Lazy Pancake Brunch

Happy New Year, everyone! Like most people, I stayed up way too late last night and slept in just that little bit too long this morning. So what better way to indulge in extended laziness than by enjoying a cooked breakfast, especially one that is served long after midday has passed!

My love of breakfast/brunch food has been well documented by this blog thus far and it may come as a shock that I chose a sweet option today instead of my usual savoury. As often occurs with home cooking, it is not always necessarily a case of what you want to eat or what you feel like cooking, but more of a matter of what you have on hand and the time available to you. (Yes, I pretty much always have bacon in the freezer but, no, I don’t always have the time to defrost it.)

So after a bit of bleary-eyed peering into the fridge and pantry, pancakes it was. I made mine with a Pink Lady apple because that’s what I had in the fruit crisper, however I probably would have preferred the tartness of a Granny Smith. You will notice the recipe below doesn’t stipulate any sugar, so the pancakes themselves aren’t sweet, so you’ll need to serve them topped with maple syrup, cinnamon sugar, icing sugar, fruit compote… or whatever it is that takes your fancy!

Sour Cream Apple Pancakes (makes approx 7 pancakes)
(adapted from Not Quite Nigella)

·         1 medium apple
·         1½ cups self-raising flour
·         pinch of salt
·         1 tsp cinnamon
·         1 cup milk
·         1 egg
·         ½ cup light sour cream
·         dash of vanilla essence
·         2 tbs butter plus 2 tbs oil, for cooking

  1. Quarter and core the apple then coarsely grate. Set aside.
  2. Place flour, salt and cinnamon into a large bowl and stir with a handheld whisk until evenly mixed. Set aside.
  3. Measure out milk in a large jug, crack in the egg and mix with a fork to combine. Add sour cream and mix roughly to retain some lumps.
  4. Make a well in the centre of the flour mixture and gradually pour in milk mixture whilst whisking. Continue to whisk until the batter is combined and there are no lumps. Add vanilla and fold apple through the batter.
  5. Place a flat-bottomed frypan over medium-low heat and melt 1 tbs butter with 1 tbs oil. When the butter starts to froth, cook ladlefuls of batter until bubbles appear on the surface before flipping to cook on the other side. Melt remaining butter and oil together for cooking when required. 
happy new year & happy cooking!


  1. Ooooo yumm they look truly delicious, Happy New Year :)

  2. I'm so glad that you liked them and thanks for your lovely email! I hope you have a very Happy New Year and may it be full of food and fun! :D

  3. Yum!! Great breakfast to start the new year with!

  4. Tasty start to the year. I'm impressed by your ability to get these together on new year's morning, it was down to a cafe at the beach for me!

  5. I love pancakes...with apple. How delish. I'm off to have some now.............. (I always keep a stack in the fridge!) Have a blessed 2010, with lots of love....

  6. Oh man I love me some apple pancakes. I'll have to try this once this week's detox is over.

  7. I admire your motivation in making breakfast on new year's day. That is prob my laziest day of the year and I would've gone for Macca's hash browns instead! Next year, I might have to stop by your place instead ;P

    Happy new year to you and here's to more deliciousness in 2010! xx

  8. Happy new year!

    There is something so warm and homely about homemade pancakes after a good sleep-in and these look wonderful - yum yum yum :)

  9. Again, great to see you cooking! Those pancakes look delicious!

  10. Hey Reemski, LOL! These aren't too 'bad' - I'm sure you can fit them into the new diet =)

    Hey Sara, happy new year again to you too! Pancakes are always lovely, in my book.

    Hey Lorraine, thanks again for sharing the recipe and, I agree, adding sour cream makes so many things nicer =p

    Hey missklicious, it was a great way to start the year and without a hangover =D

    Hey Conor, not as impressive as you think - it was afternoon by the time I made these!

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, I pretty much love anything with apple in it - pancakes, pies, cakes, muffins...

    Hey Rose, now that you've broken your detox have you made some of these yet?!

    Hey Karen, thanks for dropping by =) Noooo...Macca's is not the way to start a new year, haha!

    Hey Ladybird, welcome back! Yes, pancakes are wonderfully warming, esp when there's cinnamon involved =)

    Hey Trissa, thank you =) But these are nothing compared with your masterpieces!


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