Sugar Hit: Sheraton on the Park, 16 Oct 2010

“A table for two, please.”

“Certainly. You’re here for Sugar Hit?”

“Errr, yes…”

Surely our intentions weren’t that obviously written on our faces, was it?

Monsieur Poisson and I rock up to Sheraton’s doorstep around 10:15pm only having decided around 20 minutes prior that we wanted to do a Sugar Hit that evening. Surprisingly there aren’t many people in the lobby lounge for a Saturday evening, nor the crowds we’d witnessed for Sugar Hit from previous years. Served with a Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora, Sheraton’s ‘Tropical tonka bean panna cotta on boysenberry and finger lime-infused compote served with a crispy chocolate almond biscotti’ has me a little worried with its mention of panna cotta. With me not being a big fan of panna cotta to begin with, I am worried of it being a repeat of that at Shangri-La.

Instead we are each presented with two rectangular slices of layer cake – one upright and the other on its side – which are the colour of vanilla ice-cream. The upright slice is topped with a row of three raspberries and is sitting adjacent to a stripe of slightly tart berry compote highlighted by a few nubbins of gold-dusted almonds. The slice laying on its side acts as a base for the choc-almond biscotti decorated with a mint leaf. The biscotti is slightly chewy instead of being crispy as described but the surprise lies with the panna cotta which is delicately sitting in two layers sandwiched amongst feather-light layers of sponge. The light flavours and texture remind us of cakes from Asian bakeries or perhaps that of Japanese cheesecake. It is one of the standouts of this year’s Sugar Hits and is a light alternative to many of the more sugary or chocolate-centric affairs.

Sometimes spontaneity can lead to the most pleasant outcomes.

161 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW
Tel: (02) 9286 6000

happy eating!


  1. Yum! That's a good late night treat.

  2. I was surprised there weren't many people when I went either (on a Thursday night when Night Noodle Market was on too!) since last year was a full house. I really enjoyed this dessert, I've done 3 so far and it was the only one that left me wanting more!

  3. ahh. SO jealous of all your sugar hits- you are ruling them!

  4. This dessert looks like it's a winner! how many more sugar hits do you plan to go this year?

  5. I love the presentation of this dessert! If I get a chance to, I think I'll give this one a go especially since it looks quite light compared to a lot of the others

  6. dessert looks stunning! i've yet to make my way to a sugar hit this year and fear that reading your posts is the closest I'm going to get to one!

  7. I must say the descriptions of the sugar hits don't sound all that appealing with no photos but you have seemed to prove my presumptions wrong! Well, don't think I've got a chance to try any out this year, maybe next year!

  8. Looks so delish! Great photos btw :)

  9. ohh this sugarhit looks really pretty! i should try it before the end of oct D:

  10. That looks like an amazing dessert. Wish I had been to a Sugar-Hit SIFF event...

  11. Hey Fiona, it was quite pretty, yes.

    Hey MelbaToast, so many late night treats for us lately!

    Hey missklicious, good to hear you enjoyed it!

    Hey Gastronomy Gal, haha, I'm sure I've gained weight whilst indulging in these!

    Hey Ellie, I've finished for the month - too much sugar! But there are a couple more to blog about...

    Hey Jacq, quite elegant, isn't it? And I definitely enjoyed the lightness of it.

    Hey Panda, go on...there's still time!

    Hey Angie, they run until this Sunday so you can definitely fit a few Sugar Hits in if you want to =p

    Hey Christine, thank you =)

    Hey Sugarpuffi, sorry to hear you didn't like it. Perhaps you're just more hardcore than me and can handle more sugar!

    Hey Anita, there's still time! Sugar Hits run every evening until the end of October =D

  12. That looks just so elegant. I love how they have presented the compote in a long perfect line.

  13. Hey Sara, agree! Thought it was very clean and elegant plating as well.

  14. Oh, that is almost too pretty to eat! I love the sound of the light sponges, I love those Asian style cakes!

  15. Hey Agnes, exactly like one of those Asian-style cakes but with panna cotta in between instead of the usual cream.


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