Citrus Café, 7 March 2010

There are just some times when you want a break from your norm and try something new. Sure, everyone has their fallback options be it near or far from their home which are trusty places to dine, but it’s also nice to discover somewhere new that may just become one of those fallback options.

This is how Monsieur Poisson and I find ourselves at Citrus Café one Sunday, and we are drawn in by that love of mine – the all-day breakfast. The prices indicated on the menu at the doorway are also very reasonable. I have a chamomile tea to start and, for $12.90, Monsieur Poisson orders the ‘Country Breakfast’ which, for its price, includes tea or coffee and a small juice along with toast, bacon, eggs and grilled tomato.

And, my goodness, the toast is seriously thick-cut and there are two large full rashers of bacon!

I’ve been roped in by the sound of the ‘Vegetarian Breakfast’ which has Turkish toast with fresh ricotta topped with spinach, sautéed mushrooms, asparagus segments, stewed red onion, poached eggs, Hollandaise and rocket.

At only $13.90 I am quite surprised when a small mountain of food is served to me and I dig into all the vegetables happily. The eggs are a little over-poached but the Hollandaise has a nice twang. The onion is a bit of a let-down as it’s greasy and there is way too much of it, however the ricotta is wonderful squished onto the Turkish bread.

Citrus Café is seriously good value with the large serves of food. We saw plenty of other people enjoying breakfast items even though it was early afternoon. Most people had food left over on their plates so my advice is definitely to share!

Citrus Café
227 King St (near cnr Hordern St), Newtown NSW
Tel: (02) 9557 3582

Opening Hours:  7 days  breakfast, lunch & dinner

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happy eating!


  1. I love cafes that offer all day breakfast!

  2. What great value. I am a big of a sucker for poached eggs and hollandaise.

  3. I love all day breakfast too! Especially having it in the afternoon =P

  4. it was great to meet you the other night! :P hope to see you again at the next meet!

  5. Next time you're there, try the nut tiramisu. It's the only reason why I go there seriously.

  6. This looks seriously good! I could easily eat this right about now!

  7. Looks like a great place to go after you've had a big night and wake up feeling slightly sorry for yourself ;) hehe

  8. Bargains! That vegie breaky would've roped me in too. Share? Ha!

  9. The serving does indeed look rather generous, especially considering what you're paying. I'd love to have the country breakfast right about now, though that could be the lack of lunch talking :)

  10. This is my kind of cafe. I can eat breakfast the whole day.

  11. haha does coffee go well with orange juice?

    bonus points for giving you double fried eggs

  12. All day breakfast is my kinda meal! the hollandaise sauce has my name written all over it! Yum. I have always wondered about this place. Now I know what to expect. Yum.

  13. I used to have lunch here back when I was studying at Sydney Uni. I remember the hand-cut chips being a stand out. Breakfast looks good too!

  14. You guys really eat out a lot.....what fun to dissect and enjoy the days off the burner. It looks good, somehow the rocket leaves are calling my name!

  15. That is value plus! I'll have to keep this place in mind when I'm on the hunt for breakfast cafes!

  16. Hey Ellie, I typically sleep in on weekends so I love places that serve all-day breakfast so I don't feel I need to feel rushed to get there!

    Hey Sara, especially because I've tried and failed at poaching eggs!

    Hey missklicious, I can eat breakfast stuff any time of day =D

    Hey Cathy x., great to meet you! Had a look at your blog and looks like you have many hidden talents =)

    Hey Rose, saw the nut tiramisu in the cake display - seriously nutty and served in rather large pieces too!

    Hey tasteofbeirut, something so comforting about cooked breakfast foods. Definitely couldn't do it everyday though!

    Hey Ladybird, definitely a great place to hang out and get over the big night before =p

    Hey Conor, easily shared, my dear =) The serves are large!

    Hey Simon, so much food! And so much better than where I took my mother today =(

    Hey Anh, there's nothing I like better than to have scrambled eggs on buttered, untoasted white bread. And esp on cold, dreary days.

    Hey Grace, I like to have coffee with the breakfast then juice afterwards to cleanse the oiliness. Don't think I'd sip from both at the same time though!

    Hey Amy, it's quite understated, I think. Thing about Newtown is that there's SO much choice.

    Hey Jen, must check out the chips when I'm next there to see if they're still hand-cut!

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, heheh, we eat out once or twice a week, depending on if we're meeting up with friends. The rocket leaves offered a nice contrast.

    Hey Forager, I was really impressed by the value and the food wasn't bad at all either.

  17. Oh, I love all-day-breakfasts'! The vegetarian breakfast looks so good, I'll have to check this place out soon as it's so close to me!


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