Port Macquarie Getaway: Zebu

When the months were warmer – and I mean properly warm, not this half-arsed attempt at summer for a few days every few weeks – Monsieur Poisson and I ventured northwards to the seaside area of Port Macquarie for some sun and relaxation.

Dinner on the first evening was at the newly-opened Zebu, situated along the waterfront of Rydges Hotel. Far from your snooty or daggy hotel restaurant, Zebu’s trendy bar area is heaving with young crowds enjoying $10 pizzas and ‘Hump Day’ discounted drinks when we arrive. Actually, Zebu appears to have some sort of special promotion running almost every day of the week.

We are seated by a window in the restaurant, with views overlooking Hastings River. Our small but plump and briney oysters soon arrive, with two being served au naturelle and the other two with chilli jam and dollops of Japanese mayonnaise. The chilli jam has a bit of a kick which was tempered, but also slightly overwhelmed, by too much of the mayonnaise.

Not feeling terribly hungry, I opt for an entrée of ‘Scallops with chorizo & chilli jam’ in place of a main. Seared scallops rest atop discs of chorizo and are topped with chilli jam as well as what appear to be pieces of bacon. Swirls of basil purée adorn the platter elegantly.

Monsieur Poisson goes for the richer option of a 300g scotch fillet served with our choosing of roasted Kipfler potatoes and Béarnaise sauce alongside. Cherry tomatoes roasted with balsamic vinegar which are charred and blistered are sweetly soft within, while the Tasmanian King Island pasture-fed steak is a perfect medium rare as requested.

Dessert consists of a macadamia and praline parfait flanked by a passionfruit jelly, honey tuile and a very large dollop of cream. Despite its creamy appearance, the dessert is actually quite light but the parfait could do with the crunch of a higher proportion of praline.

A couple of drinks later and we are admiring the last of the sunset’s dappled rays. Bliss.

Rydges Hotel, 1 Hay St, Port Macquarie NSW
Tel: (02) 6589 2822

Opening Hours:  7 days  6:30am-12 noon (breakfast, buffet breakfast until 10am only)
                                    6pm-10pm (dinner)
            12 noon-12 midnight (woodfired pizzas, casual dining & bar)
            6:30am-11:30pm (coffee & cake)

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happy eating!


  1. I'm dreaming of a getaway! Get me out of Sydney!! Care free food and a view to match. *Day dreaming*

  2. LOL that mayo is practically suffocating the oyster! Port Macquarie is such a nice place to be on a sunny day ^^ can't wait for our holiday house to finish building there!

  3. woah @ the mayo! but aw man would love a getaway from this crummy weather

  4. Cool getaway right here! Love the parfait but look at that steak. I would take a bullet for that!

  5. hhmm,,, drooling on those images. Y U M! Come out of your shell in Port Macquarie, portmacquarieinfo.com.au for all your holiday needs (and dreams!)

  6. I am jealous! This looks perfect!

  7. That Zebu looks great. I hope you had some good weather while you were there. There's certainly been no good weather in Sydney.

  8. Hey Cass, and somewhere warm so it feels like a proper summer!

    Hey Vivian, haha, yeah, the dollops of mayo were almost as big as the oysters themselves! *faint* And holiday house? SERIOUSLY jealous!!

    Hey chocolatesuze, haha, needs more oyster with my mayo please!

    Hey Adrian, and I thought your only love was breakfast food, haha!

    Hey PMQTourism, definitely some nice holiday memories there!

    Hey Anh, lucky I'm heading on a holiday soon, otherwise I'd be suffering serious getaway withdrawals!

    Hey Hotly Spiced, it was perfect weather while we were there - hot and sunny but not too hot.

  9. That was a big dollop of mayo on those oysters. The steak looks really delicious and nice to know came as ordered. I seriously need a getaway!

  10. Hey Sara, the steak was beautiful and it's always reassuring when it is how you order it =)


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