Sugar Hit 2012: Intercontinental

Intercontinental is a hotel the husband and I have visited every year without fail for Sugar Hit. This vouches for two things – one is that it has consistently participated year after year and, two, that what is offered has a good track record of being to our liking. Over the years we have seen a progressive evolution from an assiette plate to a single dessert of central focus, and it was good to see the place full of dessert-goers too!

This year sees Intercontinental serve up an arty-looking ‘Homemade ivory chocolate cheesecake’. The colour is spot on with the description although the flavour is more of subdued white chocolate than in-your-face milk and sugar. The texture is light, silken and like a smooth mousse or cream rather than cheesecake. Salted chocolate sauce and tiny dots of salted caramel, resembling miso paste in colour, decorate the plate along with poached strawberries and “berry soil”.

For the berry soil, I had expected dense, beetroot-coloured crumbs but instead there were two pieces of torn, featherlight sponge which tasted only faintly of berry. The actual rubble on the plate appeared to be a mixture of freeze-dried raspberries with crushed meringue, leaving none of us quite sure which component exactly was the soil.

But enjoy it, we did, and if you want to too then you’d better hurry – there are now less than 10 days to go before Sugar Hits are over for another year!

117 Macquarie St (cnr Phillip St), Sydney
Tel: (02) 9240 1396

happy eating!


  1. This dessert does look fancy. Can't believe I've not been to one sugar hit yet. Need to get myself out a bit more..

  2. That looks so yummy .... although I like very dense cheesecakes myself.

  3. October is always such a crazy month year after year, I am worried it may be another year of no sugar hits for me :( good on you sugar hit queen, looks great! I shall just live vicariously through you :)

  4. Looks really good. I am not a white chocolate fan for the reason I often find it way too sweet. Nice to know that this wasn't the case with this dish.

  5. This is so, so, so tempting!

  6. That actually looks pretty good - though like Sara, I'm not a white choc fan either which was why I didn't check this out but your description is tempting :)

  7. I'm living vicariously through you too! (still haven't been to any)


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