Welcome one, welcome all!

Welcome to my first ever blog, and a food one at that!

Thank you to all the friends who’ve either knowingly or unknowingly given me gentle encouragement during this past year of employment hiatus, which has led to this foray into the world of blogging.

·   “You should do something related to food – you love cooking.”
·   “You have a nice narrative voice, maybe you could write?”
·   “Maybe you could be a food photographer?”
·   “[friend’s name] thinks [you] should become a food critic.”
·   “I notice you update your [Facebook] profile with food reviews all the time… have you ever thought to start a food blog?”

Statements such as those above, whether made out of honesty, to flatter my ego, or to help open my eyes to an alternate career-path, have all served to persuade me in this direction. A food blog combines many of my interests – eating, dining out, the sharing of food, photographing food, socialising, learning about cooking techniques, ingredients and recipes, writing about food (and in general), and conversations about these experiences. I am not professionally trained in any of these areas; I just like to eat and I like to tell people when I’ve found somewhere or something nice.

I enjoy reading food blogs. And cookbooks. And all manner of things food-related. I get excited when wandering through stores that make food, sell food, sell cooking implements or have that elusive ingredient you’ve only heard about but have never physically seen. Food doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive to be good. Most importantly food must not be wasted, food should be enjoyed and, above all else, food should taste good.

I will not be sharing any of my personal cooking experiments here but I hope you enjoy what I will have to offer. Photos will vary in quality depending on lighting due to my primitive tools; usually a point-and-shoot camera or, when I forget said camera, my mobile phone! But please come back and visit often. Share my ramblings with your friends and leave me your comments. Correct me when I’ve misnamed foods or dishes and be sure to let me know when I’ve made a typo!

Feed your hunger. Feed your senses. Feed your soul.

happy eating!

PS. For those who know me personally, I’d appreciate it if you could refrain from using my real name when leaving any comments. If you know me well you’ll know that I’m a fairly private person who likes to hide their face behind either a box of Giant Pocky or a large LEGO® brick!


  1. Wohoo! 加油!!!

  2. Great idea! Can't wait to see what storm you're cooking up next! Always makes me hungry :) xx

  3. woohoo finally a blog!... i've had zilch time to update mine~!!

  4. The site looks great!! Can't wait to see all that great recipe ideas...

  5. Thanks for the support guys but I won't be sharing any of my personal cooking here, just stuff that I pay to eat!


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