Coco Cubano, Crows Nest

Before the mini-human I had perceived dining locations as “child friendly” being those happy to accommodate littlies and their associated unpredictable behaviour and noise levels. Now that I am parent to a just-four-month-old, what I specifically look for are places with a nice level of background noise, quick service, plus seating to allow for rocking of Petit Monsieur in his pram. Until he is able to sit up and consume a range of food other than the human milky variety, his dining experience is limited to being through vicarious observation only.

Coco Cubano in Crows Nest has open seating as well as shaded outdoor seating which fits mini-human’s needs perfectly, as well as a wide range of food and drink choices. Our first visit sees us enjoying breakfast but I’m sad to say their “Breakfast Bruschetta” with halmoui topped with a tumble of zingy tomato salsa appears to no longer be on the menu. The “Havana Feast” ($17.90) is however, but you’ll need a healthy appetite as it is loaded with 2 fried eggs, chorizo, bacon, tomato salsa, housemade baked beans and sourdough toast. I can’t seem to keep away from the mango-lime iced fruit granita while the husband is a fan of their iced chocolates.

Our second visit sees us sampling a few items from Coco Cubano’s tapas selection. The standout is “Beef Mini Sliders” ($10.90) with patties full of umami punch and sandwiched with sweet, almost jammy, caramelised onion. Whilst we have no complaints about the “Mini Americano Hotdogs” ($9.90) nor “BBQ Corn Cobs” ($8.90) ordered as well, we find the tapas items a teensy overpriced for their size especially when compared to those at breakfast.

As the weather gets cooler I’ve got my eye on trying their single origin or couverture hot chocolates as well as more from the all-day breakfast menu. (I spy pancakes!)

52 Willoughby Rd (cnr Clarke St), Crows Nest  NSW
Tel: (02) 9437 6257

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happy eating!


  1. Mmm, the hotdogs look good but agree, seems pricey...

  2. i'm no mother but as an aunt, i am quite selective about the places i take my nephews too. not that they're that messy but there are just some places who give you death stares because the kids dropping some food on the table and sometimes the floor. i still pick it up and not just leave it there....

  3. Ahh yes pram rocking room, I had forgotten that one. Won't be long until Mini Human is checking out the variety of high chairs on offer at various venues ;)

  4. Such gorgeous food photos!! I love baked beans... I wish someone would bring me that in bed right now!! Yum!

  5. The hotdogs are too cute!! I like Coco Cubano too, been to the Parramatta branch and love the big seats out front where you can people watch all day long :)


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