Oliver Brown, Chatswood

Chatswood has long lacked late night dining and dessert options. When Mamak opened a year ago there were high hopes that it would keep similar hours to its Chinatown original, but sadly that has still yet to become reality.

Enter Oliver Brown onto the scene, a chocolate café which is open until midnight – every night. They open from early in the morning and I was surprised to learn it’s not all about chocolate here, and that there are breakfast options as well. Admittedly the coffee isn’t stellar, but at least it is acceptable and neither burnt nor too milky – with the bonus part being that it comes with little chocolate buttons on the side.

A ‘Canadian Breakfast’ consisting of three pancakes, maple syrup and bacon is spotted on the menu of our first visit, resulting in my wanting to do a wicked swap of waffles for the pancakes. However I reason that there’s no way I can polish off three waffles even with help from Monsieur Poisson, and instead sidle up to the counter to place my order of two waffles with bacon instead.

“You want bacon...? With waffles...?”

“Yep,” I nod my head. “Err, is that doable?”

“It is, it is... but no one’s ever asked for it before.”

And here I was thinking it was much the same concept as their ‘Canadian Breakfast’! I actually end up being the one who’s taken aback when asked if I want chocolate sauce with my bacon and waffles – uh, perhaps not this time, thanks. The waffles are crusty and soft in all the right places with way too much maple syrup provided in the little jug on the side. The bacon, whilst most welcome, is sadly of the short-end variety.

Monsieur Poisson gives the ‘Eggs on Toast’ a try and asks for them to be poached. They appear to have been poached in a pod and are accompanied by a slice of thick-cut toast and a small pile of green salad. However you can’t complain when it is priced at only $5.50 – in fact the most expensive breakfast offering is the ‘Canadian Breakfast’ at a mere $10.50.

A return visit sees us finally trying some chocolate items. The dark hot chocolate is sizeable with an airy topping of chocolate froth. Waffles can be ordered individually or as a pair, with the latter option allowing for two scoops of ice-cream of differing flavours if so desired. The chocolate ice-cream is smoother than its vanilla counterpart, but it’s the amazing amount of melted milk chocolate drizzled over the whole plate which will capture your initial attention. The waffles underneath actually have more chocolate rippled through them and the slices of strawberry can only make a valiant, but ultimately futile, attempt at offering relief from the sugar.

I’ll be back to try the pancakes and French toast spied on the menu, but will check for any chocolate sauce to be served on the side in future!

Oliver Brown, Chatswood
Store 212 (external entrance on Spring St), Westfield Chatswood NSW
Tel: 9410 2774

Opening Hours:  7 days  7:30am-12 midnight

happy eating!


  1. Haha, that's the first time I've seen pod-poached egss... not quite the same, are they...?

  2. Those eggs look like frisbees! Waffles - noms.

  3. Hehe.. Well there has to be a first time for everything right? Mmmm waffles! I miss having them with deep fried chicken (and maple syrup!). Sydney definitely needs more chocolate/dessert cafes to stay open to later hours of the night

  4. Since I never stay up that late, these late night spots don't really worry me! LOL
    Love bacon with waffles!

  5. Haha tempted to go and ask for waffles with bacon, as it is the new trend ;) That is one hard working cafe open from early morn to midnight, every night, wow.

  6. The chocolate waffles look much like the ones at Max Brenner!! The waflles do look really good though!

  7. OH MY! Now that's chocolate topping to the extreme- love it. You can never have too much right?! Yes, please go back for the French toast...so I can continue drooling!

  8. Yum, nice and er, interesting choices for breaky!

  9. Very interesting breakfast. My boyfriend always has bacon, maple syrup AND ice cream with his waffles.... gross....

  10. HAHA!! havent u done that bacon with waffles combo eles where and got the same reaction? oliver brown is coming to my hood soon too! yippie!

  11. Haha, I totally agree - Why have pancakes when you can have waffles!

  12. teehee i can haz bacon waffles & maple syrup (not game enough for choc syrup lol) too! can't wait for oliver brown to open up at rhodes ^^

  13. Hey Tina, definitely not the same! Wondering if I've ever had them before, actually...

    Hey MissPiggy, haha, yes - the eggs do look a little flying saucer-ish eh?

    Hey Phuoc, I need to try the deep-fried chicken and waffles thing!

    Hey joey, you early bird, you!

    Hey Sara, I was surprised to find they opened so early too!

    Hey Von, a little different in texture, but nice in their own right, definitely.

    Hey Adrian, the amount of chocolate "drizzle" was astounding!

    Hey thang, haha, don't knock it til you try it! =p

    Hey Cass, hmmm...gotta take my hat off to your boyfriend - not sure I'd want bacon with my ice-cream!

    Hey sugarpuffi, I've never had to request bacon with waffles anywhere else - usually it's on the menu!

    Hey jenius, yah, because waffles trumps pancakes! =D

    Hey Vivian, haha, no chocolate with my bacon thanks!


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