Big Brekky (the third), 12 April 2010

My recollections of eating at Big Brekky, apart from the food of course, will be forever tied to my wedding. Big Brekky is located in an area which is close to a stretch of bridal dress and wedding accessories stores along Parramatta Road, which happens to be where I had my dress made, where we hired the guys’ suits and where we found a dress for my bridesmaid. I ate here on at least two of my dress fittings and then again a couple of days after our wedding.

The cake pictured above is the cake that we never intended to have. Following the no-cake-does-not-good-wedding-make uproar, we discovered that our florist actually had a wedding cake service on the side that could take orders up to three days in advance, although they prefer a minimum notice of two weeks. This is in contrast with the usual 6-10 week periods for other suppliers because this place does sponge cakes with buttercream icing rather than the denser mud or fruit cakes with royal icing. This was serendipitous for us because neither Monsieur Poisson nor I like fruit cakes and I, in particular, absolutely loathe royal icing.

After our wedding reception, one of our guests handed in a pair of rogue glasses they’d found and I identified them to belong to one Ms Japan. As we had to return the guys’ suits and were going to be in Petersham, I asked Ms Japan to meet us there for brunch and so that I could return her glasses. I am in need of comfort after the energy-zapping activity that is a wedding, and order myself a pot of Earl Grey tea which is served in a white, Chinese-style teapot with a small milk bottle of milk alongside.

Monsieur Poisson and Ms Japan both have coffees (unpictured) while I consider the menu options. Although it’s my third visit, I’m still determined to try something different. (Variety is the spice of life and food-blogging, yes?) So I settle on the ‘Chorizo and basil omelette’ which arrives looking more like a frittata than an omelette and with two generous slices of sourdough.

It is a hunger-stemming serve of brunch with many hidden rounds of chorizo within the egg and a thick blanket of parmesan grated over the top. The cheese is still stretchy when cutting into it, whilst the shreds around the edges have taken on a beautiful golden crisp. Some of the larger leaves of basil are a bit much for me but I’m always a bit like that with herbs so it’s completely a personal thing. And I’m very sorry to say that I fail to finish what is on my plate.

We sit back and enjoy some proper, extended conversation (chats with guests at weddings are very rushed and broken, I discovered) before heading out into the sunshine to finish running a couple more post-wedding errands.

316 Stanmore Rd (cnr Albert St), Petersham NSW
Tel: (02) 9569 8588

Opening Hours:  Mon-Sat  7am-3pm
                        Sun & Pub Hols  8am-3pm

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happy eating!


  1. Oh my- the cake looks gorgeous! What a smart florist you have. I'm not going to gush over how beautiful you looked. Ok, scrap that, I am! You looked absolutely gorgeous- the cake is simple and elegant!! Just beautiful. The toast however, does look a bit over basiled!

  2. Omg, that omelette looks friggin insane. I'm going to make to head here.

    Oh, oh, your wedding pictures make me AWWWW!

  3. very pretty cake...!! congrats again on the wedding.. :)

  4. Woah... is that a single serve omelette? It looks like a pizza! Heeee!

  5. I love that little milk bottle! I find myself having to order a soft drink when I see them in the little glass bottles in restaurants, and I'd definitely have to order a tea from this place purely to see that little milk bottle.

  6. Beautiful pictures...specially the cake...gorgeous!

  7. Can we see more wedding pics? And more Big Brekky - that omelette is huuuge!

  8. Ah, at last some wedding pics! Gorgeous thing you!

  9. Your wedding dress and the cake are beautiful! Can we have more pictures and more big brekky?

  10. woah, that's a huge big brekky indeed. :-)

  11. chorizo, eggs and parmesan sounds like a good combo! i really adore your dress and the cake!!! do show us more pics!

  12. Oh baby! That breakfast looks so nice! Gotta go out there and try it or make it at home.

    Never been fan of traditional wedding cakes. Always get the feeling they're made to be either study or traditional, not necessarily tasty.

  13. Congratulations on your wedding!! Beautiful dress! I'm the same with the cake too. Can I get your florists' details?

    Woah that's a huge and filling omelette!

  14. Thanks for sharing some photos! A beautiful cake to match a beautiful bride! :)

  15. That wedding cake looked amazing. Also you looked beautiful in that dress!

  16. Chic, congratulations again. gorgeous dress - enough back for Monsieur P :-) and the cake!

  17. I adore the little milk bottle. The not wanted cake looks great :)

  18. Hey Gastronomy Gal, the cake was great, even though it wasn't something we wanted to start with =p And thank you!

    Hey Laura, the omelette was seriously large and Big Brekky has outdoor seating too. And thank you! *blush blush*

    Hey Penny, thank you!

    Hey Lis, thank you and it's good to see you back blogging again!

    Hey Trisha, that is, indeed, a single serve omelette although it is the size of a small pizza *faint*

    Hey Conor, I wanted that little milk bottle badly! The husband loves glass-bottled soft drinks - apparently they taste better.

    Hey Juliana, thank you!

    Hey Belle, haha, this is the third post I've done on Big Brekky =p

    Hey Reemski, thanks, darling!

    Hey Ellie, the dress was very 'me' and the cake turned out to be that way too.

    Hey Simon, the serves are quite generous here but, more importantly, both the food and coffee are great.

    Hey Panda, thank you!

    Hey Simon, it really was more food than I ever expected. Think most cakes are built for sturdiness and the decorative factor, but I liked that our cake was tasty =)

    Hey foodie-central, thank you. The florist I used was and everything can be arranged online or over the phone.

    Hey April, awww...thanks so much!

    Hey Cath, thanks for dropping by and for your kind words.

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, it was fortunate that they cake turned out to taste quite nice!

    Hey Sara, I want a set of those miniature milk bottles! And I forgot to say it was a marble cake which was nice considering we never wanted a cake to start with =p

  19. Such a pretty dress - now do we get to see the front? ;) I remember the furore at my brother's wedding - they wanted a chocolate mud cake with white chocolate icing. Being Chinese can you imagine the superstitious comments? White with a black, rotten heart inside? Needless to say, the wishes for their wedding cake got cancelled.

  20. Hey Forager, haha, the back of the dress is the interesting part!

    We wanted no cake, then got threatened that a cake would be ordered on our behalf if we didn't organise one. In the end it was a marble cake with buttercream icing which was rather yummy!

  21. So nice to aee a sneak peak of your wedding! You look gorgeous, as does the cake! Will have to check out thi brekky place that has had such a signifcance to you :)

  22. Hey Ladybird, haha, the back of my dress only =P The cake being lovely was an accidental bonus. But all that aside, they really do great brunch food here!


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