Bitton, 30 April 2009

After sharing details of our meal at Two Good Eggs, a friend recommended that I give Bitton a try. I had heard of the name but only as a gourmet food brand, having seen their gorgeously red-labelled jars and bottles at David Jones. What wasn’t known to me is that Bitton has a store at Alexandria which combines a gourmet grocer and café into one, with a French-influenced menu. Better still, it serves all-day breakfast featuring organic eggs.

Monsieur Poisson and I front up on a rainy autumn’s afternoon and manage to conveniently park almost in front of the store. We are seated in the middle of the store between two shelf displays and adjacent to a refrigeration unit. We are literally in the middle of the store, however we are not disturbed by any shoppers as enough space has been allowed for them to comfortably browse the products without invading our personal space. Once we have ordered, I have a nosey about at what’s on offer as well – Bitton not only stocks their own products, but also other brands as well as fresh organic produce.

But, I am beckoned back to our table when our drinks arrive. My Earl Grey tea is served in a plunger which I always find makes me a little impatient about drinking it. I don’t know why this is, as I normally let tea sit for bit to develop after it’s placed in front of me anyway. Monsieur Poisson is happy with the flavour of his caffe latte but laments that it has a little too much milk froth.

My ‘Oeufs en Croustade’ arrives, consisting of two poached eggs on a bed of spinach sitting on smoked salmon all in a neat pile atop a slice of sourdough toast. The serving doesn’t look very large but is seriously satisfying due to the explosion of flavours owing, in part, to the fact that the whole dish is covered in a thin coating of fine, buttery breadcrumbs.

Monsieur Poisson has ordered the ‘Truffled Herb Omelette’ which is a new experience in pungency for the both of us. That distinctive scent of black truffles with lots of stretchy gruyere encased in fluffy egginess – oh! On the side is Bitton’s own ‘Spicy Tomato Sauce’ (sweet and tomato-ey with a kick at the end), sourdough toast and butter. This dish is a symphony for the senses.

We leave full and happy and promise ourselves we will return to try things from the lunch menu… or maybe more from the all-day breakfast menu.

36 Copeland St, Alexandria NSW
Tel: (02) 9519 5111

Opening Hours:  Mon & Tues  7am-5pm
                        Wed-Fri  7am-9pm
Sat & Sun  7am-5pm

happy eating!

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  1. Mmmm....the Truffled Herb Omelette does sound interesting. I will have to make a note to go and try :)

  2. Anonymous, I highly recommend the truffled omelette!


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