Milk Chocolate Brownies

“A glass and a half of full-cream dairy milk” was a slogan I grew up with and Cadbury, with its famous purple packaging, was the only chocolate that was ever found in our fridge at home for a very long time. Mum must’ve felt comforted by the milk content as the dentist was forever saying my teeth lacked calcium – not sure he would’ve approved of my sugary ways of upping my intake though!

My love of chocolate is quite well known, but since my early twenties I have moved towards consuming mostly dark chocolate for its more intense cocoa flavour and I convince myself, also, for its reported antioxidant benefits. I love how Cadbury Flake is available in dark chocolate as it makes for an easy topping for cakes when crumbled. There is also a romantic nostalgia for me (like with Polaroids) associated with the tv commercial featuring the lady with the wide-brimmed white hat. I tried hard to eat my Flake like she does in the ad, but all I got were little chocolate crumbs everywhere.

When a block of Cadbury’s new Fairtrade Dairy Milk arrived in the mail (this humble blog’s very first received product – how fitting that it be chocolate!), I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. I received it a few days before my wedding and my mind was understandably pre-occupied with other things at hand. Knowing I wouldn’t be eating a whole 200 grams of milk chocolate as is, I filed it away into the pantry for safe keeping. It was so safely kept that I forgot about it until I was looking for baking inspiration for our weekly office morning tea.

Chocolate is always a safe option when baking for people you don’t know all that well as it is rare to come across people who don’t particularly like chocolate. And because milk chocolate tends to have wider appeal than its darker sibling for the masses, out came the block of Cadbury’s for these milk chocolate brownies.

They’re definitely less chocolaty than your usual brownies but are not too sugary either. I threw in some dark chocolate and walnut pieces to appeal to my own tastes, but of course you can use any variety of chocolate or nuts that you like. You still get a nicely dense texture with these brownies and they also made a pleasing dessert for the husband.

Mademoiselle Délicieuse received the above sample of Cadbury Fairtrade Dairy Milk Chocolate courtesy of The Online Circle. Fairtrade practices help protect farmers in the industry by dictating standards for working and trade conditions.

Milk Chocolate Brownies
(adapted from Triple Chocolate Brownies from delicious. Magazine April 2007, recipe by Bill Granger)

·         200g milk chocolate, chopped
·         150g butter, chopped
·         ½ cup caster sugar
·         1 tsp vanilla extract
·         3 eggs
·         ½ cup plain flour, sifted
·         100g dark chocolate, in chunks
·         ½ cup chopped walnuts (optional)
·         cocoa powder, for dusting

  1. Preheat oven 160°C. Grease and line a shallow slice tin.
  2. Melt milk chocolate with butter in a bowl which fits snugly over a saucepan of simmering water. Stir mixture until combined and glossy then set aside to cool slightly.
  3. Beat sugar and vanilla into chocolate mixture then whisk in eggs one at a time. Add flour and beat until smooth. Stir in dark chocolate and walnut pieces.
  4. Pour mixture into prepared tin and bake 40 minutes. Remove from oven and dust with cocoa but allow to cool completely before removing from tin to cut into whatever shape that takes your fancy.

happy cooking!


  1. Ok now what was that Professr's name with the glass and a half of full cream dairy milk? That's gonna drive me NUTS now!!! Also love the reference to the lady in the wide brimmed hat - I always wondered how the Flake didn't well, flake all over her white dress. She had better not have any of these brownies either, you know, just send them on over to me!

  2. It's funny... I was about 15 years old when I first ate cadbury chocolate! When I was a child, I used to eat Kinder chocolate, so good!!!!

  3. Feel it crumple and melt in your mouth! Oh man I forgot about that white clad couple! She is just so smug with her pristine dress, sitting on grass and eating messy chocolate with no stains in sight.

    Mardi - was it not Julius Sumner Miller?

  4. Best Cadbury ads were the chocolate world/people with the song "Wouldn't it be nice if the world was cadbury...."

  5. Oh I used to try to recreate that Flake ad all the time when I was little! And the glass-and-half was always clever marketing. It's just milk right? It must be good for you! Lol

  6. Mmmm great looking brownies. I love dark chocolate much more than milk chocolate too.

  7. I kind of like the new cow ad - cute.

  8. Milk chocolate is always the winner at 3pm on a weekday when you need that extra special something to get you through those loast few hours. Now it make us all feel better that it is fairtrade.

  9. I recently heard of this fairtrade chocolate in a documentary.. Good to see a company like Cadbury stepping up to the plate and showing so corporate responsibility.

    As the the brownies, they look deeelish!

  10. hehe I remember that ad too! And yes I could never eat my Flake the same way too! I felt so uncoordinated! :P

  11. Hmmm... those brownies look delicious. I haven't tried milk chocolate brownies yet - I'll definitely bookmark the recipe!

  12. They look scrumptious. I actually know a surfer that looks like the blond chocolate guy in the cadbury chocolate people ad lol

  13. I've got myself used to eating the 99% cocoa chocolate so everything else tastes super sweet! These brownies look really yummy though!

  14. Love the scoop of ice cream on the brownie - even more milk, so it must be good for you (the memory of that wild-haired professor still creeps me out!)

  15. Good looking brownies. Always nice to have it with a scoop of ice cream.

  16. Oh i had no idea about this product!
    yay for freebies, especially chocolate freebies =)
    damn fine looking brownies... I'm now thinking I need a chocolate hit...hmmm..

  17. YUm! - this is a great looking brownie

  18. I remember those ads! Am I making something up when I remember a scene where the professor guy dips a chalk into the glass of milk and snaps it in half? Or are all my childhood commercial memories melding? I'm not mature enough to migrate to dark chocolate yet - these milk chocolate brownies are right up my alley!

  19. Congrats babe....Cadbury's are synonymous with comfort chocolate. Not gourmet but loved....and I have a pack in my store now, which I'm going to get out....thanks. Or not. My daughter would love this (#1), she thought the brownies I made on Tuesday night were too chocolatey.....

  20. chocolate + winter = awesome!!! Brownies, ice-cream, chocolate fudge is definitely the way to eat a brownie. I love brownies!!! ^_^

  21. Mhmmm brownies... I'm sure your colleagues were appreciative of your baking efforts! :D

    And that ad is funny - she never actually chews!

  22. ooo good one, Do you think the fairtrade tastes any different? I don't!

  23. I love brownies (and hopefully brownies love me too) heehee!!! I'm in brownie mood at the moment and maybe I might use this recipe on the weekend!

  24. it's actually better when brownies aren't too sweet - it means you can eat a few more of them :) anyway, did you get a chance to try the chocolate by itself. i bought a bar at the train station the other week and I swear it tastes better now that it's fair trade!

  25. Hey Mardi, Conor is quite correct in that the professor is Julius Sumner Miller. And that lady in the wide-brimmed hat was the epitome of elegance for me back then!

    Hey Laetitia, I'm afraid the brands of chocolate available in Sydney when I was young were nowhere near as wide as they are now!

    Hey Conor, I have never even been able to get my Flake to crumble without lots of smithereens going everywhere, let alone eat it without it going all over myself!

    Hey FFichiban, those were cute ads, and had me thinking about eating chocolate trees and buses =p

    Hey Helen, I know, think about it - 375mL of milky goodness in every block!

    Hey Mark, is it that our tastes become more refined? Or can we just not tolerate foods that are as sweet as we get older?

    Hey Mary, the newer Cadbury ads confuse me! Like the eyebrows one, the drumming gorilla, and even the recent dancing cow rendition.

    Hey Amy, heheh, I'm currently trying to ignore the white chocolate and macadamia cookie that's looking at me...and it's only 2pm!

    Hey Ladybird, I think it's great when large corporations who are normally just known for all the money they make to take a stance on fair practice and equality issues.

    Hey Lorraine, she made it look so cultured and relaxing in the way that she ate her chocolate! As opposed to me, getting it all over my fingers and myself =p

    Hey Trissa, it's good for friends of mine who aren't as crazy about dark chocolate as myself =)

    Hey Sara, haha, as long as he doesn't look like the Milky Bar kid!

    Hey Maria, haha, you and your intense flavours!

    Hey Bel, most of my childhood calcium was ingested through ice-cream and yoghurt so, "Ssshhhhhh..."

    Hey Ellie, a scoop of ice-cream on the side transforms everything into an instant dessert in my world =D

    Hey Shellie, Cadbury Fairtrade chocolate was launched around Easter this year but I think it's taken a while to filter into certain stores, like the massive supermarket in my area.

    Hey Anh, you can never go wrong with chocolate, can you?

    Hey Forager, dipping chalk and snapping it in half reminds me of Colgate toothpaste ads...which were about fluoride, I think? But that would help to protect the calcium in our teeth...and milk is a great source of calcium, so there must be some connection in those ads...!

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, Cadbury is such a well-known name around the world so it's not surprising that it reminds most of us of childhood. Haha, I'm sure daughter #1 will grow to love darker chocolate as she gets older, esp if you have anything to do with it =)

    Hey Leona, oh yes, I forgot the choc fudge sauce! I'll console myself by arguing the superior health benefits of raspberries instead =p

    Hey Agnes, our department has weekly morning teas so it's a nice reason to bake.

    Hey Gastronomy Gal, I hadn't had Cadbury Dairy Milk in so long that, honestly, I couldnt' tell if there was any difference. But psychologically you do feel better for it.

    Hey Trisha, I saw those browkies you made instead - woah!

    Hey Panda, the packet says "same great taste" but I'm sure it's just the added social responsibility that's coming through =)

  26. Great looking brownie. Give me that with a big dollop of ice cream and a nice cup of coffee and I'm all set.

  27. Hey Cath, coffee and brownies always taste great together! And yes, a scoop of ice-cream on the side never hurts either.


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