KFC Krushers

Monsieur Poisson and I first encountered KFC Krush Bars when we were in Melbourne mid 2008, but were not curious enough to venture into one to find out what they were about. As we hadn’t seen anything similar in Sydney, or perhaps we just don’t get out much, our interest was definitely piqued.

Commercials started appearing on television soon after and Krush Bars started sprouting up across Sydney. The part that really grabbed my attention was the mention of a ‘Golden Gaytime Krusher’ and the tagline: ‘full of real bitz!’ Golden Gaytime being one of the top three favourite ice-creams from my childhood, with one of the attractions being of course the coating which is studded with biscuit bits. On a day in November Monsieur Poisson and I happened to be near a Krush Bar so I decided to try one of their Krushers. Not all Krush Bars appear to carry the whole array of Krushers but of course mine had to be the Golden Gaytime one!

It tastes exactly like a Golden Gaytime ice-cream in milkshake form and, true to its word, really is full of bits. Some of these sink down to the bottom towards the end of the drink so you need to be careful not to inhale them by accident. It’s quite filling but it’s only downfall, I would say, is its somewhat unfortunate less-than-appealing colour.

And for a limited time when parking at Chatswood Chase, the parking card has a buy-one-get-one-free offer for KFC Krushers. Perfect for this sweltering summer heat!

KFC (with Krush Bar)
Located just about everywhere!

happy eating!


  1. I've been wondering what the hell these things are, but similar to you in 2008 I have not been curious enough to actually go and find out. I'm glad I haven't as I suspect I could grow addicted to these. I'm going to pretend I don't know they exist.

  2. I love Gaytimes and this shake is just as good!

  3. Oh yum! I've always been meaning to try the KFC Krushers. They look so good, and gaytime is awesome!

  4. Wow I've never heard of that before. Something like that is great on a hot day like today - ughh it was so warm!

  5. aha I loled @ the unfortunate colour remark
    inhaling a golden gaytime... that sounds like something everyone should do before they die

  6. i've been wanting to try the golden gaytime krushie since i've heard about it. will definitely keep an eye out for the buy 1 get 1 free offer next time I'm in chatswood!

  7. I still prefer the gaytime in ice cream form :)

  8. These don't exist in Brisbane yet- do they have any dairy free options?

  9. I've never had a crush thingo.. I've always thought it referred to something chicken related but I only found out recently it's not :P

  10. Hey Conor, they've also got a Cornetto shake I'm quite interested in - can I corrupt you with that instead?

    Hey Joey, I've yet to find something else that tastes like a Gaytime... =p

    Hey missklicious, I agree - Gaytimes are awesome and I was so upset when they disappeared from sale for a few years!

    Hey Ladybird, a milkshake that tastes just like an ice-cream! =D

    Hey Grace, you must admit it's not the most appetising shade! =p

    Hey Panda, I highly recommend the Gaytime shake but I've heard there's also a Cornetto shake...

    Hey Ellie, I'm greedy - I like them both and won't say no to either! =p

    Hey Gastronomy Gal, there's a couple of dairy-free frappe type drinks in the range but I've not got around to trying them yet.

    Hey Shellie, a chicken shake? Although novel AND befitting KFC's marketing range, I'm not sure it would be quite well received...haha!


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