Sugar Hit: Guylian Café, 22 Oct & Number One Wine Bar, 23 Oct 2010

Sugar Hits are coming to an end for another year and this year has been my most prolific effort in sampling what’s on offer. With the previous record being eight Sugar Hits, this year has seen that tally rise to ten which I doubt that Monsieur Poisson and I are ever likely to achieve again.

That is, unless some unplanned outing occurs this weekend…

Guylian Café

An impromptu visit to Guylian Café, post-birthday dinner for Idol, leads us to Sugar Hit #9. Their ‘Grand Forest’ is described as a “chocolate cake layered with Grand Marnier strawberries, kirsch dark cherries and crème patisserie”.

The cake is perched on its side and balanced on a salted gingery piece of shortbread via a small amount of chocolate ganache. Surrounded by cocoa-dusted walnut ‘rocks’, there is also a square of strawberry chocolate and a chocolate ‘twig’. We don’t notice any cherries within the cake but do come across quite a few strawberry pieces which are thankfully only soft but not squishy from being flavoured with Grand Marnier. The accompanying glass of Brown Brothers Cienna & Cabernet helps to enhance the berry flavours.

Monsieur Poisson also orders a dark hot chocolate for $7, which provides roughly two cups’ worth in a stainless steel jug and a Guylian seashell to pour over and melt into the drink.

Number One Wine Bar
Sugar Hit #10 was enjoyed at Tony Bilson’s Number One Wine Bar. Surrounded by French touches to the interior and songs sung and performed live by a piano player provided a most relaxing touch to a Saturday night.

The crème caramel is quite sweet with its golden caramel sauce but it works surprisingly well with the strawberry champagne jelly alongside. Caramel, tart berries and light jelly are not what spring to mind when I think of complementary flavours but it most definitely works. The crème caramel is beautifully silken without being overly rich and puts to shame the oddly textured panna cottas of other Sugar Hits to shame.

There are two nights remaining to enjoy some Sugar Hit fun. It’s either now or you’ll have to wait until October next year!

91 George St (cnr Argyle St), The Rocks, Sydney NSW
Tel: (02) 8274 7500
Goldfield’s House, 1 Alfred St, Sydney NSW
Tel: (02) 8252 9296

*EDIT*: As at October 2011, Number One Wine Bar has gone into voluntary administration and is no longer open for business.

happy eating!


  1. you are like, totally my sugar hit hero.

  2. I'm sooo doing the sugar hit next year.. all your posts were so yum

  3. I can't explain why, but at first glance I read "live pong player" instead of "live piano player". That would be awesome.

  4. I remember going here the last time I was in Sydney. I love how they serve their hot chocolate- so generous in serving as well! Really made for two.

  5. I take my hat off to your sugaryness

  6. Dude... I bow down to you both for going on an epic Sugar Hit adventure. So, please tell us which one you thought was the bestest of them all :D

  7. Mate, love the article. You must of had a great time researching it!

  8. ahahaha 'oddly textured panna cottas' *hint hint*
    so.....did u try all of them in a sugar packed month?

  9. Sugar Hit Queen- you will have to give a rundown of your favourite!

  10. Three words for you....... Dark... Hot... Chocolate... OMG!! Please!!

    I bow to my Sugar Hit Queen, she is the most awesome and excellent, and shall be bouncing off the walls till Christmas ;p

  11. Okay, after second year of missing out, must try next year! =D

  12. good work getting to all those sugar hits! which was your favourite out of them all?

  13. That looks so rich! I'm not sure if I could've handle it...

  14. Hey chocolatesuze, thank you! I doubt I'll ever achieve such sugar-consumption heights again =p

    Hey Thang, haha, there is always next year!

    Hey Conor, haha, "live pong player" as in that video game from the 80s? That'd be ace!

    Hey Adrian, the hot chocolate at Lindt is made for two cups as well. So much chocolate!

    Hey FFichiban, because I'm one sweet gal, haha! =p

    Hey Phuoc, best would probably be The Intercon...

    Hey Spencer, I had a massive month of sugar intake "researching" these! =p

    Hey sugarpuffi, 10 out of 22 aint too bad, don't you reckon?

    Hey Gastronomy Gal, and can you believe I haven't sworn off desserts yet?!

    Hey Sara, haha, but it felt so cruel drowning the chocolate seahorse!

    Hey Angie, I've been doing this for 5 years or more and I think it might be time to retire!

    Hey Panda, Intercon is probably my favourite this year with Sheraton a close second.

    Hey Maria, time for some much lighter eating this month...

  15. posts like these make me wonder why I left Sydney!! :)

  16. I love Guylian chocolate, I didn't even know they had a cafe!

    Ohhh.... how I wish I lived in Sydney!!

  17. I like how you can pour the hot chocolate onto a cup with a piece of Guylian seashell! Very nice touch.

  18. I love Guylian chocolates..but did not know that there was a cafe...anyway...Sydney is too far from me :-(

  19. Oh my goodness. Your sugar eating prowess has me in absolute awe! :D

  20. Dear Rita, how many sugar hits did you do today? I'm very jealous! Love, me :)

  21. I love the combo of the creme caramel and the jelly. You're having fun chic. BTW, how's the new job going? Well, probably not new anymore but....LOL

  22. glad i got the personal recommendation from you at Simon's yesterday.. Intercontinental it will be next year!

  23. Too much sugar for me but I love reading your experiences, makes me feel like I'm there! :D

  24. I am so checking this cafe out the next time I get to Sydney. Overload :D

  25. creme caramel loooks delicious!!!

  26. Wowsers - do you have sugar oozing out of your pores yet? I have to say - Guylian's offerings did look very good - might have to suss their offerings out next year. You'll have to do a round up at the end of your highlight/pick of the sugar hits so we know where to go!

  27. Hey Thang, always much fun to be had with heated milk and chocolate to melt! And LOL, we've found Intercontinental to have consistently good Sugar Hits over the years.

    Hey Anh, you could return and be a temporary resident during October each year =)

    Hey Susan, thanks for dropping by =) There's two Guylian Cafes actually - one at The Rocks and the other close to the Opera House.

    Hey Ellie, almost seems cruel to melt such a pretty seashell chocolate!

    Hey Juliana, something for you to put on your list when/if you travel here =)

    Hey Agnes, I've been taking it easy ever since =p

    Hey Trisha, it came to a total of 10 this year but I'm most open for you to challenge that next year? =D

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, I never thought creme caramel and jelly would go with each other but they do!

    Hey Gummi Baby, it's always nice to spread a bit of sugar joy around!

    Hey Monica, this and all the other chocolate cafes as well - you'll love them all!

    Hey Dolly, it sure was, and that's coming from someone who doesn't really enjoy creme caramel usually!

    Hey Ninja, you crack me up big time! Even when you're not using a flamethrower...

    Hey Forager, I believe I may be covered in a fine layer of sugar at the moment. Intercontinental really stood out this year so it'll be interesting to see next year's offerings.


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