Happy birthday, Mini-human!

Hooray, Mini-human is a year old and no one has killed anyone nor has anyone gone insane! It’s been fun. It’s been unpredictable. It’s been full of emotion. I look at my fuzzy-haired Mini-human and sometimes I see a cute little baby, whereas other times I see glimpses of a determined little boy. I can’t wait for him to grow up yet I also want him to stay a baby for a little longer. 

(Yes, I made bunting...)

Over the weekend we threw a party to celebrate Mini-human’s first birthday, which was very much more for our benefit than his. I mean, how long have we not seen that many friends at once? He didn’t enjoy himself much and screamed most of the time, presumably due to being freaked out by all the people who wanted to hold him. We had food that Mini-human couldn’t eat either but, hey, we had lots of food!

Food from a book which has been read to him almost everyday since he was around 4 months old. Never too early to foster a love of both food and books, right? And there was also Chinese roast pork because, um, tradition and all that. Plus there was cake.

A chocolate caterpillar-shaped cake which involved a lot of food colouring and buttercream. Took a photo of one of Mini-human’s caterpillar bibs, enlarged the image on a computer, then traced it from the screen to achieve the cake shape. Don’t think I’ll ever make the cake again but at least it makes for good photographic memories when Mini-human grows up. Something I hope he does soon enough but not too quickly.

happy eating!


  1. Rita - I can't believe he is one either! And you made the Very Hungry Caterpillar - you are the best mum ever!!!

  2. happy birthday to mini-human :D you should be proud of what you have achieved :)

  3. happy birthday mini-human! awesome cake - are those hershey's kisses i see for the legs?

  4. Happy birthday mini-human! And I love the cake! One of my favourites books as well :)

  5. Big birthday (virtual) hugs to mini human and to you. It would be great if we could just put a ageing pause on our kids at times :) Then again many humans would probably want that too.

  6. wow 1 year already! happy birthday mini human!


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