Hurricane’s Darling Harbour, 24 Oct 2009

On a weekend where both Weirdo and Ms Sourdough were in Sydney, we made a visit to Weirdo’s newfound favourite haunt of Hurricane’s Grill, Darling Harbour. Partly because of his low carb diet at the time, he seemed to have been eating here on what seemed like a weekly basis. Hurricane’s baby back ribs at both Darling Harbour and Bondi are finger-lickin’-good, so Monsieur Poisson and I were more than happy to accept an invitation to dinner.

Although it’s only late October, it is still quite sunny when we walk in. We extend the mood of the slanted light rays and long shadows by ordering a jug of sangria to share. It’s a drink that just evokes lazy summer days but I do have one small problem with it – how do you get to the fruit bits without having to stick your fingers into the glass? Perhaps the bits aren’t meant to be eaten but I quite like the slightly tart crunch of the apple pieces against the sweet red wine.

We order a serve of garlic mushrooms to share and I love these here as they are pungently garlic-breath-inducing! As soon as the dish is placed on the table, that unmistakable odour of garlic wafts up to you and begs you to eat those small, bulbous capped button mushrooms. And then, there is absolutely no stopping! You know there’s not going to be any kissing at the end of this evening as we’ve also ordered onion rings to share. An enormous bowl arrives all battered and brown and reminds me of those we enjoyed at The Counter. We probably only manage to finish half of this massive bowl by the time we leave.

The complimentary bread here appears on the bill at the end of the meal under the description of ‘brown roll’. It is an awfully banal way to describe what is a soft and sweet oat-topped bun that is served with one of my favourite brands of butter – Lurpak, from Denmark.

Weirdo and Ms Sourdough order baby back ribs to share, whereas Monsieur Poisson and I go for the ‘Steak and Ribs Combo’. There is a token bowl of steamed vegetables for us all to balance out our meat consumption but none of us manage to finish the chips that accompany said meat. However, the steak is beautifully charred but cannot beat the sticky, saucy, tender tastiness that is the ribs.

I can’t remember about anyone else but I, for one, most definitely could be seen licking my fingers unashamedly in satisfaction. A sure sign of a good meal enjoyed.

Shops 433-436, Level 2 of Harbourside Shopping Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW
Tel: (02) 9211 2210

Opening Hours:  7 days  12pm-3pm (lunch)
                                    dinner from 5:30pm

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happy eating!


  1. My brother recommends this place for the succulent ribs, and they look really good, so shiny! The fries look a bit sloppy though, and isn't it sacrilege not to finish fries?!? ;-)

  2. I can't wait to try Hurricanes (yes, I know it's been around forever!). Oh, yes, ribs!!

  3. I have very fond memories of the ribs here although they are slightly pipped by the ones at South in Neutral Bay, have you tried those? I love the huge serves though! Means no complaints from the menfolk :P

  4. oh yum yum. how i long to try them again :-) a new years resolution for me

  5. Oh drool! I am such a big fan of the pork ribs at Hurricanes! Gotta try those onion rings next time I go, they look great.

  6. *hides in shame*, i still haven't been to hurricanes. i really must get my fingers on the ribs soon though! lookin' good ;)

  7. Hey Joey, the fries are not that crisp but they're great for mopping up sauce residue from the ribs! I was sad not to have finished them =(

    Hey Belle! Yes, do go and try the ribs, either at Darling Harbour of the original Bondi.

    Hey Lorraine! I've heard quite a bit about South lately but have never been. Strange, because it's not far from where I live either! Will have to gather up some 'healthy' men-appetites for an outing, I think =p

    Hi Shellie! Oh yes, saucy, saucy ribs...Mmmm!

    Hi Simon! Thanks for stopping by =) Haha, I feel there are more than a few people willing to share your new year's resolution there!

    Hey Steph! Thanks for dropping in =) The onion rings are designed for sharing - don't say I didn't warn you! =p

    Hey Jen! Welcome to my blog! No need to be shameful, you'll find there are other people (above) who've not been either - group outing, perchance?

  8. I could go Sangria right now. And a buttered roll. Simple!

  9. Hey Fiona, Sangria brings a little sunshine into the day whenever you drink it =) And I still can't believe that bread roll was described so unattractively as just 'brown roll'!


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