anglicised Chinese takeaway. The cafe is full-house on this particular Sunday and we discover the food is better than its removed location would otherwise suggest. Shade umbrellas offer coverage for families sitting in the winter sun, and orders are placed at the front counter from the blackboard menu.

Wifey and I have a long history of brunching together. And coffee dates. I often feel a little seedy on Sunday mornings so it’s eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and a BLT panini for sharing between Monsieur Poisson and myself. Eggs have magical soul-restoring powers in my world and Hollandaise sauce just helps it go down that much easier. Bacon never requires much justification for its smoky, salty presence but the creamy mayonnaise and pillowy bread do make it that much more comforting.

I have eschewed my usual cup of tea in favour of a flat white and am rewarded with a robust cup of Toby’s Estate. Wifey digs into her generous serve of ‘Smoked Salmon Salad’ – look at all that avocado and ricotta as well as the salmon! – while Mistress goes for the ‘Fetta & spinach omelette’. The fetta is mild and creamy, but still delivers that requisite salty punch.

We linger for quite a while, cradling our coffees and then glasses of water, whilst the conversation flows and never are we hurried to leave.

Lucy’s Espresso Bar
4/284 Belgrave Esplanade, Sylvania Waters 2224
Tel: (02) 9522 4433

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happy eating!


  1. omgs eggs totally have magical powers! and lol bacon never needs justification

  2. wow the eggs benedict with smoked salmon looks like da bomb!

  3. I love how sometimes these little suburban cafes are true hidden gems.

  4. Great write up and yes, Eggs DO have magical soul-restoring powers espcially when combined with salmon.

  5. The Shire is a nice, friendly area (I used to live there!). Great find with this cafe. And your photos lately are gorgeous.

  6. I love conversations with nice strangers :) The eggs benedict looks delicious- i love eggs for breakfast too! :D

  7. yum, time for brunch now! shame I live so far away!!

  8. this looks like such a lovely place to eat, my sort of 'happy place' :)

  9. Ooo I know where that is, have yet to pop in and try. Funny we were working out where to go for breakfast this morning, should of gone there. Always forget about the little nest egg of shops in Sylvania Waters. Food looks great.

  10. YUM! That BLT looks delish!! I could eat one right now!

  11. That ommelette looks amazing! You can always tell a good place by a good ommelette :)

  12. That all looks great (but salad's not my style on a Sunday morning - bring on the eggs!). Love it when you don't feel rushed out the door.

  13. Great photos! The omelette looks awesome.

  14. Oh that salad looks right up my alley!

  15. The egg yolk looks so pale :O biodynamic? or just the lighting? Sounds like a great cafe though!

  16. Another great place to go in the hood! Thanks for the tip and those amazing photos! mmmmm

  17. Hey chocolatesuze, at least I wasn't talking about magical mushrooms...

    Hey sugarpuffi, I love my Benedict with salmon!

    Hey MissPiggy, I know, never even knew there was a little shopping "village" there.

    Hey Adrian, runny eggs, smokey and salty salmon, creamy Hollandaise...mmmm!

    Hey Bel, I've moved around a lot but the Shire is where I've lived the far!

    Hey Von, eggs - a complete meal in itself =)

    Hey minibites, ahhh, but I'm sure there's a little hidden gem near you just like it!

    Hey muppy, so laid-back and relaxing...

    Hey Sara, unlike you, I had no idea this place existed - it's so hidden!

    Hey mary, love BLTs, made only better by the addition of creamy avocado!

    Hey Nic, I usually judge a place by its poached eggs but, I must concur, omelettes are a pretty good yardstick too! So many places make them too runny or too tough and overcooked, hey?

    Hey Keely, haha, but salads can be so refreshing!

    Hey Raff, thanks! Makes me feel like an omelette right now =D

    Hey Fiona, the salad was rather large!

    Hey Vivian, don't know about the eggs being biodynamic or not, but I did notice they were a little pale at the time...

    Hey Bianca, yes, something else down south from my travels!

    Hey Anh, just being in a cafe calms me down!

    Hey retrodaze, it's hard to go wrong with eggs, mmmm!


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