Sugar Rush 2015: Lobby Lounge, Shangri-La Hotel

Yesterday was a day significant for many reasons – it was Mini-human’s 2nd birthday; it was Monsieur Poisson’s and my 6th wedding anniversary (yes, our son’s birth happened to coincide); it was our first date night out since Mini-Human came along...aaand it is also a proper (albeit possibly short-lived) return to blogging because I’M BACK SUGAR-HITTING, BABY!! More on that later.

Of cakes and babies

Oh hello, blog! Life involves a lot of rushing about when there are young children involved and there is work thrown into the mix – rushing from home to work, work to home, getting things done after kids have gone to sleep, and getting yourself to bed then repeat ad nauseam. Whilst my current job status is “part-time”, I never cease being a full-time mother even when I’m not physically with Mini-human. When I’m at work, I’m thinking about what time I need to leave and what to have for dinner. I also miss Mini-human and wonder what he’s getting up to. When I’m home, I think about things I need to do once I’m back at work. There is down time but there is no holiday, no reprieve.

A progressive brunch for the Café of the Year Award

I once read that Rick Stein noted the strong brunch culture in Australia and I would have to agree – Australian’s LOVE their brunch, especially on weekends, and enjoyed at any time of the day. It has to be both the Husband’s and my favoured meal/style of food, and the most oft-seen meal on this blog. Brunch is a little bit special, a little bit indulgent and, most of all, about being relaxed and without time constraints.

So where to for brunch? It may be the newest, trendy “it” café with queues as far as the eye can see, or it may be a stone’s throw from your doorstep where you’re recognised by the staff. Everyone has a favourite café, but that may change depending on mood, weather, tiredness and proximity. Cafés are found in pretty much every suburb and competition is fierce, so the inaugural Australian Café of the Year Award is a great way for your café to make their mark especially if they are a low-key local haunt rather than the latest buzz.

Happy birthday, Mini-human!

Hooray, Mini-human is a year old and no one has killed anyone nor has anyone gone insane! It’s been fun. It’s been unpredictable. It’s been full of emotion. I look at my fuzzy-haired Mini-human and sometimes I see a cute little baby, whereas other times I see glimpses of a determined little boy. I can’t wait for him to grow up yet I also want him to stay a baby for a little longer. 

(Yes, I made bunting...)


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