Hello! Kyochon (again), 27 April 2010

Not long after eating here a year prior, a friend urged me to try their fried chicken. Being ignorant, I wondered what the fuss was about and that surely fried chicken is just fried chicken? But then I came across this and this as well as an article in edible Manhattan in an issue kindly brought back to me from New York by Ms Sourdough. There has been a New York phenomenon over the past few years with its origins in Koreatown known simply as KFC – Korean fried chicken.

Monsieur Poisson had never eaten at Hello! Kyochon so we pop in one slightly cool evening for dinner. Upon being seated, I noticed that the tables are different from my previous visit. There is the addition of in-built stove burners which we assume are either for barbequing meat or hotpots. But we have browsed the menu and have our minds set on chicken, although not before a couple of other things first.

We start the meal by nibbling on some complimentary kimchi and pickled white raddish. I am wary about filling up with too much of the crunchy raddish but it has soaked up so much sweet vinegar marinade. Soon after our ‘Seafood Pancake’ arrives – pre-cut this time in contrast with my visit with Mistress.

In need of something soupy, Monsieur Poisson has chosen the ‘Bulgogi and tofu hotpot”. It is warming and not too spicy and arrives with a raw egg floating on top. With its golden yolk poking through the surface of the soup, it is perfect mixed in with a bowl of rice.

And then for our pièce de resistance – half a chicken, deep-fried Korean-style. The skin is fried to a thin, bubbly crisp and well-drained of excess greasiness. A bowl is thoughtfully provided for bones and a plate of finely-shredded cabbage provides cooling crunch interestingly dressed with squiggles of tomato sauce and mayonnaise.

Monsieur Poisson is unexpectedly impressed with the chicken and promises that we will go in search of more KFC in order to compare.

Hello! Kyochon
76a Archer St, Chatswood NSW
Tel: (02) 9411 8766

Opening Hours:  7 days, I think…

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*EDIT*: As of mid-2011, Hello! Kyochon has been replaced by Gallus Gallus in the same shop space serving a similar menu.

happy eating!


  1. None of that really appeals to me, unfortunately :(

  2. Mmmm, I think I need to try out this Korean Fried Chicken, your the 2nd post I've seen lately singing its praises.

  3. I do love a thoughtfully provided scraps bowl. Even better when paired with a warm hand towel!

  4. All of that appeals to me, fortunately >=D

  5. oddly, i actually thought hello! kyochon was a clothing store for a very long time after they opened...

  6. LOL at the ninja =D

    I've been wanting to go here to try their KFC for a while but I went at lunchtime when they weren't open! Your picture of the chicken has me drooling and wanting to try it even more, is it spicy?

  7. Looks interesting! Must check out next time I'm around there.

  8. YUM!!!!! Korean Fried Chicken looks fab!! Not Quite Nigella made some fried chicken a while ago that looks AMAZING! Maybe you could make some to compare too!

  9. I hang my head in shame, that as someone who is addicted to anything deep fried I have never tried korean fried chicken. and i live near the hear of korea town! looks delicious mademoiselle!

  10. I've heard Hello! Kyochon has one of the best KFC in town. I am dying to try there! If you want more KFC to compare, try Darling City in pitt st, they are pretty good too!

  11. Korean deep-fried chicken - say no more! Thanks for the heads up and great photos.

  12. Kyochon!! This place is dear to my heart, since I am Korean and have fond memories of its lovely yang nyeom chickin!

  13. i've walked by this place so many times! have been trying out a lot of korean places lately and keen to add this one to the list to try!

  14. I love Korean Fried Chicken! Must venture out to Chatswood soon

  15. Hey Fiona, is it the deep-fried part that bothers you, or the spiciness?

    Hey Anna, haha, definitely worth trying then! It's crispy without being greasy which is what I find great =)

    Hey Conor, oh yeah, a warm hand towel or a bowl of warm water with lemon floating in it, as is common at many Asian eateries.

    Hey Ninja, you crack me up!

    Hey yygall, it's near a clothing store but definitely not one itself! Unless you like to wear your fried chicken, that is...

    Hey Jacq, the chicken's not spicy here, nor does it come with a bowl of spicy dipping sauce as seen at other places. Didn't know they weren't open for lunch but I've heard they're open late-ish on weekends?

    Hey Maria, it looks like a little takeaway joint from the front, with a hidden dining area out the back.

    Hey Gastronomy Gal, unfortunately I don't deep-fry at home! Ventilation issues plus using lots of oil and fear of burning myself have firmly put me off. Now, dining out, that's another prospect altogether... =p

    Hey Gianna, there is always more deep-fried food to be invented/discovered!

    Hey Billy, I'll have to try Arisun when I'm next in the area. Thanks for the tip!

    Hey Belle, it's fried chicken, but not as you know it =p

    Hey Sophia, ahhh, nothing like an endorsement from someone who's Korean!

    Hey Panda, definitely try it but beware that they're not open at lunch times as Jacq said.

    Hey Sara, un-colonel but also ungreasy =D

    Hey Jen, I need to try out some more places too!


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