Hong Kong Series: Hokkaido Dairy Farm Milk Restaurant (北海道牧場餐廳)

The husband had several bad coffee experiences in Hong Kong. We’re not talking about bad local-style coffee, which is made stove top with evaporated milk added, but espresso coffee – and by “bad” I don’t mean that it was burnt, but rather that it was thin, watery and weak. Apparently milk sourced locally is lacking in creaminess and is often the reason for lacklustre coffee. So in the vein of “cha chaan teng” (Hong Kong-style cafés), Hokkaido Dairy Farm Milk Restuarant is one which uses eggs and 3.6% fat milk sourced only from Hokkaido. Both are known for their rich flavours plus the milk for its creaminess.

There are several branches of Hokkaido Dairy Farm and whilst we plan to visit the original in Causeway Bay, I spot the one in neighbouring Wan Chai from the tram. Out we hop, and lucky we did as we’re told the kitchen is closing in 5 minutes but we’re welcome to stay until the restaurant closes at 10pm. We order quickly and receive our “Supreme macaroni in soup” minutes later. It’s a meat-lover’s fest of luncheon meat, ham, char siu and a sausage then topped by a sunny-side-up Hokkaido egg. Elbow macaroni sits in a cloudy broth underneath which is surprisingly light and clean. With the yolk popped and mixed into the soup, the husband drinks most of this.

The “3 inch scrambled eggs with Hokkaido milk sandwich” has my name all over it. Scrambled eggs on untoasted white bread was the comfort food of my childhood and, for some reason, I remember Mum making it typically on rainy days. It has nostalgia stamped across it and one bite of the crust-less spongy sandwich transports me back to when my feet used to dangle from our dining chairs. The eggs are rich and creamy without being overly rich.

We’ve also ordered an iced coffee (unpictured) which we fail to finish by closing time, but this is kindly transferred to a takeaway cup for us. The velvety smooth drink is strong in coffee flavour but lighter than its usual evaporated milk cousin, with the Hokkaido produce really living up to its reputation.

At four locations, all on Hong Kong island:
            Shops D2-D3, UG/F, Far East Finance Centre, 16 Harcourt Rd, Admiralty
Shop B, G/F, Capital Building, 6-10 Sun Wui Rd, Causeway Bay
8/F, The Loop, 33 Wellington St, Central
            Shops A& B, G/F, 211 Johnston Rd, Wan Chai

happy eating!


  1. there's one near my work in HK and no guessing i went there every 2nd day! thought every day would be an over kill but it was good.

    have u been to Australian Dairy co? i personally like that one better but it is in Jordan, which is a tad too far for brekkie in the morn!

    loving all your HK posts! i miss it :(

  2. mm Hokkaido milk puddings are really smooth and creamy too! I'm with Shierls, I like Aust. Dairy Co for their scrambled eggs more but far..

  3. ahh this was another place I wanted to try which I just didn't get around to due to lack of time and stomach space! those eggs look like the perfect brekky (or in your case, the perfect late night snack)

  4. What a cute place to eat! That cake looks very yummy :)

  5. I've been to HK sooooooooo many times and have not yet had the scrambled eggs sandwich. SHAME ON ME. i must go try!! Excuse to go back, no?

  6. I like the look of that fluffy egg sandwich! Looks like the kind of place I would like :)

  7. I love how you're going to places that I haven't had the chance to go to in HK :) I love love LOVE the 3.6 Hokkaido milk ~ can we get it in Australia? it's sooooo creamy ~
    Did you get the chance to go to Australian Dairy Company in Jordan? They have the best scrambled eggs and steam milked pudding ~

  8. An intriguing post. Isn't it lovely when food revives childhood memories. For me it's a roast chicken dinner & cauliflower cheese. And cakes. Lots of cakes.

  9. I've heard it's quite difficult to get a good coffee in HK. I have never tried scrambled eggs on bread. I've always had them on toast. It would be interesting to try.

  10. Rainy day comfort food, will always think of that when I make scrambled eggs. Okay they may not be for a sandwich, but will think about it :)

  11. Love eggs on untoasted white bread! Especially when it’s still warm fresh form the bakery. I ‘d often sit there smelling it like it were some sort of drug!

  12. Love scrambled eggs when done with full cream milk and quality eggs, I bet it was a treat! Great post, your pictures of Hong Kong are really interesting :)

  13. i remember having eggs on plain bread as a child too. i am a little nervous about going to CHina and Hk and having coffee withdrawals, wondering if i should ween myself before we go!

  14. Hey gastonomous_a, didn't get a chance to go to Australian Dairy Co - happened to walk past when it was closed though haha!

    Hey Vivian, will head to Australian Dairy Co for the scrambled eggs next time for sure!

    Hey Jacq, breakfast/dinner - same same =p

    Hey Cass, lol that's not cake! It's actually an awesome layer of scrambled eggs between two slices of crustless white bread.

    Hey catty, with the amount of food available, there's always an excuse to go back!

    Hey jack, I loved it but I have biased nostalgia mixed into it.

    Hey Daisy, not a big fan of steamed milk pudding but everyone is raving about Australian Dairy Milk Co's scrambled eggs that I must visit next time!

    Hey The Food Sage, there's always something...a smell, a taste that transports us back in time in a split second =)

    Hey retrodaze, and it's so hard to describe!

    Hey Hotly Spiced, it's a different style of coffee there - stove-top rather than espresso, and the milk is a big difference.

    Hey Sara, pillows of eggy comfort!

    Hey Adrian, absolutely has to be warm, oh yeah!

    Hey Jasmyne, the milk makes more difference than I would've expected.

    Hey muppy, haha depends on how much coffee you normally consume - I'm only a very occasional drinker so the lack of good coffee had no impact on me at all!

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