Sugar Hit: The Westin, 3 Oct 2010

The Westin has featured in the Sugar Hit line-up for many years but for some reason Monsieur Poisson and I have never been. With the aim of better organising ourselves, I emailed a week ahead of time to request a reservation for two but received a reply saying they do not take reservations for Sugar Hit. No worries, I thought, we’ll just turn up at 9pm on the evening we decide to go and move on to another place should they be too busy.

Having forgotten the details of the Sugar Hit once we arrived, having issues with mobile internet reception and there being a lack of introduction when served, meant that we had no idea what we were eating and were left to the devices of our palates to decipher the dessert presented in front of us. Paired with a Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora, The Westin replaced this with a caffe latte at Monsieur Poisson’s request.

When the Sugar Hits are set down on the table there is an unfortunate overwhelming aroma of chocolate syrup from the squiggles decorating the plates. I start off by picking the dried fruit pieces off the top of the dessert glass but can only identify pineapple. The other two resemble mango and lychee in appearance but are spongier in texture than their usual dried variants. The dessert, upon checking when we get home, is ‘Dark chocolate Tanzanie cream, honey macadamia nuts, an espresso biscuit and pineapple and mango bavarois’. The chocolate is more milk than dark in both flavour and appearance, and the pineapple-mango centre layer tastes like a pineapple-banana hybrid to me. Studded with honey macadamias throughout, there is also a hidden disc of sponge within the fruity layer. I finish off with the white chocolate thin although I’m rather amused at it sporting leopard print! Overall I find it confusing with the differing flavours and textures all vying for attention, whereas Monsieur Poisson doesn’t mind so much. I also wanted the creamy layers to either be airier or firmer, rather than the in-between slight runniness which it has.

And it was just as well that we arrived around 9pm as by 9:45pm their Sugar Hits had sold out for the evening! There was a group of seventeen who’d been seated around 9:30pm who must have exhausted the last of the prepared desserts, resulting in a few later groups being turned away. From this we deduced that The Westin allows for perhaps 30-35 Sugar Hits per evening, so if you’re keen to try theirs make sure you turn up early or try for a weekday to avoid disappointment.

No. 1 Martin Place (GPO Building), Sydney NSW
Tel: (02) 8223 1197

happy eating!


  1. It sounds like you were underwhelmed by this sugar hit experience.

  2. Looks good! I don't think I could eat that much sugar at that late though!

  3. shame u didnt like it that much. to be honest, im not that excited about it just by the presentation. going on more sugar hits after this?

  4. Mmmm I'm loving this Sugar Hits concept! Shame it didn't wow on this occasion tho :(

  5. Can you believe I haven't been to any of the sugar hits. Main reason is that I don't have sweet tooth. More of a savoury person but this dessert looks great!

  6. What a shame they ran out, though good for you to get one! I think the Sugar Hit you had at Azuma looks much nicer, though?

  7. that sugar hit looks dangerous.. i'll have to stay away because sweets go straight to my hips these days!

  8. I'm not sure how I feel about pineapple mango bavarois paired with chocolate either. And wow, you've really hit the ground running with a slew of Sugar Hits! Impressed!

  9. Hmmm, seems a little meh. I like the long skinny spoon though. You don't see enough long skinny spoons. Or leopard print desserts.

  10. I'm not so sure about all the confusing flavours and textures. Sometimes simple is best!

  11. I was turned away since I was a little too late :(
    My friend was part of that large group & they ordered the last dessert!

  12. ok, the dessert does sound a tad confusing with all the flavours but now i'm worried that most of the sugar hits are going to be limited - must get my act together and get my bookings made!

  13. Hey Simon, it was by no means awful but I couldn't get my head around the flavours and textures.

    Hey Maria, points for presentation but, haha, this is the only time when it's offered!

    Hey Fiona, perhaps some place will offer gluten-free options in future?

    Hey Laura, looked better than it tasted, I'm afraid.

    Hey Sugarpuffi, have a couple more Sugar Hits scheduled at the moment but need to plan more after that! =p

    Hey Ladybird, you gotta get out and try some!

    Hey Ellie, think I'm becoming more of a savoury person as I get older but I can't help but be attracted by all these pretty-looking desserts!

    Hey Bel, I definitely enjoyed the Sugar Hit at Azuma Kushiyaki more.

    Hey Thang, haha, I think that applies to all desserts! Great to meet you the other week, by the way =)

    Hey Helen, need to get in early while the husband's work roster allows =D

    Hey Conor, I love long skinny spoons too! Not enough occasion to use them, I say. Can't say the same for leopard-print food though =p

    Hey Celeste, think I was a bit overwhelmed!

    Hey Vivian, thanks for dropping by =) Oh no, you missed out! Makes it a bit harder when they don't allow reservations.

    Hey Panda, haha, have to get in early! Like I said, both Glass and Azuma Kushiyaki were booked out by mid-month last year.

  14. *drool* I have to say The Westin know what they're doing, huh? I attended a wedding there once and could no fault it- best wedding food ever!

  15. Keep them sugar hits coming! Yes, I'd scrape the top layer off but may start scooping out the pineapple mango bavarois.

  16. Hey Maz, thanks for dropping in =) I've only ever had room service at The Westin! Would have preferred a simpler dessert though, I think.

    Hey Adrian, I think perhaps this Sugar Hit was trying to incorporate too many things.

  17. The dessert's presentation looks great, thanks for the review.

  18. Hey Mashi, unfortunately it looked better than it tasted to me... =(


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