2010: A reflection of what I have learnt

The past year has proven to be a busy ride punctuated by fun times, learning experiences and many delicious moments. For example, I learnt from just last night that if you stay up late playing mahjong whilst drinking sake with friends that you will then wake up rather late and start wondering whether you’ll get a blog post done in time… Good friends, laughter and being entertained by such things as a black helicopter with “turbo boost”, however, are always definitely worth it.

Over the course of the year I have also learnt:

  1. Personal cooking challenges are easily set but not so easily completed on time due to such constraints as starting a new job, planning a wedding and general mischievousness. A kind request for a recipe contribution can always be accommodated though.

  1. A simple food such as an aubergine can provide much hilarity.
  2. People preparing food need to pay more attention to food presentation, and perhaps those consuming it need to keep their thoughts entirely innocent. 

  1. I do not shy away from invitations to sing in public – even when the audience is a crowd of food-bloggers whom I’ve largely not met and who are dressed up in not their usual attire.
  2. Food-bloggers are exceptionally talented people who are capable of making you not only drool over their photography and food descriptions, but also their creations. Quite literally.

  1. The dismembering of some animals can be an enjoyment to watch. 

  1. There are lucky ones in this world who can pull off wearing short skirts. Repeatedly.
  2. Celebrating your blog’s birthday, your husband’s, or your own are all valid excuses to indulge in a special meal. 

  1. Breaking your own sugar (hits) consumption record is something to be proud of! 

  1. Good friends will bring you quirky gifts from their travels. Even better when they are food or food-related.  

Hopefully you’ve been rewarded by your experiences this past year and have many things to be thankful for. I am thankful for lovely people who take time during their day to read my ramblings here and often leave kind words. I am also most thankful for good friends who act as my surrogate family and who come to my aid when I most need them. These are the people for whom I will continue to express my gratitude through food.

happy new year & (more) happy eating!


  1. nawww much ♥ sunbeam! here's to another year of delicious eats!

  2. Happy New Year! Can't wait to see what we eat in 2011 :) x

  3. Happy New Year! Here's to a new Sugar Hit record for 2011 :P

  4. Love the things you've learnt! In particular the aubergine .... LOL

    Happy New Year and I hope the eating is fabulous in 2011 and beyond!

  5. Happy New Year to you! Looks like 2010 was a delicious year. Here's to more sweet memories for 2011 :)

  6. Many great moments. I hope 2011 will be filled with even more great moments.

  7. Nice wrap up! I hope 2011 brings even more deliciousness to your belly!

  8. Happy New Year, Rita! Wishing you a great year ahead.

  9. Happy New Year sugar hit queen :) Looking forward to more adventures in 2011 <3 and hugs your way.

  10. Happy New Year Rita! And yes, edible souvenirs are the best gift one could hope for!

  11. Hey chocolatsuze! sunbeam love into the new year!

    Hey Shellie, it's actually quite scary looking back on a whole year of food posts... =p

    Hey missklicious, I'm not sure breaking my current Sugar Hits record should be encouraged! *faint*

    Hey Joey, au-ber-giiiiiiine...and a happy new year to you!

    Hey Y, yes, more deliciousness for 2011 please!

    Hey Mark, look forward to hearing lots more from you in 2011!

    Hey Jacq, here's to many more food moments in the coming year =D

    Hey Ellie, all the best to you as well, Ellie =)

    Hey Sara, looking forward to your shared food adventures with Josh over the coming year =D

    Hey Helen, like seriously, sushi candy!!

    Hey Maria, happy new year to you too! Looks like you're having a great time visiting back at home =)

  12. Happy New Year Rita!!! and i couldnt keep my thoughts completely innocent. *sigh*

  13. Hey sugarpuffi, those desserts were part of a buffet line-up at a rather well-known Sydney hotel too!

  14. I LOVE your reflection of 2010. Have really enjoyed getting to know you online this past year and can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for SFC!

  15. Hey Mardi, same same! And discovering our shared love of Hammer pants (ahem) has been a particular highlight of 2010 =p


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