The Bicentenary

A wardrobe full of clothes, yet nothing to wear. A folder full of – no, bursting with – photos, yet no idea what to blog about.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Of course there’s always plenty of blogging fodder, just nothing that jumps out as appropriate to mark the occasion of two hundred posts. Throw in my sometimes laziness mixed in with the sporadic interruptions and busyness of life, and I have a myriad of material of which some is unfortunately now outdated. (There really is no point talking about a place which has closed down, is there? Or of a place where the menu has changed 3 times since you visited.) So many delicious memories, so little time! *sigh*

And so goes the life and times of a food blogger. When those around you are so accepting that they wait for you to take photos. And apologise if they’ve “disturbed” the food prior to said photo-taking. They ask you why you’re not taking photos when you don’t. They make you take photos even when you say you won’t.

They bring back gifts of food, cookbooks, magazines, crockery even from their travels; for nothing but out of respect for your love and pursuit of food.

They bring you a whole chicken and a tub of vampire-deterring sauce from a famed charcoal place, when all you asked for was to pick up some dip “somewhere along the way”.

They compliment the foccacia you make, even when you made the silly move of covering it with paper towel for the second prove and have to ask for their help to pick off all the little bits of paper adhered to the dough before you can stick it in the oven.

They think of places for shared meals as suggestions for you to blog.

They do all this and much, much more.

Thank you for sharing my meals through eating, reading and allowing me to feed you. Thank you for making me laugh over food, about food, and many other things.

You all know who you are.

happy cooking & happy eating!


  1. lol it's always funny when your friends almost feel affronted when you don't take a photo of their food. And ooh garlic sauce. Hellooooo.....

  2. Happy 200 posts! Lovely collection of photos.

  3. Congrats on the milestone! Hope you enjoyed reflection on all of your eating and foodie experiences!

  4. nawww happy 200th! i spy south's pecan pie! and el jannah!

  5. Happy 200th Post!! Personally, i dont see why u shouldnt post an entry when the restaurant closed or menu changed. The blog is your own culinary journey isnt it? and other people liking and reading your journey is just an added benefit.

    my friends now automatically wait for me to take photos and sometimes even help brining the plate to my side of the table. they will look puzzled then a sigh of relief when i said i wont take pics lol!

  6. Wow! 200 posts! mum does the whole 'why aren't you taking photos?' thing whenever I don't photograph food nowadays :) I have lots of un-blogged photos too- I lose motivation to write about something after too much time has past :S

  7. Happy 200th post dear! And I think you have writted about and showcased your food blogging journey perfectly =) Don't worry about blogging about closed down places, yes it's a shame people can't go to experience it for themselves but really this is about your food journey =)

  8. Happy 200th post! Looking forward to more yummy posts.

  9. Congratulations on 200 posts!

  10. Happy 200th post!!! You have got some beautiful images there. Congratulations, a wonderful achievement.

  11. Great post. What would we do with our highly tolerant and patient friends & family? Congrats on the big two double zero!

  12. Happy 200th post!! Its a great one too! loving the collage of pics!

  13. Such an awwww-inducing post! :) Happy 200 posts and looking forward to many more to come!

  14. It's gotta be said: awwwwwwww! Super lovely post, and echoes so many of my own sentiments so very well. Congratulations to you! Hip hip hooray :) xx

  15. aww know how you feel 200 posts later and congrats :)

  16. congrats! Whats funny is I know exactly what you mean. Especially w ppl waiting till the photos are taken. My group hates the flash lol. Very well written :) very kool collection of photos.

  17. I smiled at every paragraph......with understanding. Happy 200th post - dedication even in the face of all. Well done

  18. 200 posts! Well done dude. What a great account of happy food memories.

  19. Hey Helen, people around me feel slightly offended when I don't take photos of the food these days, especially when it's at a place they've chosen!

    Haha, yes, such a small tub of garlic sauce but oh-so potent =D

    Hey Joey, thanks! If only I had a mascot like you do though =)

    Hey JT, thank you! It sometimes alarms me to look back on all the food consumed, actually =p

    Hey chocolatesuze, haha, yes, that is indeed South's pecan pie! And, of course, El Jannah.

    Hey sugarpuffi, thank you! And it's nice when friends remember that you need to take photos of the food first!

    Hey Von, it's cool that your mum understands you taking photos of the food! My family all think it's weird...

    Hey Angie, thank you! It is nice to have a record of all the lovely things we've eaten, isn't it?

    Hey Ellie, sometimes I think, "What, 200 already?!"

    Hey Gastronomy Gal, thanks!

    Hey John, it's comforting that they don't just think we're weird! Unlike some of my family members...

    Hey Rhonda, thank you!

    Hey Honey, so much beautiful food in this world so there is always more to come!

    Hey Conor, thank you! And you wonder why I need hammer-pants =p

    Hey mirgraphy, heheh, shared sentiments =)

    Hey ++MIRA++, no flash please! Enough pressure with people patiently looking on waiting to eat, let alone attracting more attention with a flash =p

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, thank you, you're too sweet!

    Hey Sara, thank you! So much food consumed!


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