Christmas 2012

Hello! I’m still here...sort of. And still blog...rather infrequently. But I am still here!

How sad it is that work changes have meant less time for blogging! *Boooo...* And whilst I know my new boss understands the need for work/life balance, I’m not sure she’d understand my need for work/life/BLOG balance as such.

So in almost the blink of an eye, Christmas is once again upon us. I’m not religious but it really is my favourite time of year. The idea of bringing people together to spend time over conversation and, of course, food brings all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings into my heart. That, coupled with colourful and sparkly decorations helps to bring the child out in me as well.

This year saw us acquire a smallish Christmas tree for the princely sum of $9, and our long-owned reindeer decoration receive a bit of a promotion to being topper to the new tree. Hopefully he doesn’t mind us sticking bits of the tree up the back of his shirt!

The tree also added some festive atmosphere to an early informal lunch with friends. Lots of conversation, laughter and food was had thanks to contributions from friends, while the table was adorned with lolly bags filled with snowman chocolates and balls from Koko Black. Retro prawn cocktails, grilled haloumi and rolled chicken roast was followed by chocolate cake and ice cream.

As for the day itself, I will be spending it once again in Hong Kong with my mother’s extended family. With Christmas but a few days away, hopefully you’ll have plans in place to surround yourself with loved ones as well.

merry Christmas, happy cooking & happy eating!


  1. what a great spread! love the little gift bags :) hope you have a good christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas Rita! Have a great time in Hong Kong

  3. I'm glad the tree is only up his shirt, and nowhere else!! :D Merry Christmas, Rita!

  4. I think reindeer would be fine with the bits of tree being stuck up his shirt, he looks awesome as a tree topper. Enjoy family catch up in Honkers!

  5. Meeeeeerrrrry Christmas! I'm sure you stuffed your face silly! :)

  6. Have a truly wonderful holiday, Rita. I loved all your party fare, the cake looks delicious! Enjoy your time away and read you in 2013.

  7. Ahh so jelly! Need I'd say it but have a blast and eat lots and lots and lots of food whilst you are there!

  8. A very happy 2013 to you Rita! I totally understand the lack of blogging lament. Bloody work! I hope the new year brings you health, happiness & balance. And of course money. Cos, it would not be right and very un-Chinese of me if I didn't wish you some good fortune :)


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