New Shanghai Chatswood (新上海) (again!), 31 Dec 2009

After a particularly late but enjoyable night catching up with a childhood friend visiting from London, which culminated in us getting home not long after sunrise, Monsieur Poisson and I understandably did not awake until the early afternoon. Lunch ended up being at around 3pm that day and instead of the usual oily, fried breakfasts in which I usually seek comfort after a big night out, our appetites were drawn towards the soul-restoring comforts of dumplings.

As we were not feeling very energetic, we only got as far as New Shanghai Chatswood and not the newer one at Chatswood Chase. We start off with the requisite Shanghainese soup dumplings, ‘xiao long bao’ (小籠包) which we happily slurp up easily as they require little chewing.

This is followed by Shanghainese stir-fried noodles (上海粗炒麵) which appears as a larger than expected serve. A mound of thick noodles flavoured with soy sauce are intertwined with strips of pork and ‘choy sum’ (菜心).

Strangely the dish that we order first is the last to be served. The savoury ‘Shallot Pancake’ (蔥油餅) makes for a great flaky, pastry snack and also satisfies our need for something a little oily. So I may not be indulging in a fried breakfast but I never said I was foregoing oiliness altogether!

New Shanghai Chatswood (新上海)
Shop 20, Lemon Grove Shopping Centre, 427-441 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW
Tel: (02) 9415 3536

Opening Hours:  Mon-Wed  10am-8pm
                        Thurs-Sun  10am-8:30pm

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happy eating!


  1. There is something extremely satisfying about dumplings after a big night out. I must admit yum cha is usually on the agenda for me, it just works in so many ways.

  2. Dumplings are such great comfort food, and the noodles look good too - much better than those at Taste of Shanghai!

  3. I think I need more dumpling in my life

  4. Ooh I love how all of these places are springing up all over the place! Makes getting my paws on dumplings easier! :D

  5. I don't think anything beats the comforts of dumplings, although shallot pancakes run a close second :) And hurrah for catch-ups with childhood friends, especially when distance makes you cherish them even more!

  6. ahhh havent been to the lemon grove one. I went to the one in Chase is pretty good! You have to have the pan fried dumplings.. oh em geeeee.... so goooooooddddddd *slurp*

  7. I should have forced myself out for dumplings today, I think I needed to gorge on them after too late a night (and er.. boisterous a day) yesterday. I'll just eat yours with my eyes instead, and kick myself off to bed before I have a repeat performance tomorrow!

  8. Thanks for sharing! I wasn't sure about the one in Chatswood, but dumplings after a night out are awesome!!!! Used to have them all the time when I was young too.

  9. the shallot pancake looks good! will definitely try next time i'm there.

  10. Yikes! Getting home after sunrise... that reminds me of another younger life! :P Dumplings after a good sleep in sounds perfect!

  11. This restaurant seems to show some of their creativity. Perhaps this is the first time I see the Shanghainese stir-fried noodles cooked with choy sum than cabbage : ).

  12. Hey Sara, something so clean and restorative about dumplings which works in an opposite way to oily, fried stuff!

    Hey missklicious, haven't tried Taste of Shanghai myself, but I'll take your work for it =p

    Hey Fiona, I'll try to spread around the dumpling love...

    Hey Lorraine, I know, nothing like making it easier to cure a dumpling craving!

    Hey Helen, squishy, juicy dumplings contrasted with crisp, flaky pastry...I just love them both!

    Hey Billy, I will have to get around to trying the one at Chase soon!

    Hey Conor, haha, keep a pack of frozen dumplings on hand for those 'emergency' moments =p

    Hey Sarah, thanks for dropping by =) There's nothing like something soft and soupy to offer a bit of post-big-night-out comfort!

    Hey Panda, I love the traditional flat shallot pancakes. So many places do the curled, ball-shaped ones instead now =(

    Hey April, haha, believe me - getting home after sunrise is something that I haven't experienced in YEARS!

    Hey TasteHongKong, thanks for leaving a comment =) I'm used to seeing the noodles with cabbage as well, but no complaints - any sort of vegetables are welcome!

  13. Dumplings! I can taste it already. Any other dumplings available there? Fried, steamed sharksfin, pork, shrimp... any kind will be most appreciated. I frequent the dumplings at a fastfood at Mandarin Centre in Chatswood

  14. Hey James, they have all the usual dumplings here - pan-fried, steamed and the pan-fried pork buns. You can also try New Shanghai which is at Chatswood Chase.


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