M&M’s World, London

Monsieur Poisson’s cousin had suggested a few sights and touristy things for us to see and do on our short trip of London. In amongst places and names being bandied about there was one I heard loud and clear – M&M’s World (M&M’s World, M&M’s World...*echo echo echo*).

At just over a year old, London’s M&M’s World is apparently the WORLD’S LARGEST CANDY STORE! I didn’t know this when I first laid eyes on its four levels of bright, chocolate-filled fun. As you approach the store, more and more of their yellow shopping bags can be spotted in the hands of passers-by. I cannot begin to describe the enchanting attraction of the colours, the M&M’s characters and all the different types of merchandise – T-shirts, mugs, pens, plates, earphones, backpacks, shower curtains, magnets – that you never knew existed yet feel compelled to purchase. Heck, I wanted to buy the whole store!

The London store has some uniquely English-themed merchandise and displays which make the experience all the more local. My favourite part of the store was definitely the rainbow of column-dispensers of all 22 M&M’s colours – in both plain and peanut varieties. There are also a few pre-mixed colour blends and that’s me you can see in the photo, trying to manipulate the lever so that it would drop only one of each colour into my bag of candy to be weighed – harder than it sounds.

And apart from the usual chocolate and T-shirts we brought home, I also came away with this bathmat. We gave the kitschy melamine, Asian-style dinner pieces a miss but, come on, the bathmat was on sale at half price!

1 Swiss Court (cnr Wardour St), Leicester Square, Westminster, London, England
Tel: 0207 025 7171

Opening Hours:  Mon-Sat  10am-12 midnight
                        Sun  12pm-6pm

happy eating!


  1. I was in awe over the rainbow of colours in that store. I loved the double decker bus at the entrance, definitely representing London. And it was pretty awesome there was so much customised stuff. I was so close to walking out with a M&M soldier... but sadly there was no room in the suitcase :(

  2. Oh that looks like so much fun, haha. Love the bathmat!

  3. SO MANY COLOURS! thank you for my m&ms sunbeam!

  4. teehee love the bathmat! And I never knew there were so many colours of m&ms!

  5. Wow, look at that rainbow wall! Very cool.

  6. I went to the M&M store in Vegas, Josh and I were lost in there for hours, much to Mac's annoyance. The colours, the variety of colours, amazing! The UK theme they have given the London store is very cool.

  7. whoa it's all so cool and so many colours :D

  8. Taste the colours of the rainbow... Hang on, different candy :p Now why wasn't this store open when I was there 3 years ago! Must remember to hit up this store when I go next time.

  9. Oh. My. God. I am completely nuts about M&M's. Especially peanut ones. Get it? Haha! This place looks incredible. I wanna go nooow.


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