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With a hundred and fifty posts under my belt, now is probably a good time to catch up with a few award shout-outs. Quite a few months ago, while I was in the throes of the final stages of wedding planning, the always humorous Conor of Hold the Beef presented me with this happy, happy blog award:

Which made me reflect, despite certain undesirable events which have taken place over the past two years, on the many things that make me happy. And by nature I am a person of sunny disposition, so here are ten things which make me happy:

  1. Receiving packages in the mail, even when it is just something you’ve bought yourself.
  2. Cups of tea.
  3. Blue skies and puffy white clouds. (And rainbows.)
  4. Sunbeams and aubergines. Oh, and the understated comedic sensation embodied by a certain Mr Perfect.
  5. Getting a recipe right the first time and the end product actually looking and tasting like how I expected.
  6. Surprises from Monsieur Poisson – like this boxful of Adriano Zumbo cakes.

  1. Meeting food bloggers and realising they’re just as lovely, talkative and funny in real life as they are when hiding behind their computers. And especially when they treat you to Adriano Zumbo’s mini-chocolate mousse cake.

  1. ‘Strangers’ leaving comments on this blog. As in, people whom I don’t know in real life and not just friends being polite by visiting.
  2. The comfort of knowing that some relationships can and will last forever. “To infinity, and beyond!”
  3. Good food, awesome friends and excellent conversation punctuated by lots of laughter.
And now, to share the happiness around, here are some blogs which bring a smile to my face whenever I read them:
Just to up the happiness factor the lovely Jenny of Panda & Cakes, whom I finally had the pleasure of meeting not so long ago, gave me this Sweet Blog award:

I will now be sprinkling some sweetness-laced dust around to these blogs:
I believe I was actually meant to name ten blogs for each award but I, uh, got a bit lazy… For a more comprehensive reading list, please peruse the blog roll to the left. Thank you for your kind support and for reading my continued ramblings about food. There is most definitely more of that to come!

happy cooking & happy eating!


  1. Awww Thanks so much! You should know that reading your blog brings
    a smile to my face too! xxx

  2. Congratulations on the 150th post milestone! :)

  3. Ah, we loves ya! Here's to many more cups of tea, aubergines, surprise packages and of course, Zumbo overindulgence :)

  4. I love package even if I did buy them!

  5. Thanks for the award beautiful.
    We'll have to hit up Zumbo's soon. I'm yet to visit.

    “To infinity, and beyond!”

  6. Congratulations on reaching your 150th post! No doubt a cause for celebration. Keep them coming!

  7. Aw thanks, I like reading your blog too!

    Happy 150th post!

    That mini chocolate mousse cake looks sooooo yum! Are they currently selling them at Zumbos?

  8. congrats on so many posts! well done. i really want to try those zumbo cakes but i'm so scared of the lineup these days just to get into the door. it's crazy. he needs a bigger shop now and more staff :-)

  9. Rita, I wish you many aubergine and sunbeam-filled days. Many congrats on your 150th post and here's to many more! I will continue to enjoy reading... with power... tell me more... xx

  10. You'll be getting a surprise present tomorrow

  11. Ngawww....
    thanks for the award!

    I love recieving packages in the mail too! Although I think I've only ever recieved one.....I hardly ever recieve anything in the mail, so I even love recieving letters =] Even if they're bank statements.....haha =D (they're pretty much the only thing I get in the mail...)

    =O Happy 150th post! Wow! I didn't realise you had so many posts already!

  12. Well heres another smile coming on...happy to oblige for such a lovely blog...found you thru Twitter suggestions...great stuff, coming back :)

  13. Wow 150 posts! Congrats on the milestone. I think I'm just over the half way mark now =D Oh packages make me smile too, even if it's my own money spent =)

  14. omg i still havent eaten zumbo ..

    im so deprived..


    CONGRATS 150 .. i wonder when i'll get there hahaa...

  15. I tend to find because I take care the first time I do a recipe, it works. It's alway the second time when I don't measure things or use a timer that I stuff everything up. lol

    And congrats on reaching 150 posts!

  16. Well deserved awards and I can't wait for Zumbo's new store in Mona Vale!

  17. Congrats on the award. Surprise cake is ALWAYS a good thing :)

  18. Has it been 150 posts already? Time flies when you're having fun doesn't it? :) Congratulations on the award too!

  19. I love your ten things og happiness.....especially number 5. Although, with me 99% of the time recipes turning out is a stroke of luck!

  20. Hey Maria, you're welcome =) I smile everytime I see something matcha-flavoured on your blog at the moment as well!

    Hey Ladybird, thank you!

    Hey Conor, thank you once again on the award =) It's always nice to reflect on what things make us happy in life.

    Hey Fiona, I love packages, esp when they're nicely wrapped.

    Hey Laura, Zumbo's...I'm excited to see what his new cafe(s) will be like.

    Hey Steph, thank you! And always an excuse for more cake =p

    Hey retrodaze, thanks! I'm afraid the mini-mousse cakes were a feature at the beginning of the year only...

    Hey Simon, thanks! Haha, but you know the boutique-iness is part of the appeal.

    Hey Karen, my fellow sunbeamer, lots and lots of aubergines and chopping wood for everyone!

    Hey Ninja, my phone is waiting for you to ring and vibrate it...

    Hey Von, you're most welcome! You're one talented teenager =D

    There's just something so nice about receiving something physical as opposed to email, isn't there?!

    Hey Tenina, thanks for dropping by =)

    Hey Angie, thank you! Receiving packages in the mail feels like having a gift delivered - you get all the ceremony of unwrapping and discovering what's inside, sometimes even when you already know what it is =p

    Hey Dolly, time to get yourself to Zumbo's! Or perhaps wait til his new cafe's open?

    Hey Helen, I think I have massive expectations when I first try a recipe and if there are foreign techniques involved, that's when I usually do something stupid... =p

    Hey Ellie, haha, Mona Vale is still not that close to me...but closer!

    Hey Y, what's nicer than a pleasant surprise which also involves cake? =D

    Hey Trissa, thank you! Now I just have to make it to 200... =D

    Hey Maria, haha, I think it also depends on what mood you're in and how much effort you're willing to exert sometimes!

  21. Sigh, my slack ass is only now saying a BIG THANK YOU for the award in your comments. Congratulations on 150 posts :)

  22. Hey Sara, not slack at all - especially not so when you have a just 18-year-old tackling his HSC and your own whirlwind Tokyo trip to contend with!


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