Healthy Eating Month on Gastronomy Gal

This is a bit of a different post as my post won’t actually be appearing here. Allow me to explain: the lovely Gastronomy Gal had the brilliant idea of featuring a month’s worth of healthy recipes on her blog and invited me to contribute something as part of it. And after jumping up and down for a bit at the prospect of appearing elsewhere other than in the comfort of my own confines, I had to decide what recipe I would be cooking.

I’m being featured on her blog today so, to find out what recipe I settled on, please swing by here to have a read.

happy cooking!


  1. Fabulous that you contributed and the photos are beautiful! Thanks very much!!

  2. Best of luck on your wedding Rita!!!

  3. What's all this talk about weddings????????

  4. I can't wait to see what you shared. I, unfortunately, have no such healthy recipes for Eliza this month! :)

  5. Congrats for the guest post! Love the wontons :)

  6. oh what a fab idea will go and check it out and yep chow and chatter got a make over Rebecca

  7. Hey Gastronomy Gal, thanks again for the opportunity - it was fun!

    Hey Betty, thanks for checking it out =)

    Hey Trissa, thanks, all went well! Hope you're having a great time still on your holiday =)

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, the feeling's quite different from posting on your own space for some reason =p (PS. My wedding was last weekend!)

    Hey Julia, haha, there must be some healthy baking recipes in your repertoire!

    Hey Ellie, thank you =) And glad you like the wontons!

    Hey Rebecca, so I'm not going mad - your blog is looking a little different =D


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