Taste Baguette & Grill, Darling Quarter

Darling Quarter is home to Commonwealth Bank’s swish new headquarters and also where you’ll find an outpost of Taste Baguette, AKA home of the awesome pork belly baguette. When we wander by on a Saturday evening, however, the familiar-looking baguette bar is closed but business in the adjoining bar/grill is starting to get busy.

Deep 1920s-style armchairs in various prints add romance to the indoor area, but are reserved for the evening. After ordering at the bar, we take our number to one of the outdoor tables which are thankfully adorned with umbrellas to shield us from the rain. $9 will buy you a massive portion of fries with creamily thick aioli for dipping.

The “Wagyu Beef Burger” isn’t cheap at $17 on its lonesome, but does offer a thick and juicy patty with cheese, bacon, tomato jam, onion, lettuce and mayonnaise. It also comes on a brioche bun which I’m hoping is made in-house just like the baguettes. It’s not greasy and not too large – it can be eaten all together so that you get the whole burger experience of combined flavours. It is satisfying and I’m hoping Catty will get around to trying it to see how it compares on her list...

Ground floor, Harbour St, Darling Quarter, Sydney NSW

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happy eating!


  1. ooh that burger looks good! but to be honest I think I'm more tempted by that mountain of fries and the aioli!

  2. wow that burger looks good! will have to give it ago :)

  3. That burger does look good. I haven't seen this at the other Taste Baguettes so it might be unique to Darling Quarter.

  4. That burger is cooked to perfection! I am so trying this place out!

  5. I wandered past just the other day and saw that they had deck chairs and picnic mats that you can use for free on the grass just opposite (though I'm not entirely sure who they're provided by). The burger seems a little steep for just the burger. The chips however... what a monstrous serve!

  6. Wow! Walked passed this last Sunday. I do love my burgers in brioche bun :) Adding this to my list.

  7. the burger looks awesome and i can never say no to chips and aioli!

  8. OMG look at all the bacon on that burger, it is nearly as thick as the beef patty!

  9. This strip of shops and restaurants around Darling Quarter looks so busy at night! I'm glad the area is livelier now - more dining choices!

  10. You've just stoked my appetite for thin, salty fries. The wagyu beef burger looks jaw dislocating! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Steep price for a burger! Would be quite filling though I imagine and I suppose you have the whole food pyramid on it as well lol

  12. Those fries... are so evil. They are looking at me screaming out to be eaten!

  13. i love fries with aioli! putting this place on the list to try.

  14. Chips, Aioli? YUM. My favourite thing in this world! Sydney you say? *runs to the car*

  15. aaahhh...Look at that brioche bun shine! It deserved to be eaten in appreciation

  16. nice brioche bun. I do like when you can get it all in one bite- otherwise what is the point? May as well deconstruct and have the seperate elements on the plate.

  17. Yum :) i remember stumbling into Taste Baguette last time I was in Sydney and I really liked all their breads hehe ~ But i didn't know they had a Wagyu Beef Burger can't wait to come back and try for myself~ Happy Easter!!

  18. Hey Jacq, the burger was good but the fries - they were great, plus awesome value!

    Hey gastronomous anonymous, I need to get back there and try it again =D

    Hey joey, this "grill" part of this one is more like a bar, so I guess fitting with a separate bar/pub menu.

    Hey Anna, I've been craving burgers all week and (very belatedly) replying to comments isn't helping haha!

    Hey shez, the burger is pricey on its own but there's also that water park thing nearby! I know it's for kids but...water!

    Hey Ramen Raff, brioche buns make almost everything better!

    Hey Betty, I know...chips with mayo or any variant of it is a serious weak point!

    Hey Sara, haha good ratios, hey?

    Hey Trish, I need to go back and see what else has popped up there - such an improvement on the wasted space that it's been for years.

    Hey The Food Sage, there's joy in fluffy, thick-cut chips and then there's also the delicacy of crispy fries - I love them both =)

    Hey Vivian, it's filling but also satisfying. And yes, "balanced" with all the food groups lol!

    Hey Food is our religion, not evil, oh no, just enticing! =D

    Hey excusemewaiter, mmmm, creamy aioli...

    Hey Cass, haha, closer than you think!

    Hey Adrian, and it's not so big that you can't get a bite of everything.

    Hey Gastronomy Gal, agree, never tastes the same if you have to deconstruct it.

    Hey Daisy, not usually on their menus, but I hope you at least got to try the pork belly baguette!


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