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As we lament our burnt morning coffee or the lack of air-conditioning on public transport in this humid summer heat, spare a thought for our neighbours in the state of Queensland; many of whom do not currently have access to coffee or public transport or any of the things we take for granted on a day-to-day basis.

Brisbane, in particular, has a special place in Monsieur Poisson’s and my heart as we spent our one-week mini-honeymoon there. It has been particularly poignant recognising places we visited as they were under threat from rising waters and those which are now flooded. And with Queensland being such a popular tourist destination, many people we know have holidayed there at some point in time as well.

Friends and family were invited to the Poisson/Délicieuse household last night to share in some light food, conversation and general togetherness. Guests were asked to make a donation of what they otherwise would have spent on a Friday night out to the flood relief cause, and we thank them for their compassionate spirit.

You are reading this because you are a lover of food and food, as you know, never fails to bring people together. Fundraising morning teas, afternoon teas and bake sales are being organised everywhere and perhaps there is something you could do to help raise much needed funds too.

Monetary donations will help the initial clean-up and rebuilding efforts. The scale of devastation is enormous. Goods and services may not immediately be available due to damaged stock, blocked roads and torn railway tracks hindering their supply. Lives will take time to return to any sense of normality and continued support will be required many months down the track. It is hard to fathom how we would cope personally if we were faced with a similar situation.

Please donate to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal if you can, and give generously as if it were to people whom you know personally. It may be a clichéd saying, but every little bit really does help.


  1. Yes, please donate! Brisbane will recover from this, but let's make it sooner rather than later.

  2. What a great idea to host a fundraising dinner party. The scenes are staggering - I cannot imagine what they are going through.

  3. I love the idea of your fund raising dinner - so smart. I feel for the Queenslanders...and now the poor Victorians too!

  4. I love your fundraising idea. It will be well appreciated I'm sure. Have now seen the disaster first hand, and let me tell you, my heart goes out to everyone affected. Terrible.

  5. Aww good on you for organsing something to support those in need =)

  6. Well done, i love your idea of a dinner party to fund raise. I still can't really get over what has happened and also what is to come.

  7. Hey Joey, it has been so heartbreaking to hear of people losing lives and homes. Homes are a personal sanctuary and I would feel so lost without one.

    Hey Helen, we raised a modest amount but you always wish there is more you could do.

    Hey MelbaToast, I know, so ironically tragic for people to go from drought to flooding, and now Victoria too.

    Hey Julia, the images displayed by the media are haunting and I can only imagine how horrible they would be to see first hand.

    Hey Angie, it is very small in the scale of things but hopefully it amounts to something.

    Hey Sara, it's such a large scale disaster that it almost seems surreal.


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