Augustiner Keller, and more

A trip to Germany is not complete without a visit to an authentic biergarten, and even better when it is a rather large one with its own lagerkeller beneath.

Originally designed as somewhere to store beer – the mind boggles as to how much could actually be kept down there! – the underground beer cellar was not open when we visited but we were most welcome to navigate the narrow, windy staircase for a look. It’s dusty and echo-y, and you can only imagine the level of reverberated, beer-induced cheer that could take place if it was full of patrons. Dimly lit, huge barrels are propped up against one far end, with even one converted to a cosy little hut for seating!

Whilst the husband wanted to challenge his stomach to a whole pork knuckle, and with me lamenting that I had yet to sample any schnitzel, we agreed to share the mixed plate and a salad between us, knowing that German serves are more often hearty than not. We had to laugh at the “Chef’s Salad”, with strips of ham, cheese and wedges of hard-boiled egg hidden underneath, which is larger than the mixed platter of meat consisting of duck, pork belly, pork knuckle, sauerkraut, dumpling and vegetables. The meat was less salty than anticipated and the surprise standouts were the far-from-tart sauerkraut and the spongy potato dumpling with hidden croutons at its centre.

Being the only female in our party of 3, I happened to be the only one to order a lager. The boys opt for non-alcoholic beers which look very much like the real deal but taste more like apple cider. The lager itself is much more enjoyable in terms of flavour – this coming from someone who doesn’t normally drink beer – and is light and crisp. Just don’t chug down the last third and run for a train...

The husband did eventually get his pork knuckle fix from a hot food bar near his work. That huge thing below cost only €3.99 (approx AUD$5.30) while a neighbouring bakery has pretzels for €0.52 (approx AUD$0.70). As for those chickens... Well, they belong to a nearby property to our hotel which lets them out each day to roam on a wide median strip between the main road and a laneway!

All this German food (and pork) is starting to kill our tastebuds, especially when we’re normally spoilt with such variety in Sydney. We miss our seafood, which is pricey here, as well as a wide range of other cuisines. A casual dinner with the husband’s work friends was had the other night and, I tell you, Mexican – along with its promise of beef, haha – was welcome music to my ears! A recent public holiday saw us make our way into Munich centre to wander through the Englischer Garten and enjoy a cheeseburger and club sandwich along the way.

Our meals were only €7.50 (approx AUD$10) each, whilst 2 scoops of my beloved Häagen-Dazs (newest flavour of salted caramel!) in a waffle cone amounted to €4.90 (approx AUD$6.50). Along with local chocolate and bier, local dairy products are inexpensive – a two-scoop cone normally costs only half as much – and, interestingly, a tub of Ben & Jerry’s even is cheaper than in Australia! And yes, I’m determined to have some before returning home.

Arnulfstraße 52, Munich, Germany
Tel: (089) 594 393

happy eating!


  1. I've always wanted to go to Germany, since learning German at school.
    I can understand the same food would get boring though! That's one of the good things about coming home, haha.

    Did you have any language problems while you were there?

  2. I love German food. I lived there a while when I was a primary student. I know what you mean by missing the diversity of food in Sydney! Saying that the pretzels and pork knuckles are to die for in Germany.

  3. looks like you're having a good time in germany! that pork knuckle looks like a kfc drumstick lol

  4. Pretzel! Yum!! Looks like you are having an amazing time. Very jealous of your travels :)

  5. It sounds like you got more than you bargained for with that salad. And i love the sound of the potato dumplings. What a wonderful food adventure. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Englischer Garden is so lovely, isn't it? Do they still have nudists about? :D
    So not a fan of those potato dumplings... :/

  7. Häagen-Dazs!!!!!!!!!!!!! omgggg im so jelly right now! they have the BEST icecream

  8. Chips, ice cream and Germany? Done. You're done. I'm assuming you also had a year's worth of pork in Germany?

  9. I like the greeny hue in the glass of mineral water, was syrup added? that potato dumpling sounds quite interesting, hard to imagine the taste though, is it like gnocchi?

  10. Man, I HAVE to make it to Germany one day... Look at that pork knuckle!

  11. That pork knuckle is giving me the tingles... it looks super sexily delicious!!!!!


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