Ripples Sydney Wharf (Pyrmont), 21 Feb 2010

The sun is shining high and it is hot – serious heat requiring the wearing of a flimsy summer dress. The sunglasses are on and I have the trusty navigational skills of Monsieur Poisson on board, but I realise that I do not have faces to put to the people whom I am meeting for lunch. What else could it be but a food bloggers’ gathering!

The lovely April from My Food Trail was visiting Sydney for an extended long weekend so this precipitated our lunch meeting with the Zumbo-encyclopaedia that is Belle from Ooh, look… and master baker Anita from Leave Room for Dessert. Several dining options were discussed, of course, before settling on Ripples at Sydney Wharf where none of us had been before, and it just so happened that Agnes from off the spork was also in town so the more the merrier.

Ripples Sydney Wharf is situated at the northern mouth of Darling Harbour and has sprawling views over the water. Although the scenery is not as spectacular as that at Ripples Milsons Point, it is still a relaxing oasis in the middle of the city. Under a canopy of clear plastic shade sheets, which have been drawn up to allow a gentle breeze to permeate, lies sleek silver-grey tables and Philippe Starck-esque red and orange chairs.

The husband and I share a couple of meals between us as usual and we can’t go past ‘Ripples' famous fish & chips with homemade tartare’ after receiving several recommendations for it. This is not your usual heavily battered fish with soggy chips affair – we’re talking about a thin, crisp crust with parts of the fish fillet barely being coated and chips that fried to a light, golden brown and liberally salted. The highlight without a doubt is the thick, creamy and herby tartare, which can be quite rich after a few mouthfuls, but is so good that it really could be bottled and sold. The only strangely surprisingly aspect to this dish is that it is served up in a silver plastic tray.

To balance out this oily, deep-fried platter of goodness, we order the ‘Vegetarian Tasting Trio’ which changes on Ripples’ menu depending on the season. At the time, it featured a goat’s cheese soufflé which was light and not too pungent, a truffle potato and leek tart which had crispy fried leek slivers crowning the tart, and an asparagus and herb omelette which unfortunately lacked flavour.

And thus conversation was exchanged, laughter was shared, food was enjoyed, photos were taken and faces were matched with blogs. And what pleasant fun it was to do so.

Between Wharfs 9 & 10, 56 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont NSW
Tel: (02) 9571 1999

Opening Hours:  Mon-Fri  12pm-3:30pm (lunch)
                                     6pm-9pm (dinner)
                        Sat & Sun  8am-11am (breakfast)
                                        12pm-4pm (lunch)
                                        6pm-9pm (dinner)

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happy eating!


  1. What a lovely sounding way to pass an afternoon! I like the Sydney Wharf Ripples the most out of all of them and how cool to meet up with the other gals! :)

  2. I love a good fish and chips! This one looks really nice.

  3. I must say, I do love blogger meet ups - especially when there's great food - good company - an unbeatable combination!

  4. sounds like a wonderful day of eating & socialising , i love blogger meet ups :O)

  5. Funky chairs! What a great way to spend a lovely sunny afternoon.

  6. the goat cheese souffle sounds awesome and it's always a blast meeting bloggers in real life!

  7. What a lovely place to catch up with other blogger. I am planning to try their new outlets in chowder bay and whale beach.

  8. Ooh have yet to try this place! Meet ups are always fun and I say just look for the cameras ;)

  9. I think fish and chips on the wharf with food blogs equals instant fun :) I love the funky plastic chairs here too which are surprisingly comfortable.

  10. sounds like you had a great time! the fish and chips look good!

  11. Yay, blogger feast! That plastic plate is kinda odd though..? Maybe you're meant to be able to take it home as a souvenir of the meal. Or use it at the end as a mirror to make your you don't have any, um, chips stuck in your teeth.

  12. Hey Lorraine, it was a lovely afternoon and I'm wondering if I should try out the other Ripples as well!

    Hey missklicious, fish and chips are something seemingly so plain but when it's done as well as this - woah!

    Hey Trissa, blogger meet ups freak me out a little! Although that's probably how I always feel when meeting new people =p

    Hey Betty, I think I missed you yesterday? Was trying to keep my eye out for you though!

    Hey Sara, those chairs were surprisingly comfortable =D

    Hey Suze, cheese souffle, yay! And it wasn't too goat-y either =)

    Hey Ellie, think I want to try the Chowder Bay and Whale Beach Ripples too. Bet they've got excellent views like the other ones!

    Hey Richard, go for the fish and chips! And I could spot the bloggers' table coz everyone had their cameras expertly hidden away =p

    Hey Helen, I know, the chairs look funky and not comfortable but surprisingly they are!

    Hey Panda, it was beautiful weather and those fish and chips really are as good as people say!

    Hey Conor, that plastic dish didn't match anything else that was there!


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